Jeff Kinney's Advice – How to Become an Author!

I Amazon customers my name is Jeff Kinney and I'm the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series Amazon has asked me to give my tips on becoming a published author so here goes my first tip is to actually take your time writing I read a book recently called outliers by Malcolm Gladwell it's called the story of success and the idea behind is that to become an expert at anything you need about 10,000 hours or 10 years and it really took me about eight years in more than 10,000 hours to come up with the ideas for Diary of a Wimpy Kid to really craft it to create my characters to really get the technique down before I was ready to show it to anyone and I think for a work to be quality you really need to take your time next once you're you've written your work or you are writing it is to find somebody who can give you honest criticism I think a lot of the time when we show our work to our parents or our family members they'll they'll praise us they'll give us too much praise so you need to find someone who's an expert that will really take a look at your work and give you honest criticism it's tough to take but when you get that kind of criticism you can really grow and I got that criticism at a young age I used to be an artist and I thought I was pretty good in my parents and grandparents told me I was great and I had a teacher in the fifth grade who told me that I wasn't doing my best I wasn't planning my drawings right way and she was right it's stung at first but I really grew from it and it really set my course in life another tip I give is to find an unconventional path a lot of people are doing the same thing in getting self-published are going to writers groups a lot of people are swimming in the same direction and I think that makes it really hard to stand out so I think you need to find a niche you need to find some way to make your work really different and special and for me I was publishing online at a time that a lot of people weren't I was releasing my work every day online to to a worldwide audience I think nowadays it's a lot easier to find an audience on facebook and on social media but for me it was finding an online audience early on my last bit of advice is to find an agent a lot of authors think that they can just approach a publisher directly but it's almost impossible actually publishers don't often look at unsolicited works so the key is finding an agent who will represent you well and even doing that can be very difficult I myself didn't find an agent I just completely lucked out went to a comics convention and ran into somebody who is an editor and that was just like lightning striking that is not the typical case at all so good luck on your publishing path I hope one day you'll get to be a published author like myself it's great to have your work and your ideas validated by putting it into print so good luck I'm becoming an author

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  1. this comment is to show the creativity and work he has put into his books. p.s. your doing great man, you do you

  2. Hi Jeff I am writing a book about making decisions through life, I have written 2 chapters so far What do you guys think, would that be an inspiring book?

  3. Some loser haters who can't read, call you Jeff the Killer. But you are not. You are Jeff the author who is amazing.

  4. I still laugh when I remember in one of the books Greg tried to design a robot and first thing he did was write all the words he didn't want the robot to say and a teacher got hold of that list.

  5. I'm actully starting a fan book about Rowley called Diary of a Wimpy Kid's friend. I will be writing about his perspective on the Wimpy Kid books. When it's done I will send you a copy and ask for your opinion.

  6. Hey, bub, If middle school is only 3-4 years how come there are over 15 books each book representing a year? let it die man

  7. Even I try writing books and its a bit of your style. I am 12 years and I got encouragment to write book and so on I began. I am almost done writing. But there is a problen my drawings are too bad so can u pls advice like what software to use and like even the fonts and other advices. I love ur books a lot. And i am also planning to make a blog to share my writings. So pls help me

  8. I think another great tip is to write your first book about something you are passionate about as this passion will transmit into your writing. My sons all love your books and my nine year old is currently reading your latest and loving it. Congratulations on your amazing success.

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