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John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal
life.” That is the most recognized and memorized
verse in the Bible, but out of all the verses in the Bible, why is John 3:16 so focused
on, and what does it really mean? In today’s Bible Munch devotional, I’ll
explain why John 3:16 is the most popular verse in the Bible, and I’ll walk you through
it so you’ll know exactly what it means today. Before we dig in, be sure to click that subscribe
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Devotionals where I share Bible truths in bite sized portions. “For God so loved the world,” that’s
how this verse begins… and it should blow your mind! God the eternal creator, the all powerful,
all present, all knowing, sustainer of life, loves the world. God’s love is not just reserved for the
earth itself, but everything and everyone who ever was, is, or will be. What’s mind blowing about God’s love for
the world, is that he loves the world, you and me… right now. His love is not based on some past or future
version of everything. No. God loves the world, he loves us, as we are
today… flaws and all. He knows all our failures. He knows all our faults. And yet… he loves. To anyone who has ever felt unloved, or unlovable… John 3:16 says, you are loved right now. Don’t believe it? There’s proof. That’s what the little word “so” points
to. God so loved the world. That word so, does not mean, so much. It means, “God, [In this way] loved the
world.” In what way? Look at the next few words… “That he gave his only Son.” God’s love was not just in words… but
he proved it with an action. He gave his only Son. The Son of God, is a title for Jesus, the
second person of the Trinity. The Trinity is the term used to identify that
there is One God, who exists in three persons. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy
Spirt. Jesus always existed, as he is the second
person of the trinity. However, he earned the title as the Son of
God, because he had no earthly father, but was sent by God the Father, born of the virgin
Mary, so that he could enter our realm of existence in the flesh. God with us. The creator was born in the likeness of his
creation. Out of love, Jesus Christ, God wrapped in
flesh, was given for us. The fact that Jesus was sent to live among
us… is indisputable evidence that God loves you. Our understanding of the depths of that love
is greatly increased when we see why God gave his Son. John 3:16 goes on to say, “that whoever
believes in him should not perish.” God proved his love by giving his Son, to
save us from perishing, that is, to save us from hell. Hell not only is eternal separation from God,
but it is the just deserved wrath of God poured out on us for our sin. In the beginning, God created man to be with
him. But his creation rebelled and rejected him
by believing Satan’s lie. With that, all creation was cursed to perish. That’s why the Bible says, fear God! We fear God because his just deserved, righteous
wrath is something to be feared! At the same time we are told to love God,
because while we deserve to perish, God [in this way] loved the world, that whosoever
believes in [Jesus will] not perish. God in his love for us, did not just stand
by to watch our sentence be carried out. The triune God, literally gave of himself,
God the Son, to provide a path for our salvation. Understand, Jesus was sent, not to simply
erase the penalty of sin, if he did, he would violate an attribute of his character, justice. Instead, out of his great love, God gave his
sinless son to stand in the place of the guilty, and receive the punishment that we deserve. By Jesus’ death on the cross, the penalty
for sin was paid, and by his resurrection to life, the promise of our resurrection to
life was proclaimed! God’s love provided a path for our salvation. This is why every human being has stood, is
standing, or will stand at the crossroads of the path to eternal life, or the road to
eternal death. The choice is to either continue on the road
which leads to eternal death or, to believe in Jesus Christ to enter the path to eternal
life. Our believing makes all the difference. To “believe in him,” means more than knowing
Jesus is the sinless Son of God who was sent to pay for our sin and provide a path to eternal
life. Those are facts that even the devil believes,
but yet does not save. No. To believe in Jesus, is to know those facts,
and accept all that God is for us, as the one we worship, as our most precious treasure,
as our first love, and as our Lord. That is what it looks like to believe. That is what faith in Jesus is, and that is
how we turn from perishing to the path of eternal life! Whoever believes in him, no matter what you’ve
done, or where you’ve been. Whoever believes in him, no matter your age,
skin color, gender, socioeconomic status, or race. Whoever believes in Jesus will not perish
but have eternal life. To have Eternal life means, it begins the
moment you believe. It means, you do not need to fear death, Jesus
has taken care of that. It means, You do not need to fear or be ashamed
of your past sin, through Jesus, everyone of them is forgiven. To have eternal life means to know without
a doubt that you will spend eternity with God, along with all those who have put their
faith in Jesus. To have eternal life, means the promise of
the resurrection is guaranteed to you, with all the joy, peace, love, and blessings of
heaven. When you believe, you have God’s word as
your witness, that you have eternal life and that gift can never be taken away! John 3:16 is the most famous verse in the
Bible because in one verse, it summarizes the Gospel message, and in one verse, it reveals
the depths of God’s love for us. “For God so loved the world, that he gave
his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Do not keep that life changing truth to yourself,
and remember, you are loved. If this devotional was encouraging, let me
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you to take a moment to pray over what you’re learned, and ask God what he wants you to
do with it next. That’s today’s, Bible Munch!

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  1. Always love your videos. Thank you so much for the incredible content and sharing your heart and passion for God. 😊

  2. Thank u♥️

    U explained Soo beautifully 🤗

    God bless u and u r ministry ✝️♥️☺️✝️

  3. I recited this verse as well as the following passage to my pastor when I was 6. He looked at me and said I'd make a good pastor one day.
    Still makes me smile at the thought of it.

  4. I found that the Bible will actually explain itself if we will just stop taking a single verse out of the context it is written in, and just read it like Isaiah tells us to.  Line upon line, precept after precept.  John 3:16-21 is the precept of what it actually means.  So, John 3:16 is the statement, then 17-21 explains what that statement means.   I honestly wish teachers and preachers would tell us the Bible in this way as it really makes a huge difference to the hearers.  God bless you all in Christ Jesus 🙂

  5. John was an apostle and a Jew. This verse is written to the Jews because today our apostles is Paul. Our John 3:16 would be Romans’ 5:8. Thoughts?

  6. Thanks as always Pastor.

    This is one verse that we should raise as a banner above our lives. GOD Loves the WORLD!!!

  7. Yes it is completely misunderstood because the word used for believe is Pisteuo in Greek which means obeying the teachings of God and Jesus most people think it’s I believe and that’s it , in America we think these biblical words are like our definitions like Until , believe, are just a few . The guilt of sin was paid on the cross does not mean free salvation it means if we sin we need to repent in his church by the way and do Repentance for that sin and sin no more if you think it is free and after we die we’re all walking in dirty too heaven that is completely false because the Bible says nothing unclean will enter heaven so that verse goes against free salvation so if Jesus never came down from God we would all be doomed but by Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and he died for his church too not plural churches Ephesians 5:25-27 by dying for our sins Jesus instituted the sacrament of reconciliation in John 20:23 that the Apostles heard the sins of Early Christians and they either forgiven the sins of the people or not . So I believe does not mean the American definition and you need to read the Early Church Fathers and the Didache..

  8. Repent, & be baptized every one in the name of JESUS CHRIST for









    NOW . . . .
    ONLY JOHN 3 :16?! NO!!

  9. The more you read God's word the more you find out how amazing and mind blowing it is. I don't think that a genuine christian could ever get bored of reading the bible, as each time you read it, you keep getting new insights, simple passages that you overlooked come to life, and God is ever so present in your walk with him. Truly is amazing how you can read it over and over again, and you will always grow in a deeper relationship with Christ.

    I just wanted to share 2 verses that have helped me tremendously in my walk with the Lord:

    Romans 12:9 "Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

    – Hating sin is a big step in overcoming temptation, as it is much easier to stop doing things you hate rather than things you find pleasure in.

    Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer."

    – Something I usually pray when I have sinful thoughts or before going into a conversation since "out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander" (Matthew 15:19)

  10. Y wod d SAME GOD say LOVE NOT the world nor things of the world? N for the 2nd part…its not true…so a gay person could just believ n WONT PERISH? I dont tink so…he hv to REPENT n change from his gay lifestyle…john 3.16 is not as it sounds…u need to check the original writings..d word WORLD in d original writin is COSMOS..meanin HIS POSSESIONS…GOD wont tel u dat he so lov d world one place n tells u to love not the world in another place…God dont n cant contradict himself…we need DIVINE REVALATION to understand God words

  11. what does it mean to believe? matthew 7 "enter the narrow gate" action; "bring forth good fruit" action; "hear my words and do them" action. luke 6:46 "call me lord and do not the things which i say" action. belief in god's economy is not only mental assent, but what the mind believes is borne out of one's actions. jesus condemns those who are lawless. what law? god's law. i am hopeful you can expand on john 3:16 by including what belief biblically means. bless you for the rest of what is taught in this video.

  12. I just want to let you know that I love your videos. I have just discovered them but they are so amazing. Keep doing what your doing.

  13. As a Catholic I am just wondering why you Protestants refuse to accept Christ's teaching about the Sacraments? Jesus taught us in Mark 16:16 that "unless a man Believes AND is BAPTIZED, that he will not be saved". Every single person that was saved in the New Testament Church was saved with this Catholic Sacrament. I can not find one single person that was saved in the Protestant way. So why don't Protestants believe what the Bible tells us? Why do they always need a preacher of sorts to explain away such simple to understand teachings?

  14. Great video. I watched the "Did Jesus go to hell?" video. Was wonderful. Explained everything so well. It made me think of a verse about "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." Am I remembering it wrong? If everyone goes to a waiting place, how should that verse have been translated? Thanks.

  15. Brilliant video Pastor Nelson 👍

    My favourite verse from the holy bible is John 3:16, I also love Phil 4:13 these two verses to me are just beautiful.

    God is Great and Jesus is our saviour amen

  16. I hear a lot of street preachers who says men with long hair is rebellion against God and is a sin. And will go to Hell? 1st Corinthians is a book they typically use. What is your input on this?

  17. PLEASE do not hide the TRUTH by blocking comments. The Lord God has nothing to hide and needs no defense. Definition of Faith ? Which term/type of faith ? REAL, saving faith is a gift from God The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit. HE gives Faith, real saving Godly faith. You cannot have this faith on your own. Fo NO reason other than by the predestined purpose of God Almighty. Our job is not to judge, pick or choose. Our job is to tell The Good News, Gospel, not a false gospel but The Word of God in Jesus Christ. This is a crossroad that is hated by many.
    When The Father chooses you, HE gives you as a gift to The Son who sends The Holy Spirit to conform you into the image of Christ/Himself. If you are surrendered, submitted out of love and adoration to The Lord God. Everything you do is for HIS glory and thus finally works on your part.
    Beware of false gospels, counterfeits, deceptions straight from hell. Mormon, Jehovah Witness are just a few deceptions. Mormonism is so strong because Satan himself masquerading as an angel of light brought it about as another copycat, counterfeit religion (manmade).
    Two Indirect Commands or YOUR TWO main works. Pray without ceasing, be always as much as possible in communion/communication with HIM. And read The Word of God, The Bible and trust HIM with His trust !

  18. Please prayer for us to get our five year old grandchild back in custody. He was molested by his stepbrother and is still in his presence although the court ordered him to be in his daddy's custody. His mum is evil. Please pray for a miracle.

  19. I enjoy your videos very much but I have a question: Shouldn't the word "begotten" be in that verse? Isn't that an important word to leave in? I know it's in the KJV. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life".

  20. Bible Munch guy. God so loved the world he gave you his only begotten son should not perish and have everlasting life that's to the Jews. That was under the old Covenant. We were without God the Gentiles. we Gentiles was not looking for a messiah. Jesus told his Twelve Apostles do not go into the land of the Gentiles the Gentiles we're alien to the Commonwealth. The Gentiles do by Nature that contained under the law. Us Gentiles we are under the Everlasting Covenant the blood of Jesus Christ. Now if you said he who shall believeth in him and receive the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit you are none of Jesus Christ. Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit. they could not be saved under the law. Gentiles can't be saved under those words John 3:16 in the history book known as the Bible.

  21. You can not enter to the eternal life with belief only. You must repent, get baptized, and participate in Church Sacraments like Eucharist. Remember John 6:53 (Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you.) Stop preaching false ideas to the people. you are like; 2 Timothy 4:3 (For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers.)

  22. im born knowing about my life what will happen you except god as your god me your messiah will be in heaven together deny me ill say get the hell out here im Lord Adam Joseph Ishmael Moses Jesus king David house im David im in gold beach Oregon your fools i wrote judges with king David excepted blame

  23. Christ means moshiach means messiah never leave you Christ not Jesus i never said my name im not Russia im American

  24. –Trinitarian–

    The Son has no beginning;

    he has always existed


    The Son was brought into

    existence in Mary’s womb

  25. I am from India and I am under constant demonic attacks please pray for me for deliverance prayers pls Christian community I am all alone please pray for me.pls and pls pray I am in agony please pray constantly for me till I have a testimony please

  26. I have a question? If adam abd eve were the first human beings and they gave birth to 2 sons after cain killed abel. It says that he was punished for eternity. Where the other peolple come from.

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