Joell Ortiz Reveals His Top 5 Lyricist

45 thoughts on “Joell Ortiz Reveals His Top 5 Lyricist

  1. TOP 6 DOA (in no order)
    – Nas
    – Canibus
    – Eminem
    – Big Pun
    – Jay Z
    – Biggie

    Honorable mentions:
    – Tupac
    – Big L
    – Pharoahe Monch
    – Talib Kweli
    – Mos Def
    – Black Thought
    – Guru
    – Rakim
    – Andre 3000
    – AZ
    – Kool G Rap
    – Jeru the Damaja
    – GZA
    – Inspectah Deck
    – Killah Priest
    – Cappadona
    – Ghostface
    – Redman
    – Aesop Rock

  2. Jay Z always gets disrespected as a lyricist. Many consider him the one of the GOAT amongst his peers. Kendrick said he was the GOAT. Em put him Top 10. Nas even said Reasonable Doubt was one of his favorite albums. I don’t there hasn’t ever been a smoother lyricists than Jay Z in his prime (circa 1996-1998).

  3. Kweli
    Andre 3000
    Big Boi
    Black Thought
    Killer Mike
    Immortal Technique
    Lauren Hill
    And don't sleep on Chris Rivers Cory Gunz and Snow Tha Product. These kids be putting in the work on their craft.

  4. Anybody who puts Jay Z on their top 5 need to be slapped HARD! I guess if that’s what you like, then go for it, idgaf. But really tho..? Jay Z??!!

    My top 5
    Big L
    Biggie Smalls

  5. When it comes to true lyricism in hip hop, ain' t no such thing as a top 5. Here's my top MC'S ever:1) RAKIM, 2) BIG DADDY KANE 3) KRS ONE 4) NAS ) KOOL G RAP 5) MELLE MEL 6) KOOL MOE DEE 7) LL COOL J 8) GURU 9) GRANDMASTER CAZ 10) BIG PUN 11) EMINEM 12) METHOD MAN 13) INSPECTAH DECK 14) CANIBUS 15) CRAIG G 16) MASTA ACE 17) JADAKISS 18) DMX 19) REDMAN 20) BIG L 21) ICE CUBE 22) MC REN 23) and BIGGIE. THERE YA GO!!!! Almost forgot the ladies: 1) MC LYTE 2) QUEEN LATIFAH 3) RAH DIGGA 4) LADY OF RAGE 5) REMY MA 6) DA BRAT 7) BOSS 8) BAHAMADIA 9) HEATHER B!! Almost forgot PAPOOSE!!!

  6. These top list people come up with are always off. It's so many cats that are skilled but didn't get that main stream exposure so their missed. It's always the dudes who had commercial success. For example, Loaded Lux, the early record shop Lux, was a monster but his songs are trash, does that discredit his skills? Look G Rap before the drug rhymes, Big Daddy Kane before he got gassed by Madonna, ll cool J, Ice Cube, Scarface, Slick Rick, etc. There are so many to actual have a top 5 is really disrespectful to hip hop. It's like having a top 5 in the NBA, just cause you didn't win a ring does that discount your greatness?

  7. At the prime (no order)
    Andre 3k
    Nas/big / big L /HOV/guru/most of wutang/ Mf doom/papose/DMX/

  8. "I speak at frequencies dogs would have trouble hearin' /canibus is the lyrical version of german engineering"…even as a kid I quickly realized this mans pen game was a few metaphorical miles above everyone's intellectual plane…the essence of an emcee

  9. Immortal Technique
    Chino XL

    Honarable mentions to Common, MF Grimm, Eminem, Rakim, Guru, Masta Ace, Nas, Biggie and Vinnie Paz

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