Jevil Huntsman [30 Minutes for Content] TF2

oh god now where are you their idea way heal me doctor it's six was played with me last night you know I'm like three in the morning and I don't know where he goes medic and I go pyro and we just dive bomb into the enemy lines and we go on him probably a thirty player kill streak also know Wow it's clearly a hard class to play yes yes it is Zach yeah that wasn't you oh that poor medic I found let's go you're talking about ah no there's still actually it might because I snapped I lifted that this still stuff here oh my god the Demoman got me again Larrick yeah I need you I tried all right hurry all right just jump all over the water believe me I am coming as fast like you when we can oh do you got scout no hey I took care of it why coronate find you here we go thank you the power of coordination by that I mean a minigun yes but right here comes the scout kill me now and get revenge right mm all right yeah here they come all right we got this get him they came to the wrong house they're like oh no extinguish me oh okay crits I was talking about back down there Oh dodging we've got didn't Eve know how did I try to you in the water we'll never know like the mystery it's me spire okay okay it's hello oh my gosh oh no there I kept beat you one right god no [Laughter] another good ones are yes Iqaluit because I can just freakin my care pick and repay mumbling insane unsent then we'll back up demo back up saved your century you're next in line got him you

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