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the bigger you get you gotta move solo Maceo nobodies how you gonna lick before J would become one of the hottest new acts out of Louisiana dropping tracks like elimination made the list and slide in freestyle which now has over seven million views on YouTube before he would garner close to 100k followers on Twitter over 200k subscribers on YouTube and close to 1 million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording Jada youngin had a quick rise to fame starting to rap only 2 years ago after dropping out of high school it seems like every song he drops online becomes a viral hit but I have a feeling he's only getting warmed up he told high fees calm that to him making music is to tell your story and your experiences and I'm here today to help tell his story good morning afternoon or evening depending on when you're watching this my name is Jeremy Hecht aka the new guy and today I'll be taking you through the life and career of Jada young and here on before they were famous I've covered other up-and-coming artists like ynw Mellie and cometa zine so be sure to check those out after you finish watching this video also let me know how I'm doing or if there's anything I can improve I really take this seriously and I want to provide you all with the best possible products so I read all the comments last time someone said in the comments that you know my tone was good but I sounded a little bit too much like I was reporting for CNN and needed to show a bit more excitement so I'm excited I'm excited for this video and without further ado without any more talking from me let's get into it hey be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell boom I'm not feel like it's really important for me to keep him my fans with music that's really one of the main things you got to do when you were artist usually got to stay consistent stay with new music up stay doing new things Jayda young and was born to various Scott on July 15 1998 in Bogalusa Louisiana he says the town is 40 minutes to an hour outside of Baton Rouge depending on how fast you're driving and the town has a population of less than 12,000 people I always tell people I'm from a small city coming from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada but we have almost a million people this dude probably knew everyone in the town he says that in a small city like that you have to find what you want to do and go after it without worrying about what people think of you his mother was in the army so he stayed with his grandma when she was stationed in another state and his father was in prison for much of his time growing up the two have since become a lot closer once he was released I never got the chance that ain't daddy me and my dad always let me hit the Molly from a pause you know about the air you know him like that his stepfather was a good influence on him though and provided guidance for a young Jay he has two brothers and one sister on his mom's side and says on his dad's side the number of siblings are uncountable his mom was strict but always made sure that he was staying on the right page she used to always tell me like I'm going on a path with this before originally he had dreams of going to the NBA while watching his role model rage on Rondo ball up my mom used to always tell me like you know say you got to get that plan but you got to had a back-up plan then reality hit hard when he wasn't able to continue playing ball in high school because of low grades and trouble outside of the classroom but that's when he found a new love in the form of rapping he'd rap growing up for fun but never really took it seriously he remembers freestyling with friend and fellow artist FG famous the two would just put on beats and go back and forth on tracks for hours the two grew up together with their grandma being really close and have known each other since they were both kids going through school together throughout their lives one day after encouragement from his boys he dropped his first official track and his friends loved it the first song he ever dropped on YouTube was in 11th grade and in its first day it got a thousand views he says that was a huge moment for him and I can understand because that's around one twelfth of his entire city's population one day he even performed at a school pep rally and turned up the entire high school I got out there I mean it was gonna do got out on the foot okay he did a couple of performances before that though opening for other artists for free to help promote his music he actually performed at a few clubs before he was 18 which is impressive that he got it Jay said he cheated his way through tests in school and he was getting by but in his senior year he stopped focusing on school altogether skipping class and when he did go to school he wasn't really focused on learning much he was forced to drop out in the 12th grade I'm blessed that that this did happen for me but for a young you please don't drop out of school you will need school you will need your high school diploma you gonna need every every part of Education his mom was hurt when he dropped out but he says one day he's gonna go back and definitely get his diploma at first his mom didn't even know he was rapping but one day she saw his music video through social media she actually liked his music but just hated his image and I can see why I put a jump in his people age 40 but Jay says an image rebrand is coming in time and he's already in the process of doing so he even told DJ smalls that if he was giving advice to his younger self he would say image because I got a lot of younger people looking at me that's why I don't realize sometimes I tell myself you know send it up can you change this over I'll make it look good no it ain't about what you doing by you do it when he first started rapping it was just for him and his friends he didn't think it was gonna be seen by that many people when I first very first thought it was just honest I thought you know yeah I'm gonna be big one day but eventually his songs started to catch some traction online he released video after video and the views kept stacking up his first tape was called young animal or young animal like Jay the young I get it was cool came on 2016 Jay sound started off with a true southern feel rapping strong bars with a gritty take on life but it's progressed into a more melodic sound that takes the harsh realities of growing up with nothing and puts into perspective how growing into success has changed his life and has changed the people around him he told double-xl I want to learn how to sing I'm gonna take singing lessons and I might be an R&B singer by next year for real he then released rough way in 2017 but it was the mixtape the real Jam man 23 that gave him a whole new level of notice the mixtape included the song sided freestyle which has amassed over 7 million views the video was released by videographer David G on his YouTube page along with some of Jays other music videos and each has hit over a million views david has some subscribers but that doesn't mean all of the videos on his channel will blow up because a lot of people have posted on his channel and have not gotten a million views when you think of Michael you think of greatness but I think of myself I think of greatness I don't like to hear anything or anybody talking I just like to think I just think about the past that's what people want to hear they want to hear what they couldn't see honestly that's pretty profound another massive song off the real job man was muddy situation the tape has over 7 million hits on my mixtapes and the song now has almost 3 million plays on the site when I was making it I knew from the jump like this was gonna be that song well yet when I heard the beat and I was vibing to putting the words and plays I just felt a vibe to it he told fader sometimes I'll be shedding tears writing a song it gets that deep and then I let it come out the industry day listening to it the with the artists you gotta say they ain't listening for the message they just listening for the vibe don't be voting in the wild I'm hotter all his weirdest then he released the projects wake up the taking off EP and 23 gaining more online notice with and somewhere along has come up his music was heard by the right people because he signs a deal with cinematic music group yeah I did I pressed a button I kept coming back to back with videos mixtape battle mixtape and I killed working the most viewed song on his YouTube page is the audio only version of elimination off 23 he says he originally took the beat off of youtube but after he put it out the original producer reached out and told Jay hey give me some credit man I there's no problem though do they sell musically he was influenced by other Louisiana hip-hop artists like Lil Wayne Kevin gates and boozie boozie reached out to Jay and told them he wanted him to come perform at one of his birthday parties he didn't end up performing at the party but the two became cool and even did a song together which Jay recorded at boosie's house he says he used to write his flows down but now when he goes into the booth he just vibes out and freestyles most of his stuff he was also heavily influenced by shy times Chief Keef the legend and says that he's one of his biggest fans jay says he wants to keep his circle small though and after realizing how many snakes are in the industry and how fake things are he really doesn't mess with that many people don't want to work with nobody right now really just linked with chief Sousa I'm gonna glue Mitch he also went viral on Twitter from a video with the captions seen this homeless man when I was shooting my video on the bridge he told me he was hungry I let him get in the video and bought him some to eat positive energy only as for the future he says he wants to sell records I want to be number one on the charts when I dropped my album I want to be everyone's favorite artist and I don't think that day is too far away but as for the rest of the story well you know it because this is before they were famous I'm Jeremy Hecht and as always let me know in the comments down below who we should cover next for this channel follow me on instagram e underscore heck subscribe to this channel for more turn your notifications on dream good live and I hope you have one heck of a day

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