JOHN BARRY a tribute to a Great composer (1933 – 2011)

24 thoughts on “JOHN BARRY a tribute to a Great composer (1933 – 2011)

  1. Thank you John Barry for adding light into my junior high and high school science classes for years.  The biggest reward is when a student heard a beautiful piece and asked me if that was a John Barry — of course it was.  You live on through your music!

  2. If the British honors system had been worth a damn he'd have been Lord Barry of music…sadly UK politicians are grubs with little class…

  3. Meu querido John Barry ,faria hoje 80 anos,mas quem ganha o presente todos os dias sou eu com este lindo instrumental !!
    Obrigada Joh

  4. Feliz Aniversário John Barry ! ♥
    Obrigada pela sua sensibilidade musical ! ♥
    te amo meu compositor predileto !! ♥

  5. non dimentichiamoci di ennio morricone anche se penso che compositori del loro calibro ce ne siano pochi grazie john per l'indimenticabile colonna sonora di born free e out of africa!!

  6. Lindo, maravilhoso, divino. Um beijo na alma de John Barry, pois ele conseguiu deixar sua marca para uma vida inteira com suas músicas fantásticas. Quanto ao tema do filme Dança com Lobos é simplesmente inesquecivel. O compositor coloca sua alma nesta trilha, e nos transporta sempre ao filme. Gostei demais.
    José Rudi Schnorr

  7. John Barry, illustrious son of Irishman, Jack Xavier Prendergast, native of Co Cork, stands
    shoulder to shoulder with Max Steiner, Maurice Jarre, Ennio Morricone, Dmitri Tiomkin etc
    His Oscar winning theme, Out Of Africa 1985 has been voted 15th greatest original film
    scores of all time by the American Film Institute.Thank you kindly ofor posting this tribute
    to a truly awesome musical talent

  8. Out Of Africa, Oscar 1985 voted 15th greatest original film scores of all time by the American
    Film Institute. John Barry, son of charismatic Jack Xavier Prendergast who was out of Ireland
    (Co Cork) In addition to reinventing the Bond theme and scoring 11 Bond films the late
    John Barry allso scored Midnight Cowboy , Zulu, Out Of Africa, Born Free, Dances With Wolves
    etc etc

  9. So true. You would need to sit in a concert hall and listen to a live orchestra to fully appreciate the bigness of his talent. It's the difference between looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon and being there.

  10. @9bahai9
    so to give him respect, you choose to tell us about you and your unsuccessful desire to be a film producer?
    hehehe i'm just teasing 🙂 John Barry made fantastic music

  11. John Barry was, in my humble estimation, the greatest screen composer in the history of cinema. His scores touch me on deep levels and often move me to tears. Just wonderful! I have often dreamed of being an established movie director and having him score one of my films. Alas, that was not to be. However, I still hope to become an established movie director!

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