#JBMatJLF2019 : The Romain Rolland Prize: Literature and Cosmopolitanism

but they do ravish we're not gonna keep you waiting we would have to do so I think we have to make the announcements before session buzzes laughter first of all that we tell you our privilege I need to be you jump off today inspire already my third edition of the chocolate fest and one look at you and I think that's impressive and this is really a this is really a festival that I would not be centered any account there are few places didya when you worry where you come over and off will come back over and over and that's definitely a place where I'll come back look after I've left India which is not waterful like q like like this fantastic festival with Omaha low prices rolling it's already the second edition of his pricing started two years ago like as a crazy ID and when we made it last year and we made it featured so now it's it's now August at this price and it's it's here in the landscape of the giant ponies not officially free for the community or for many many many years to come I will say that polish we have received many excellent titles from literature from he says social sciences and we especially saw this year last contribution of Indian languages other other than English and I will say also other than which was a very specific to this year's edition with several anomaly Tamil beggary of course indie titles and the shortlist that had been accepted by a wonderful jury that I want to thank very much Raghava started testifying to the quality of his translations with many books from the south of India Community Shares delicious dish as well I am especially proud of this result because it showed that intellectual exchange between our countries of spreading across India from a large diversity of languages and as you know it's been part of the embassy strategy to promote translation to increase translation of French books in Indian local languages once again not only in English not only in eg but in as many Indian languages as possible because our perception is that we might have a very strong were strategically shift I think we have fully we have a very strong colony partnership but we've not invested enough almost past decades on the cultural aspect of our partnership and there is no better way to reach out to the largest metro Boston of people in this country then once again promoting translations in the diversity of languages that is fantastic the country is having this price is new but it's part of long lasting strategy that will be lasting for years I would say decades through the tiger program which is supporting financially supporting translation since 1990 India through the newly established training a lot for your translators and was launched this January in partnership with a new University and it's very important aspect of our strategy on on promoting culture in books because translators you know we are often underestimated you know we are often forgotten speaking of teachers and I think that they are indeed at the very very call the very heart of the breach that we are building between our two cultures they are messengers they are fighters in a way and they are to be recognized they had to be recognized as this key element in linking in bridging our two cultures and Africa this year is obviously a very very special edition because of course the head of very exciting perspectives of two clubs between Indian films as you may know ensure all book lovers India will be next year 2020 focused country to the published book fair not 2020 we feel – so very privileged to avoid India as a guest of honor of what has now become one of the top major book fair around the world it's a better event for us and it's much more than building a pavilion it's much more than a week for man on a beautiful pavilion it's work that is starting from now on because what we would love to showcase it was to introduce two French readers while so much interested in India what's going on India are not only the already established writers but also this brand new generation writers from all across the country who have never been translated into French sometimes have never been translated the tool and when I say it starts now if it's that once again we have to start the translation work now if you want to have enough books ready for March next year we need to start the selection now if we want these dozens of writers coming to virus and when I say coming to Paris time actually that creates because it's not about a billion it's not about the book fair it's not only about pavilion and not only one week affair it's a full year of Indian literature Indian debate just thinking that we'd love to promote in force with program reaching out to as many places as possible inside the book fair outside the book fair in Paris outside Paris all across the country so it's very very exciting work that we are starting today and I'm very glad to see the large delegation that we managed to bring to Jaipur this year the negation of writers but also very large delegation of publishers that are and I've come here to wait to enter in contact with we have already many many contacts but to meet people to beat this young generations to mix fighters to be publishers to me translators so that we start the work right now and this 2020 book pilot affair could be able to never swim here to another success and a tremendous opportunity for Aditya to showcase its many talents in force well now let's congratulate the winners and they are glad to announce that out of three shortlisted works 3-shot least among many many words that have been worked upon by her are very dedicated very fantastic during when we argue had to select one and this one is fantastic tamil translation of la vida normally the life of an unknown man novel by Andre Magee a fantastic translation from Professor Krishnamurti published initially in force by the soldier in India by collection I really like to congratulate you very warmly collection value is one of the finest Tammi publishers and one of the best for translating world literature with a special focus on the on French literature many congratulations to the fabulous translators are mr. mo te former head of the French Department of boletaria University which is very close to our heart continues to work towards making the new French Connection life and making your French literature known though the awardees will receive one education – Paris – fair 2019 this much popular evaluate won lots of translation residence in France for mr. Krishna bhajan congratulations one again because it's been really tough to select the winner among the very high quality projects that have been submitted to the jury but I think that nobody will doubt reading this book which unfortunately I call to because my time it is still under progress nobody will doubt that we've made you've made the right decision thank you again for being here with us tonight thank you to the our teacher group and this is pretty baller for her continued support bring in French literature to work in job thank you do a typo bookmark the team works especially to my good friend Central High for providing the once again perfect platform to celebrate the winners of the phenomenal price and well that's but no please thank you so much once again to all the jury members for taking up time from your very busy schedules and for supporting us is very strategic and the award recognizes patience of French literature in other languages thank you [Applause] thank you your excellency for announcing the winner of the price I think the author is not with us said of the translator is not with us today a new publishing house a very active my friend Jan with you all the time stream in the daily award on the [Applause] don't be shy God speak [Applause] the idea is that in Italy travel to stay put and he said that every youth in the order has been down and having to do that and I think the full dreadful award goes to him to view the tax returns is the transition of one but we are very proud happy to do our talk on return of the functionalism so I'd like to ask let me know please come and join us and British Wallace who is a French to English translator over the past four decades she's translated over aging by fiction and nonfiction titles from French to English in 2010 she published a new translation of also understand these abilities the little prince this animal is on literature and cosmopolitanism and we'll start by talking about that and then we'll talk very very briefly about the translation prizes the books that we looked at the word cosmopolitan derisive with read refer to the politest citizen of the world in the 18th century it came to signify a man of no fixed abode or a man who is no era stranger also invoking the sense of familiarity with cultures elsewhere so how much does literature contribute to this notion of cosmopolitanism and does it help us in at home in all kinds of cultures all over the world even before the translation process I think the idea of translating your work demonstrates a familiarity width and an openness to other cultures the person or the publisher who chooses or proposes about fertilization already has a cosmopolitan outlook in their desire to share literature cross borders opening up entire universes in the process imagine the world without the translations of bashers – or the Mahabharata or something Jupiter is little prince' literature from different parts of the world encourages the circulation of a whole range of ideas with a political heretic or otherwise translation enables transnational exchanges of political values for example feminist or revolutionary thinking and can contribute to the internationalization of movements translations can give us a kemp's of how other cultures fall in love and visit relationships what they dream of and how they dream it they help us discover so much that is different and yet the same between peoples and cultures the translation of a lot of contemporary indian literature into french over the recent years has changed the way the french think about India it has brought a sense of modernity into their view of the country and it has allowed other cultures to see how people in India are facing the whole range of issues related to modernity it in terms of love work living in large cities and so on it is created to shift away from the narrow view of India largely as a spiritual country or a country beset by caste problems and it has created a more multi-dimensional perception so I think literature makes a huge contribution to cosmopolitanism Roth's we'll start with you and ask what you translated was by name again cell and you say that in her life and work dancehall epitomizes cosmic post ism yes I'd like to talk about Milligan said whose memoir in French Rajveer former countrymen translated to English as translation as transhumans which I had the privilege of translating conserves daughter Hungarian Jewish refugee Anna dances she grew up hearing different languages spoken around her her connection to German was forged by her aunt serenka a refugee in London who spoke a German peppered with Hungarian Yiddish and slow Mac girls have studied German and became a translator no surprises then she sought out the persecuted and exiled poets of cold war-era East Germany and translated them into French giving them a voice in the outside world when the Vietnam War broke out she responded to the American threat will Amin back to the Stone Age by learning Vietnamese and setting out for Vietnam as woman so as to translate the poets of that country and transmit his extraordinary literary culture to the West there are no boundaries between consoles life and her work as a translator and I'd like to read a brief excerpt from her memoir which encapsulate the notion of the translation as a truly cosmopolitan being a second glass of light it was a beautiful July day in the summer of 1974 the promotional nights the real road to the eastern assault winding through the vineyards and lavender fields and on the horizon the blueprints of the river on the road a bridge between the banks of the Silk and a poet a poet from Hanoi taken a poet from a country that had been at war for so many decades who was excited by the great journey that translation represented for him the day before I left Hanoi for a short holiday in France he confided in me his dream that one day he might discover and translate some French poetry other than the official Hanoi Canon the poetry of lui ever gone on and were jenga man I spoke to him of Lanisha and that was how I came to be driving down this little road and light on that July day past the evil still has Sullivan a little further on the left his house liberal plans which I had been looking forward to seeing for so long suddenly came interviews and pushed open the old gate Lanisha the embodiment of intelligence and humanity came out to meet me I hadn't called to say I was coming who how would I've introduced myself he showed me into the pool dim low ceiling living room and poured me glass of discardable de venise this Golden Plover was calm as the Sun even as it exuded the exquisite coolness of mysterious subterranean cellars I have barely finished talking about the Vietnamese palette inseparable from his little bag full of books and his mad dream to translate Kaneesha when the poet bought me a second dose of night left the room and came back with his hands full of poems in delicate elongated handwriting like black cypresses straining in the mist – he wrote words on the fly leaves as if extending his hand in friendship and taught me to embrace his brother like the poetry on his bare hands I left with those treasures in my bag or rather my Shepherd satchel because that de thoughtful Marcel Road made me think of transhumans the non slow movements of the flocks to distant places in search of debris Espace ch's the low Plains in winter and the high valleys and summer all the ancient roots have witnessed accountants and exchanges in all the dialects of the Umbrella language of papasan so it is with the transhumans roots of translation the slow and patient crossing of countries all borders eradicated the movement of huge flocks of words through all the vernaculars of the Umbrella language of poetry Tahaan transported by writing that was both so foreign and yet so infinitely familiar read with wonderment shells dedications to him steeped in the sense a sense of lady black chaste poem emerged from this great journey into Vietnamese as if it had been Hugh from the earth of the rice fields Liberty it came along this white line signaling even the dawning days or the glow of dust translation and poetry a far-off encounter at the confines of language on the watershed the essence of hospitality 22 months in Ross compared with transfer or translation since Anjali without Schumer's and what cosmos which accommodates the earth and she was say something about humidity being humble to other customers I make it a little clearer a memory day in faraway form itself strands I was preparing a rendition from France qto among two great ecological practitioners and humanists and writers one was the French came happy and the second one the Indian Revolution was open water harvesting I had just translated they have no common language one was speaking or different with each other only Hindi with English but no French what struck me is that both immediately joined on the common ground of humility share happy by me trophies went on at least in France concept of humors a mode of letting garbage decayed and majoring in to a rich nourishment for class feeding the human creature linked – humility to prepare humans he records clearly instead of using pesticides you have to be harboring receptive to the voice of the earth and embouchure of course and no such Terry raised from the Greek Latin culture but he had his own very local and specific division of the concept of the humidity person to Rajasthan detail of behavior linked in an affirmation to Christmas gift of water in the thar desert a gift to be respectfully and heartily honored by working heart and my body and my tan one burden for maintaining this gift to the human form they became friend and an event she had to give the Gansey peace the world arranged for care mousse with very vocal and force also very universal the looker in the matter meant big mountains in the shimmers earthly flavor of their own language and system of thinking including metaphors and the universal in this case meant to stand in the difference of humanity within the cosmos not ruining the process this meeting is one of many which complicates to Universal as coined by Baba Mikasa in a recent book in praise of translation the only way to save a humanist Universal and save us from the various denials of principle the notion of universality is indeed the currently trust by cultural relativism on the ground of the Western logo the eccentric discourse of supposedly so often enlightenment but if complicated the universal can bellows allow us to stand for a good grab a good scratch democratic approach of the commandment beyond human and this complicated universally this complication in Cass's discourse is the direct effect of taking into account the diversity of languages and cultures or mode of thinking of course we may feel that the city of cosmopolitanism police who without the Pearl City dimension of Schumer's and the humanist dimension of humidity yet it is mostly today interpreted as a synonym for multinational sorry it's a difference specificity a way of world ization of water decision something like that a way of handling differences and in this way it's a better world and globalization which means mostly levelling differences and not happening with this already existed in the big cities of media or Central Asia cities like San Martin or Hara for instance great centers for translation and cultural and mental exchanges between South Asia meter meter is confirmed Arabic at large but it also existed far before in India with China and this Sanskrit poetry translated in Chinese the Buddhist writings through certain uses can transition as always oppose the uniform izing power of either totalitarian or global languages the group is of Ramallah English today as any language of any brave new world aimed at pure information like Civic cybernetics which no noise troubling the transparency of communication and what does the translator in his world he or she – no history questions the noise of the negligence hinder diversity the languages in the world what parts were not opposed to rustling of languages translation then may stand as a difference of the truly torture of the mind as a preposition to the mother to turn of the veil [Applause] neutralization is something really organic and something that preserves difference and Catholicism although it couldn't be seen it's liberalism in fact I think literature offices put up the differences rather than make it all go away partly in response to my dear friend I'm so moved that she mentioned when we set up this festival my first thought was that all the Indian language you have to send it here and we did our very best but very soon you realize that in dead languages cannot be represented without a huge focus on translations sadly that translation is often in English which is sort of intruder to the picture and also a very important mediator but French literature French writers French academics have been extremely cosmopolitan in their attitude because because I think suppose at all but the thought would be in which French writers have sort out those translations which are not obvious I was trying to but there are these two or three marginalized writers college writers antitrust went also do it your bedroom holiday or so many people punish and thank it came to English from there so I wrote these two books that were published about in the last decade that must meant from an Indian language to French and from French to English and I think that's the heartbreaking thing that you have done and the writer she mentioned her permission onobu Misha came many years to this festival he was one of my dearest dearest friends introduced to me by a French friend off by France granular and he want to friend and and he has translated his works into French this book was called in English radiant raindrops of Rajasthan and even the it was called not as timely and urgent movie it was about water conservation in Rajasthan traditional methods and or if you will be surprised to know it was for five years the best-selling novel in India but because he never accepted any copyright and he never accepted any royalties and so most me that becomes full circle and we talk about this translation and those really are personal narratives of translation and translations and also thank you for the wonderful job you used to publish thank you are not I think a lot of things have been said if you could be of relevance but the subject is so exciting now in the meet often with us why this is all the more important for such important festival which opens up a thousand windows we've been doing it and what's important is the word customer buiit renew God and saving others we first came in French in 1560 much later in English very often as very often and it means a person a citizen somebody with a citizen of the universe very important because ingredients because what it is so what it is police police citizen of the universe commodians in all countries who understands others in other countries very important not a translation therefore is synonymous with cosmopolitanism because we need translating you reaching out you spreading out to another horizon you don't stay in a dusty corner and say ok I'm very happy in that case it's dead so translation itself is synonymous with cosmopolitanism it's it it changes you forever you connect with others works its gonna connect with other cultural maps remember that India as I said last year also is the largest language laboratory in the world with speaking 1000c some 50 languages and translation is a wave live just imagine that so therefore translation is it I think it's very modest strategy for survival we're very important to publishers here writers we have no make sure a cigar is done remarkable work as as a publisher II and some park I like the word Sundberg it's a bundle some operations relations so you've been doing it whatever you read you Veritas for in translation marks translation Dostoevsky translation Cervantes translation Kafka translation you are an anthem of the in translation symmetry ta'dibi in translation so this is a wave life and if we don't open out it's dead it's a therefore translation and cosmopolitan is very are synonymous as I said it's a way of reimagining as a human being is real instructing yourself and just one thing very very important in between we are one country our evolution was caused by translations like in Nascimento in Atari it was saga of transition from classical Greek and so in 19th century to go or behave as a Chinese reading Paul Revere genie translated into Bengali as early as an 1860 just imagining that and tobu doctor who died of tuberculosis today 221 young girl blue route flawless French as was published by a TA Scelzi to she since he was year twenty twenty year old girl from Calcutta monitory this girl translate boobarella brahma the book called chiefly in french fills when she was 19 and 20 and what did she translate anybody 20 really talk about translating victor go Sean good man before he was constantly anywhere else in the planet and look totally and after you see at the Divini neurotics and this girl also went on to write women title she's even from French fields she's fought for growing up to go translated 22 book five of them and his elder brother – Pedro translated for year to be a new team and also Marathi from a naughty monkey luck it was not only searching in the world outer world but in the inner space digging down translating Marathi and Hindi and then going out and translating Maria one after another so you see this is part of our evolution if we are here today at Jaipur festival is because of the evolution of the mind which happened because of translations which helped us endlessly I am speaking not the professor of English at a previously but I'm speaking as a translator of lavash who goes Maxim's flow man has extreme stupidity one who lost on to our Malaysian strengths and I didn't say that one reads while translating it's so much pain and yet one tries to connect as Jane Foster said in every graph – is great not how it said only connect if you don't connect one perishes thank you very much I love your started on your abdomen presenter thank you and thank you also for the book within an action for your new book and for all the one with stuff you've done for this price Thank You ambassador this year it's not secure that lost bridging is the best to go retro our correspondents live up to 20 years with this points so maybe you need some and it's just something it's really translating it's a painful process as Chinese but that was going to be my conclusion but really it's a big pleasure as well great pleasure fortunately so we have that little paper on vegetarian I have to concentrate cause for poor literacy this is very difficult finished okay like Renuka I went back to the phone to the ancient meaning of cosmopolitanism so of course most simplest and most efficient and the interest on it to the world the opening run to the world so I thought of Erasmus as well and the notion of in those days the sixteenth century Erasmus was a great quicker at mine is still today and is the incarnation of what humanism could be but today the world has expanded communication to and itself much more difficult to be a true human I know some people who have a lot of work and still manage to read like crazy I don't know how they do that but we do it but it's a difficult exercise and reading is an opening to knowledge for the translator it's a must in the sense we are supposed to carry one knowledge to another one and it's hard I mean of course we need to know a bit of the language of both languages actually so it's acquiring knowledge greedy experiencing the world to minutes it has to be handsomer there are so many notions that can't be translated or hard to translate I think I mean it's a very famous example that was given by Luna Laneige the snow and the perception of snow around England's won't be the same for a guy we sure about that and if you think of the notion of camembert I mean you don't need to explain what is a camembert to learn a French speaking audience but for other people it's more difficult how do we manage so I thought as well those are three rules that after that I have to confess I thought of an introduction for note to a very engine I mean a video book that was written in the 19th century by a certain Mary George I mean you must know her and it was called and still called the silver skates and interestingly enough that book was for an American public and about the Netherlands so then she gave a huge description of the country geographically historically and after some time the French decided to translate it into French and that's why we had that full note explaining that it was more of an adaptation than the translation and that French the French audience still needs so many details and funny is well it was then translated into flame ish so there was even less description of the country of the historical background so what are and aligner underlining as well is the choices that we have to make because being the translator we are a go-between we have to carry things from one culture to another one so what I mean is that literature leaves an opening on to the word and we have to be the leaves in conscious it's difficult but a pleasure responsibility and don't get me wrong and then I think we have to be very humble because there is the language but there is the music the emotion and sometimes people do think that they need to have a kind of copy exact copy but this is this one read what has to be done we have to try and get all that music from one language to another one and that's the opening let's be able let's try to be some sort of micro humanists thank you [Applause] but as you were talking about and permission and I think in his book he describes how there were about fifty or sixty words for a cloud and things like that so how did we as translators brass those nuances be willing to discover them listen to them and try and translate them in one way or another to give people the notion that there are 60 different types of towel absorbers 500 different types of snow or whatever it is a technicality for instance and in some fish I can be knowledge of implants it's so tricky because the same fish would have the same name here are there tsunami you can it can be the same English term in America or somewhere else but to be translated into French it's it has a different it's a nightmare and for plants as well you have one species and you find it in America you don't find them do something I think this sorry sir no that's right I was going to say I think we need to stop on this because we are running out of time here so just to say I think maybe the most important things are that translators have to be humble willing to learn and willing to bleat and I think just our road is that of go-between between languages cultures and everything else we have any time to talk about our translation right then because I think we enjoy do we have time to say a few words but the translation drives away please go right another two minutes okay okay one minutes each one and a half minutes each very just if you want minutes less than 1 minute 20 seconds s Fantine daddy does say because he's always but it's impossible so on behalf of the genderfest all I want to say that when you neat thing about this prize is that it tries to bring parity between many Indian languages so the nuance of it is so difficult because how do you judge a translation into five or six languages when each translator is judging by their own register and so me I have satin satin in the meetings this year because I was very tough and battered but last year to beat everybody into some sort of common opinion so I left them but I can see they managed beautifully I mean following the emails okay because without the records we wouldn't have been able to judge this prize anyway say thank you to stay back for a very interesting initiative but the general agenda first tool is called celebrate the world that brings together all iterated enthusiasts authors publishers translators etc and the one who will please welcome she wants to help us good evening ladies and gentlemen it's a privilege and honor to be here in front of you today let me take five minutes of your time to introduce you to a platform which will help us remain all connected in the digital realm definitely the festival as we all know has gone from an audience of a thousand members to more than half a million now but that's just restricted to the people physically attending the event in this digitized world we can reach out to millions more we felt that it is the right time where the festival you can introduce a digital entity which can help people to connect communicate collaborate and create the full essential C's of a diamond we advise technologies believe that technology has one job to do that is to simplify life to do that we build the solution stack which will helps on the age-old problem of inclusion on the click of a button on behalf of the workers in collaboration with values technologies please allow me to present to you celebrate the social platform with features like a conversation sign up along with the option to select interest which would be both to honors and follow people in the community at the same time you get customized feeds from users and you follow dedicated people on the platform followed by the option to explore interest which in general would be journals on the platform itself it could be something like Fitness history romance fiction nonfiction we also will be having books on the platform and you everyone can explore books on the go and people have the option to add these books or collection of Fame at the same time you can connect you can follow latest events in the community you can interact with people in different groups follow blogs and articles from the very best in the industry and at the end of it have user detail profiles which actually gives you an insight into the authors the publishers the writers in the community so this is the platform we will be extending exclusive invites to all of you over email and we'd love to see you join the platform which would be like very soon it will be starting with the authors and the publishers on the platforms followed by a global launch for the entire community thank you so much and we love to do some feedback from you if you have any thank you [Applause] you

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