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Hailing from Rajmundri, Andhra Pradesh.. …born in the 3 April 1962. Her parents named her Lalita Rani. And, the film industry made her Jaya Prada. Jaya Prada's done Hindi,
Telugu, Tamil, Kannada.. ..Malyalam, and many other
films in different languages. Her father, Krishana Rao was
a Telugu film financer. And her mother Meera Rani.. ..made her take training in
dancing since she was a kid. "O Drummer…play your drum." "My anklets call out to you." "You play and I will dance." "O Drummer…" At the age of 14, Jaya Prada.. ..she performed a dance at the
school's annual day function. And, amongst the audience was a film director. He was very impressed by Jaya Prada's dance.. ..and he hired her for a dance
sequence in a Telugu film. In those days, she was paid
only 10 Rs, for that dance. "Dance and sway." "Sing the songs of union." "Sway. Sway." "Sway. Sway." "Sway. Sway." "Sway. Sway." That three minute dance sequence.. ..changed Jaya Prada's life. Acclaimed film directors approached Jaya Prada.. ..and requested her to act in their movie. "Be my sweetheart, only for a night." "I've been craving for
centuries, for your company." Jaya Prada's acting was praised.. ..in famous K. Balachandra's
black and white film.. ..'Antuleni Katha' was greatly praised. Jaya Prada had also worked
with South superstars.. ..Kamala Hassan and Rajnikant. And, Jaya Prada's acting was
acknowledged along with theirs. In 1976, film-maker K. Vishwanath.. ..made a Hindi version of a
Telegu film 'Cine Cine Rupa'. And the film was 'Sargam'. And, this was Jaya Prada's
first foray in Hindi films. "The cuckoo sings…the world sways." "Try to understand what my heart says." "The heart and the world
are not the same." "You're so innocent." This film, starring Rishi Kapoor
was a super-hit. And, Jaya Prada even got.. ..the best actress nomination for this film. "O Drummer…play your drum." "My anklets call out to you." "You play and I will dance." "O Drummer…" And, director K. Vishwanath gave
another break to Jaya Prada.. ..in the film 'Kaamchor',
along with Raakesh Roshan. In this film,
Jaya Prada spoke fluent Hindi.. ..and her character won everyone's heart. "You're the one…I'm love with beloved." In 1984, Jaya Prada's pair with
Amitabh in the film Sharaabi.. ..worked miracles. After dancing stars like
Vyajanti Mala and Hema Malini.. ..Jaya Prada had made a name for herself. "Give me love." "Give me love." Not just Amitabh Bachchan.. ..but all her films in
which she was paired.. .. with Jumping Jack Jeetendra were a hit. "We're in a dilemma." "A storm raised from your heart." "And blew away your sari." Film-maker Satyajit Ray commented.. ..on Jaya's beauty, saying "Jaya's
the most beautiful actress". If we look at Jaya's personal life.. ..we see that, she married
Producer Srikant Nahata in 1986. Srikant Nahata was already
married, and had three kids. We don't know to say that.. ..this marriage stirred up
a lot of controversy. Jaya Prada and Srikant don't
have any children. Along with films.. ..Jaya Prada tried her luck
in politics as well. She started with 'Telegudesham' party. After that, she shifted to
Chandra Babu Naidu's party. And then, Jaya Prada finally
joined Samajwadi Party. Jaya Prada's a complete actress. Whether it's her dancing, or acting. Emotions, or actions. Jaya Prada adjusted herself
in all the aspects of film. She's worked in around 300 films,
in 8 different languages. "We're going away,
we don't belong here anymore." "We're going away,
we don't belong here anymore." "Leaving our homeland, because
we don't belong here." Jaya Prada will be known
as a complete actress.. ..in the history of Indian films. For more Bollywood updates
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  1. She is another Indian Beauty whom I adore as a great Indian classical dancer..she speaks through her dancing

  2. Though this beauty has lost her charm these days but no doubt she is the most beautiful heroine of her time. Truly represented Indian beauty image in her movies.

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