J.K. Rowling – Dreams of Becoming a Writer

23 thoughts on “J.K. Rowling – Dreams of Becoming a Writer

  1. I can see a great story in everything. Walking in a park ,there are hundreds of people around and they all will inspire you. I am a writer from the day I realized my potential.

  2. I am currently writing a book I created the idea for in my teens. Out of all the things I have tried in the past, writing a book is the most exciting. I have gotten attached to my characters and love developing them.

  3. A few bars of the Harry Potter music would have been enough, but to have it during the too soft speaking was too much. Cutting and pasting is good, but, please, sound level moderation.
    Like writing, videos are all about editing until it is right.

  4. Oh my Lord, I'm totally the same… Maybe not totally, but I'm similar to her in some ways.
    I want to be a writer to, I was thinking about it since I was 12 years old and now, I can't understand why I'm the only one in my family that is writing a lot of fantasy novels.
    I can't see myself in future without any book writed by me, well, I hope I'll be like her in some ways – till the end.

  5. Yeah writing is magic, it's something that comes up to your mind and never leave you until your write it down.😍👌
    I'm writer and I love writing 😌🙏

  6. For me she is one of the most admirable celebrity. Just by donating a big portion of her wealth she made from her books on charities, that says a lot about her!

  7. I had that concept…who doesn’t want to become an actor….i thought that was the best job ever…actor like Hollywood and well known….

  8. I live by her comment that she doesn't know why others wouldn't want to be writers and that she had always known she wanted to write. I'm an actor and have always wanted to act and I also write scripts and scenes to work on.

  9. I love writing!!! Iam currently writing my own story/book! 😃 and iam really want to become a Writer/author someday! 😃

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