Jazz on 3: Birdman composer Antonio Sanchez in session

43 thoughts on “Jazz on 3: Birdman composer Antonio Sanchez in session

  1. A level very low master show us tve most or better than you
    muestre lo mejor o Alex mercado o infanzon, toussaint Enrique nery rip se seguirán burlando

  2. Love the drums in Birdman!  Really cool soundtrack. Anyone thinks he looks like Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park?

  3. He is amazing as always; his dynamics, chops, musicality, ghost notes, improvisation skills. So fluid!
    Here is a video of a piece I composed and submitted to Hit Like A Girl Contest. It's called "Restitución".If you like it, you can also vote for me. Just in case, don't compare me with Antonio Sanchez 😉  http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/18-plus/entry/marlene-grafals-2015

  4. I thought I died and went to heaven to hear this angelic drumming. Sanchez you are blessed!! Thank you for the experience.

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