Jim Rickards – Road to Ruin – Animated Book Summary

20 thoughts on “Jim Rickards – Road to Ruin – Animated Book Summary

  1. Jim Rickards stole $97 . I paid his news letter then he billed my card 💳 9 months later . Also The EARTH IS FLAT AND SUN ROTATES AROUND THE EARTH. EARTH DOES NOT WABBLE. He who controls the currency 💴 electricity ⚡️ ⚡️ win$ .

  2. The wild card in this scenario is that the Dems are so obsessed with getting rid of Trump that they will intentionally crash the US economy to blame it on him. After all this legal nonsense against him fails, that is their last resort. I think by the middle to end of next year if Trump is still president, it will happen then.

  3. I predict a massive financial collapse within the next 100 years…but I can't put my finger exactly when…but I tell you it WILL happen and I'm not an expert or an elite so buy my book when it comes out in 101 years time and I'll tell you again that in the following 100 years it WILL most definitively, without a doubt happen…no word of a lie!

  4. great summary! Please keep doing these types of videos sir! especially from folks like jim rickards, peter schiff and maloney etc.

  5. He was pumping the SDR as a solution for years. What happened Jim? I never thought this SDR theory made any sense. A basket of shit fiat? Yeah, bright idea there… Meanwhile he has poo-pooed cryptos. Not impressed with this egghead.

  6. here is the thing, crisis happen all the time right? But by predicting crisis you are never wrong because it it a cycle of life . I could say more but dont like to type

  7. Very well edited vid. Good information without the robot voice. Look forward to more content.. Subbed.

  8. Learned about ice 9 (knew the concept from other videos but now I know this name). Did not even read this book and learned it. Subscribed!

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