Jimmy Has a New Children’s Book, This Is Baby

-I have a new children’s book
coming out, “This Is Baby.” [ Cheers and applause ] It’s available
Tuesday, October 8th. It is a picture book about all sorts of fun things
you do with baby. -DaBaby’s coming October 8th?
-One of the parts of — What’s that?
-DaBaby’s coming October — I thought DaBaby
was here tonight. -No, this isn’t DaBaby.
This is my book “This Is Baby.” -This is DaBaby?
-No. [ Laughter ] Not “Dis is DaBaby.” Dis is DaBaby. -Okay. Right. -This —
-Then what’s that? -“This Is Baby.”
That’s the name of the book. -That’s a book you’re going
to give DaBaby on October 8? -DaBaby has nothing to do
with my book at all. -Why not? -What?
-Why? The book says baby. -He’s a rapper.
He has nothing to do with this. This is my children’s book
that I’m very excited about. -Oh, that you’re going —
Okay. I’m sorry. I’m so confused.
-It’s coming out. -You’re going to come out
October 8th to give a copy to DaBaby. -“This is baby.
Let’s laugh and play and sing. But what are parts of baby?
Well, I’ll tell you everything.” -Aww, and then there’s rapping
at the end? -There’s no rapping at all.
It’s just — -Well, how am I
supposed to know?! I’m just trying to learn!
I’m ignorant! -This is the thing.
It’s available Tuesday. -I understand now.
That’s my bad. That was my mistake. -Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble.
-Is where DaBaby’s gonna perform after this?
[ Laughter ] -No. DaBaby’s performing
here tonight. -Yay! [ Cheers and applause ] -I’m very excited about this. -I love it.
-This is the third in my — my troika.
-Your — Your troika. [ Laughs ]
You’re pairing a trilogy. -Yeah, cause I had this one
and this one. This jam — That was a big one.
That was fun. Then I did that one.
That was a good one. And now you got this one. So now you got the whole thing.
-Aww, come on. -Yeah, it’s fun. Tuesday. Comes out Tuesday. -And DaBaby makes three. -Elvis Duran’s book,
here you go — -Is there a chapter about DaBaby
in Elvis Duran’s book? [ Laughter ] Can you read it real quick
and tell us? -I can’t read the whole book. But no, he probably doesn’t
mention DaBaby at all. -I don’t know. I love DaBaby. -Got a nice quote here
on the back from Ryan Seacrest. -Oh, what does it say? “Please read ‘The Baby.'” [ Laughter ] -It’s not called “The Baby.” It’s called “This Is Baby.”
-“This Is Baby.” “This Is DaBaby.”
-You don’t listen to this. You read this,
and you listen to DaBaby. -Okay.
-And then — -Then —
-You know what? Just — Things fall apart. Sometimes things fall apart.
[ Cheers and applause ] Just listen to that,
you’ll be fine. Oh, wow.
This is a good idea. This should be the album cover. -Oh, nice. -That’s the new album cover.
-There you go. -20th anniversary. Elvis Duran’s book is $26.99. That’s worth it,
’cause it’s a good hardcover, and it’s got great stories
from Elvis. -But how much is yours? -Ooh, boy. [ Laughter and applause ] Let’s not worry about it.
Let’s not worry about that. If you order it now —
-Hey, if you order it now, you get a discount!
-You order now, you probably get a discount.
-Yeah, probably 50 bucks. -You got to be kidding me,
right? -How much is that?
Did they leave a phone number on the back of that book?
-It just seems wrong. Well, this is a giant book. -That’s a big book.
That’s with words in it. That is a lot of words.
If you’re paying by the word, you get a good deal
with Elvis’s book. How much is yours, chief? [ Drum roll ] -This, like — -What’s it say,
retail on the back? Not the Canadian one. -It says —
[ Laughter ] -There’s six words on —
No, how many — There’s like nine words
on that page. -It’s not that bad. His is $26.99
for his life story. And this is, uh — [ Drum roll ] [ Laughter ] -How much is it? -$22.99. -$22.99! There you go. What?! What?! Officer! Don’t hit your head on the door.
Don’t hit your head on the door. [ “Law & Order” tones play ] $22.99?! -I don’t know. It says $22.99. Maybe it’s just
an introductory price. -Yeah. Oh, you get all three
of them for $22.99. -There’s no way!
There’s no way it’s $22.99. -It might be some typo.
-It’s $22.99. [ Laughter ] Well, whatever. Save up. -Wait, how much is it?
-Save up you money — It’s not ba– It’s $22.99.
-[ Spits ] [ Laughter and applause ] Wait, what?
-It comes with free spi– You’re allowed to get
free spit takes every time you talk about
how much you paid for the book. -“Oh, it wasn’t
that much, was it?” -“No, it wasn’t that bad.
It’s only $22.99.” -[ Spits ] [ Laughter and applause ] What?! -That’s like 10 bottles
of baby formula.

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