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Hail Goddess Lakshmi. Nandu. Are you done or not? How much more time will you take? Get out. Out. The actor who had recited Narayan,
Narayan.. nearly 60 films. Oh yes. The actor who played
the character of Sage Narad. This is Jeevan's story. Imbecile. His parents had named
him Omkar Nath Dhar. He was actually a Kashmiri Pandit. He was born on 24th October,
1915 at Srinagar. At the age of 3 he lost his father. And even his mother
passed away in labor. His grandpa was the governor
of Gilgit-Baltistan. Jeevan always wanted to be a cameraman. He liked photography a lot. And one day during
his college holidays.. ..he run away to Mumbai. Here one of his acquaintances got him.. ..engaged as an assistant
to a cinematographer. At that time Omkar
Nath Dhar had not thought.. ..that he would get a chance to act. He was thinking that maybe
I will have to return home. And there I will open
a small photo studio. He did get a job under Mohan Sinha. He is the same Mohan
whose granddaughter.. ..Vidya Sinha later entered films. Omkar Nath Dhar was
given the job to stick.. ..silver paper to wooden pieces That means he used
to work as a reflector boy. And one day he was
asked to go and stick the.. ..silver paper,
dry it and bring it back. And remember that all this
work should be done in the shade. Not in the sun. Omkar Nath was new. He stuck silver paper. And he placed them in the
sun instead of in the shade. It was not too sunny and
Omkar Nath had got a lot of time. So he walked around the
garden when he saw a director.. ..make a few boys and
girls practice a play. He stood there and he found out that.. actor was less
in the group of boys. The director saw this
young boy and asked. Hey! Can you deliver a few dialogues? He delivered a few dialogues. And after that he started
reciting a very emotional poem. Meanwhile it had become sunny. And the silver paper
was shining right into.. ..Omkar Nath Dhar's eyes. The rest of the people
were standing elsewhere. And so they couldn't
understand how this boy.. ..could cry while delivering
emotional dialogues. How can anyone act with
tears at the very first go? But no one knew that
he was in tears because.. ..the light from the silver paper were.. ..shining on Omkar Nath Dhar's eyes. Everyone clapped. And Omkar Nath aka Jeevan got a break.. film 'Fashionable India'. This is where he started
and thus continued. Yes, we have come to decide upon it. Whether comic villains
or black and white films. Even mythological drama. Everywhere Jeevan carved such a niche.. ..that no one was able to beat him. Salim you know well that
we don't trade in clothes here. Otherwise there was
no question for this. I would have given it. Also please keep in mind that
he had one sister and 23 brothers. It is the duty of every brother.. protect his sister's honor. Not only duty but it is his religion. And I will also fulfill my duty. He was good friends with famous.. ..cameraman Dwarka Divecha. He had started as
a reflector boy with him. Hail Goddess Lakshmi. Jeevan was seen with great heroes. He was also seen with
great formidable villains. And whether it was a
rural or an urban character.. ..he left such an
impression with his acting.. ..that it is still
fresh in people's minds. Lala, I am exerting my
feet so that the entire world.. ..can live like a family. People can go to sleep
with their doors open. And so that no one has
to break each other's locks. Jeevan got married to Kiran. And he named his house Jeevan-Kiran. Jeevan's 2 sons Kiran Kumar and.. ..Bhushan Kumar also turned to acting. Kiran Kumar was seen first as a hero. Then as a villain. And then a great artist
of the television industry. Even Bhushan Kumar worked
a lot in films and television. And on 10tth June, 1987 the time came.. ..when Jeevan passed away. Without a doubt Jeevan
sir's name will be always.. ..taken with pride in Indian cinema. To know about the skills
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