John Calipari told me OKC Thunder PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 'brings it'

so I wanted to ask you just about chez as a character as a person we're still getting used to who he is as a player here in Oklahoma well what you're getting is a player that has a culture you know you you have a little bit of fear and that I've got to work I've got to put in the time I've got to get better who's not afraid to be up early and be in the gym I think he will help add to the culture that of what they're trying to do with the Thunder I mean I I look at him and can't tell you how much better he's gotten how he's not phased he wasn't fazed by the playoffs I went to the game and they play Golden State I mean like was not based and he had to play well for them to have a chance to win so you know I'll tell you they I just talked to Sam Cassell and and just know they are they knew to get that done with your they had to give up share that wouldn't it got to deal them and that they did not want to lose him I mean the clips were like what we have to do this but we have no choice so you guys got a good one you know long active and defend will block shots makes baskets shoots it you know he's he's gonna chance how did he take to getting acclimated to the state of Kentucky I think the state of Oklahoma state of Kentucky share a lot of values and the people here are very much into work ethic and hustle well he look he's the the thing when he came with us he wasn't he was probably you know he wasn't rated like the other guys and and he had to improve his shot he had a really slow release and so every morning he was either in the gym shooting or watching video of himself playing trying to get a mental picture of what we wanted but he was doing it every morning and and in the weight room because he was skinny he more than anyone on that team gave the greatest deference and in practice he brought it every practice and and what you find out is it starts to add up and and they said he was doing the same out in LA with the clips so you know um I'm looking forward to this Chris Paul will be great for him as a quote mentor you know who can do stuff if he's there with the team I I think they could play together and Chris is one of those guys that if it's time for Shay to have his hands on it you'll let him go and if it's time for him to make plays Chris Paul he'll do it but they could play off of each other I think it's gonna be something that's good you got ha me you know ha me starting to feel his way into it having that opportunity now to go show because he's off the chain athletically I don't think there's 10 athletes in the NBA like him and all the other stuff that he's learning you know gives him it so you got a young team with a veteran who can show those kids I think it's good one of the questions that I had about him and I didn't know if this was answered at Kentucky or not was easy the kind of guy that is an alpha can he actually take the reins of the not just the team what the franchise is that a guy whose shoulder are big enough and broad enough to be everything that we are used to I mean he's following in I mean I know Chris Paul is here but he's following Russell Westbrook that's gonna be the comparison yeah but he's totally different than Russell Westbrook and he has you know you're talking to different kind of players but let me tell you what he did with us he's the one that took over games and he's not afraid to do it if he struggled my team struggle that year we had good players you know we had we I mean we had good guys but when it was time to take over he was the guy that took over so no I have note and when I watched that NBA game he's playing basketball he's not fazed by any of that stuff those are the kind of guys you follow you ready for this very steady his demeanor is not going to change a whole lot he's not going to have the up-and-down he brings it he just brings it and and it's because it's how he practices how he prepares and again no you know the fans down there gonna understand he's young like my guys in the league or you know most cases you're young unless they've been in there ten years with no method but you know he's a young player before I let's go there was a story that I read in the athletic about when you've recognized his work ethic in the strength and conditioning room and in the classroom can you recount that story well first of all let me say this he did not start probably the first eight nine ten games after about five games I went up to him and I said look you're starting guard I'm comfortable with this rotation you're still playing almost 30 minutes a game but I'm comfortable he said coach I trust you I'm good if you want me off the bench I'll come off the bench none of it matters after ten games I said that's it this kid is starting and from that point on our team changed we lost a couple game in a row and what you're saying and there I can't remember why I got upset but I pulled the bus over and I just said you guys understand there's no way to fake this you have to do it through work and it was probably February something and I just said Rob who's the best in the weight-room Shay not close Mike Michael how is who's the best doing their work academically not missing a tutor doing what they're supposed to be in class he said Shay and I said and you all know in practice he's our best player every single day and you know what he's playing himself into a lottery ticket he's playing himself into a lottery ticket that is a great lesson and I've continued to tell that story to recruits I don't care where you're ranked it doesn't matter that's ego stuff I look are you good enough to help us win and are you the type of player that will benefit might come into Kentucky because if you think I'm already there I need no help you know what we're probably not the place so what son's picture of my ear your piece is going no you're right so you know I just you know we do it in recruiting how good do you want to be you know take in this program you take what you want and if you think you're gonna try to fool somebody you'll learn and hopefully it won't be too late but for him he took what he wants he took what he wanted he wasn't rated that guy you know that's why I laugh when it's you know they were already this that and the other well he wasn't you know and he made himself the culture we have yeah he not only embraced it he helped drive it the culture and that's what he'll do there he won't be afraid of any but he won't offend anybody he will it'll be more by what he does working and how he performs in games then it will be you know busted and yelling he's just not who he is you know he did she just placed coach John Calipari head coach Kentucky men's basketball team thank you so much for your time sir thank you

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  1. Starting Lineup:
    1. Dennis Schroeder
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Shia Gilgeous-Alexander
    4. Hamidou Diallo
    5. Stephen Adams

  2. You were definitely prepared for the cliche answer, "He's totally different than Russell Westbrook" lol..
    That's how I can tell you're a veteran journalist

  3. As a Clipper fan I'm obviously stoked to have PG and Kawhi but I can't tell you how disappointed I am to lose Shai. tall, long, versatile and as Coach said, completely unfazed by the moment. Crafty and poise like a veteran. Dude will be an all star.

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