James Arthur – Say you won't let go (Lyrics Video)

34 thoughts on “James Arthur – Say you won't let go (Lyrics Video)

  1. I feel like people listen to this if their feeling down (unless you stab this song regardless) don’t worry I haven’t found a lasting relationship either but you’ll find it someday :,)

  2. I wish I had the guts to tell my cruch on the last day but I skipped the last day because I'm moving and now I regret it

  3. When I listen to this song, I start to cry. I lost someone treasured. Treasure something while you have it. Or you will regret it.

  4. I love a women she loves me but she has a man and we don't know how to be together we don't want to hurt her bf but we really want to be together

  5. Okay why is the first part of this about the girl throwing up and them smiling over her shoulder as he's holding up her hair? lol

  6. -I lost my grandma
    -I lost all my friends
    -got diagnosed with depression
    -gets lots of hate
    -no one notices me

    Still want to kill myself

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