Jimmy Stewart Reads a Touching Poem About His Dog Beau on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

I just you don't yes you're under here now this well we could always start to look they could I start the wedding late I guess now that the title of it is Jed's bow that's that's the name of dog he never came to me when I would call unless I had a tennis ball or he felt like it but mostly he didn't come at all when he was young he never learned to heel or sit or stay he did things his way discipline was not his bag but when you were with him things sure didn't drag he dig up a rosebush just to spite me and when I grabbed him he turned bite me he bit lots of folks from day to day the the delivery boy was his favorite prey the gas man wouldn't read our meter he said we owned a real maneater he set the house on fire but the story's long to tell the suffice to say that he survived and the house survived as well and on evening walks and Gloria took him he was always first out the door the old one and I brought up the rear because her bones were sure and he charged up the street with mom hanging on what a beautiful pair they were and if it was still light and the tourists were out they created a bit of a stir but every once in a while he'd stop in his tracks and with a frown on his face look around it was just to make sure that the old one was there to follow him where he was bound where were early to bettors in our house I guess I'm the first to retire and as I leave the room he'd look at me and get up from his place by the fire he knew where the tennis balls were upstairs and I'd give him one for a while and he'd push it under the bed with his nose and I'd dig it out with a smile but before very long he'd tired the ball and he'd be asleep in his corner no time at all and there were nights when I'd feel him climb upon our bed and lie between us and I'd Pat his head and there were nights when I'd feel this stare and I'd wake up and he'd be sitting there and I'd reach out to stroke his hair and sometimes I'd feel him sigh and I think I know the reason why he'd wake up at night and he would have this fear but the dark of life with lots of things and he'd be glad to have me near and now he's dead and there are nights when I think I feel him climb upon her bed and lie between us and I Pat his head and they're nights when I when I think I feel that stare and I reach out my hand to stroke his hair and he's not there oh how I wish that wasn't so I'll always love a dog named beau you

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  1. I remember watching this episode when it first aired😭. I was waiting up to watch the Royal Wedding of Charlie and Diana on July 29th, 1981, I was 17 years old at the time. Didn't have a VCR back then😀 I always remembered Jimmy Stewart reading this poem🐶

  2. We had a dog when I was young and I sure was sad when it died. I never had a pet since then , because I believe its a waste of love. Save that love and give it to your kids.They need it and appreciate it forever after.

  3. Bunny, my Tabby Cat, haunts my soul. Found dead on the side of the road beside a stone wall of an old Gothic church. I took him a into the churchyard and buried him under Scots pine trees there. I buried him there as Bundy used to sit on the church stone wall and wait for me… Wait for me, Bundy, I'll see you soon…😣

  4. I got divorced 8 years ago. All my 3 small children she got. Got married again and the new wife just can't comprehend my children comes first before her. After 4 years she also left. I was unreasonably let go from my job. So I don't have a job. And I live in this big house by myself . In this low times of my life my mind kept wondering to Bobby my beautiful German sheperd. I shared all my dreams about coming to America to start a new life. I had no idea if that was ever going to happen. But to Bobby I always shared everything with him. We were inseparable. Then when I had to Leave my country I was not even that sad leaving my mom for the unknown future . But I was surely HEARTBROKEN LEAVING BOBBY BEHIND. I cried and sobbed for 20 hours on the plane.thinking of Bobby. I just know deep inside I'll never see him again. And this poem reminded me of Bobby. Each and every thing Jimmy Stewart is describing Beau does, Bobby did. My mom said Bobby would wait at the front gate each time he hears a motorbike zoom by thinking it's me coming home.After 5 years in America my mom called to say Bobby was dead. I didn't cry I just went to my bed and laid there and recalled a friend named Bobby

  5. I remember watching this. It was near the end of Johnny’s run when the biggest celebrities were lining up to appear on the show for the last time.

  6. I'm really glad I found this. I've been dealing with some really bad stuff and Mr. Stewart always helps.

  7. All 3 are long gone now, Johnny making fun until he realized how emotional and sad the poem is, we will all go someday, enjoy the time you have here….

  8. I used to have a mixed Cocker Spaniel, his name was Bruno and was the best dog I've ever had. And every time when my family and I returned home and open the garage door Bruno would stick his nose underneath the small gap of the fence door and would whine happily for our return. It's been five years and sometimes I see that black nose underneath that fence door waiting for me to let him in the house.

  9. I have a special needs cat that needs me for most things, The cat belonged to a friend who on his death bed I promised I would care and love his cat. She's been with me for 11 years now. She sleeps with me every night and holds on to me like a child would , she's part of my soul now. I guess that will teach me to be more careful about what I promise lol.

  10. I LOVE this poem and the poet. It made me cry. I have a sweet dog like that one, too. I dread the day I reach out to touch her hair, and she isn't there.

  11. Jimmy Stewart reads a poem he wrote about his dog and makes Johnny Carson cry


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