Jeremy Zucker – all the kids are depressed // Lyrics

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  1. I wish both of my parents know that l have depressetion. I guess that if they even know they wouldn't bother to care

  2. Omg lmao that name tho

    ( . , . )
    This is my heart, there is only one way to fix it and that way isn’t liked or subs (still greatly appreciated though) that way is none that any of you can do unless you are from North Carolina and know an Adaleah VM in that case, please please please hmu.

  3. People always say they’re confused by me cuz I’m always smiling and laughing but they say I sound depressed and always isolate myself in my room truth is I’m not depressed I just don’t like people and I like being happy I love smiling and I’m smiling while typing this

  4. When you feel like this
    Run to that one thing..
    You know makes you happy
    Warms your heart
    Makes you smile

    And if you still don’t know that thing that makes you happy
    Keep searching trust me you won’t regret it
    At first ou won’t feel anything but from time to time
    You’ll see that it changes the way you feel

    And if all of this happened because you lost that one thing
    Remember the way it made you feel
    Don’t cry because it’s over
    Smile because it happened

    If you feel alone
    Don’t I think we have all gone through it
    At least once in our life
    It’s not like everyone’s life is always happy
    People come and go
    But the way they made you feel don’t

    Feel like your not enough??
    Your not the only one who compares yourself to others and
    What is perfect??
    To some people is having curly or wavey hair
    But to people with curly or wavy hair they want straight hair
    And no I’m not saying it’s just hair
    There are lots of things that including
    I’ve judged myself for
    But we always want what we don’t have

    Don’t think the world hates you
    You’ve got more than half the world to meet
    And you never know there’s always that person
    That thinks,can relate to you and the one you’ll get along
    If not ,yolo
    Enjoy life do things people wouldn’t expect from you even if that
    Means that you will act differently just be YOU
    Because there is no one like YOU

    If you trust someone you get one of two results
    1:a person for life
    2:a lesson for life
    Just because you did that one mistake doesn’t mean everything els
    You do evolve around the past
    Forget the past and make a new future

  5. I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks but my cat and dog helped me with that. Last year my parents gave away my cat. We just bought a new house, so we are moving. And now my parents are selling my dog. I'm not going to have anyone to talk to. I've tried talking to my sister, but she says I talk to much. All I want is a small animal that can help me through this. I don't want to talk to my parents because they wouldn't understand. I would sell EVERYTHING if I could just get a guinea pig or a small dog/cat😢

  6. if you have depression just listen.

    your not alone.just know people out there love you.dont give up on life.
    … me I know how it feels…..

    live your life to the fullest when the time is right god will take you……

  7. my bf- best freind replaced me multiple time i might as well give up when she does in a time more ……


  8. Told my mom what I am struggling through this was the conversation
    "Did you watch something on YouTube again arielle? "
    "…. No.. "
    "Then why all the sudden you're like this you were smiling like 6 minutes ago! "
    After she said that I started to cry like really hard so then I responded
    "Who said I was happy? "
    After that she understood and started to comfort me! ❤
    Needles to say I am doing WAYY better than 6 hours ago

  9. I don’t even know if I’m depressed, I’m never happy, but I’m never sad. I’m just angry at completely nothing all the time. But when I’m angry, I look sad-

  10. Me: Why do most of the nice and pretty people die or commit sucide?

    Mom: Well when your picking flowers which once to you pick?

    Me: The most beautiful ones….

  11. this song i can't talk about my feelings to my mom causes I'm depressed inside i can't live without my friends

  12. No matter how sad you feel, no matter how depressed you are, no matter what circumstances around you are gettin you down, we all know that emptiness we feel i our hearts, that lack of light in our souls, or that sense of living yo loose, i can tell you that there is a way, there is a truth and there is a life, that is Jesus Christ, whenever you feel like you dont care or like if nonthing makes sense, please remember this, Jesus came to this world and suffered the biggest suffering for you, he died at the cross for you, because he loves you and He offers to all those who come to him and give their life to him in faith and repentance, he offers eternal life, he offers the happines you will never find in the vanities of this world, he fills completely that emptiness in your hearts and fills it with joy, hope, peace and love, and through him you can be a son of God, the one showed the greates love and mercy sendindg his only son to die for your sins, he has done that for me and so He can do it for you, just come to him as you are.

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