James Woods Humiliates Leftist Patton Oswalt at 2017 Writers Guild Awards

45 thoughts on “James Woods Humiliates Leftist Patton Oswalt at 2017 Writers Guild Awards

  1. James Woods is a stereotype of a racist geriatric moron. He basically pulled a Kanye to stay relevant lmao

  2. James Woods is a B-list actor that realized he could achieve some popularity catering to the alt-right.

  3. Patton Oswalt really embodies the typical left male in the U.S. Weak, puny, doughy, soft boiled, non-existent testosterone.  For most of the history of mankind he would have never made it to adulthood.  Nature would have mercifully ended his existence.

  4. Keep alienating yourselves Hollywood. James Woods the man tho. And yes only cause I agree with him. And if you think it’s petty I boycott people cause of a difference of opinion well think about how these people use their very own celebrity to influence millions into thinking the way they think and attack other for not being sheep.

  5. all of them are pedophiels and satinests – https://youtu.be/2PrXFlocDYU they feed of everyone that pays to see a movie – click on the link and find out just how sick the sob's are – wake the hell up – they traffic, abuse and sacrifice children, then drink the blood!!

  6. Let me say this. I always loved James Woods. He has been a favorite of mine since I saw him in Salvador back in '85. True Believer, Diggstown and Cop are three of his greatest performances. If I were making movies today, I would cast him in everything. The fact that the Hollywood Left has treated him the way they have for the past five, ten years is a disgrace. He is and always will be one of the greatest actors to have ever bless a motion picture screen. Shame on you all.

  7. I kinda want to like Patton but he is such a douche when it comes to politics. I don’t care about disagreeing but the way he goes about it is fucking irritating.

  8. The difference between James Woods and most American actors is that James Woods is also a great patriot. Few in Hollywood can claim that.

  9. Watch "Voices That Care Video and Tribute" on YouTube
    Decades of wars, then "I'll BombYa" killed so many & destroyed so much good.
    See James Wood around 3:0- he was a BIG part of the Love in this for the Gulf War Military.
    On the VHS: shows our soldiers singing along, including their tearful reactions ..beautiful.
    Today, this could bring a healing~♡~

  10. They are literally just poking a little fun at each other civily. You're the one making a soap opera out of it

  11. Oswalt has to be on the left, He looks like a lesbian feminist SJW.
    If he tried to be on the right, they would all think he is a spying Antifa.
    He just needs to make his hair green, blue, whatever.

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