J.I.D’s Favorite Verse: OutKast’s “Chonkyfire” | VERSES

(click) (click) ♪ Yosky-wosky, peesky-weesky ♪ ♪ What’cha wanna do-ski? ♪ ♪ Nathaniel ♪ And well like my dad
used to be sayin’ that. When he say like, “Yo, you
got some money for me?” “I ain’t got, Nathaniel,
I ain’t got nothing.” So that’s what he’s sayin’ he’s like, ♪ What’cha wanna do-ski? Nathaniel ♪ ♪ Niggas get jacked like Daniel ♪ Daniel just sounds like, I’m
sorry, a white dude’s name. (laughs) But it’s super funny that
he’s sayin’ that niggas get jacked like Daniel. Maybe he was sayin’ that, but
that’s just the say I took it. (rap beat) ♪ Yosky-Wosky peesky-weesky ♪ ♪ What’cha wanna do-ski? ♪ ♪ Nathaniel ♪ ♪ Niggas get jacked like Daniel ♪ ♪ Something I can’t handle ♪ ♪ Yo ♪ Comin’ from Atlanta, I definitely like see myself in like doing music and stuff
like that ’cause it’s basically like the foundation
of what I was brought up on, like as far as the creativity and then an artist from the South with like substance. They try and make it seem
like people from the South like slow or stupid and don’t
have like, know I’m sayin’? Mental capacity or somethin’, whatever. (laughs) It don’t even matter, but
Outkast they just developed a high in, you know what I’m sayin’? Intelligence or, or just a mind state, you know what I’m sayin’? As far as rappin’ and being
able to have substance and mean something and just be original about your shit. ♪ Unkay ♪ ♪ Yo, this is my story ♪ ♪ This is my song ♪ ♪ And to them rudy poos ♪ ♪ Don’t attempt to try this at home ♪ ♪ It’s just a poem ♪ ♪ Until y’all learn right from wrong ♪ ♪ Know when to bless a situation ♪ ♪ When to grab the chrome ♪ That’s so hard, bro. It’s like, it’s time where you
could like walk away from it or like, “Nah I gotta
handle this. I gotta up, “I gotta up the fire.” Like, it’s just hard,
like just the way he just made that contrast. Yeah, in Atlanta like
everybody up in fire, everybody like scraps, so. It just, it makes sense. ♪ But it’s back on ♪ ♪ Another stormy night in Atlanta ♪ ♪ Georgia ♪ ♪ Overcast but on behalf of Outkast ♪ ♪ I cordially invite you to
an emotion-filled theater ♪ ♪ Bring your umbrella ♪ ♪ ’cause young fella it gets no weirder ♪ Of course he was bringing
him to his world. I feel like my music is
kinda like a theater, you know what I’m sayin? Motion film whatever,
writing, you know I’m sayin’? ‘Cause I try to like I guess paint pictures with my
music and stuff like that, and I know a lot of people
try and do that shit but I did my best with
like making the music very vivid, you know what I’m sayin’? Colorful and stuff like that
and sayin’ certain words that just brighten yo senses type. Yeah, so that’s some
Outkast shit I learned. ♪ We reign ♪ ♪ Reign supreme ♪ ♪ ‘Preme dungeon ♪ ♪ Dungeon kings ♪ ♪ Do you know what brings,
rats, mice, snakes ♪ ♪ Up out they hole? ♪ ♪ Chonkeyfire ♪ ♪ Spliced with rock’n’roll ♪ ♪ Indubitably piper pied ♪ ♪ Now hold on my brother ♪ ♪ No no no no ♪ ♪ Can’t stop the stride ♪ They killed that shit (click) (click) (click) (click)

100 thoughts on “J.I.D’s Favorite Verse: OutKast’s “Chonkyfire” | VERSES

  1. Already BEEN loving the absolute fuck out of yer man JID since his first cut… Watching this video, listening to him jam along to Andre on that track and rapping along with him myself giddily has just made me love the wee fucker even more.

    Aquemini is one of my favourite albums of ALL TIME; not just hip hop but in music. It’s a masterpiece. One of the reasons JID’s music struck me so much as special (knowing he’s from ATL too) is because of the very fact that it’s clear he adores the shit out of Outkast as much as I do and has studied that shit – learned from two of the greatest MCs ever and carried their torch.

    It’s what Hip Hop’s all about. This coming from an unapologetic cracka from Scotland! Peace to all brothers and sisters worldwide 👍

  2. when u about to take your meds but watch yt and almost swallow the aluminum foil instead 🙁 (totally unrelated to J.I.D.. actually was just enjoying it and almost happen to me)

  3. JID spits the hardest shit in rap today… Activation, activation
    Maturation, process, rap game too saturated
    Grab your lady, masturbation on her face
    A acne patient acting patient, so complacent
    Comfortable, a basic bowl of shit
    Hold my own, I own my dick
    Go shaloma unpredictable
    And roll with the clique and fold with big clips… he opens his album with that 🐐

  4. Was excited to see him mention the way André twists “cordially” to rhyme with Georgia but glad this song is getting more recognition either way

  5. Who else ready for Revenge of The Dreamers 3?? Heard Saba was about to be featured and all I know is that if him JID, Smino, Noname on the same track then I can die peacefully cause my life is complete

  6. Smh this kid still needs more knowledge. “Daniel” is not a “White dude’s” name. It’s the English version of an Israelite name, most famous is the prophet Daniel, from the Bible. Whites are not Israelites/Jews. Some are JewISH, but not the original Jews of said Bible. For more information, visit IsraelUnite.org

  7. The Art of Storytelling pt 1 & 2 were my favorite from Aquemini. O U T K A S T the most Legendary artist from the ATL

  8. For all of yall saying that bigboi is better, give me ONE classic verse from him.. I'm talking about a "giiiiiiii dam he snapped " verse

  9. JID dope af but it's fucked up that for this entire decade Big KRIT was holding up the South all on his own and got no recognition for it, now JID shows up in 2017-2018 and all of a sudden he's "resurrecting" the South and gets XXL and all these Genius videos and interviews and shit

  10. you can see in JID's eyes how meaningful OutKast is to him and how much joy it brings to him when he hears them like thats his shit, melodies he grew up on and verses that impacted his upbringing (both as a human and as an artist), love you forever my guy <3

  11. You could have picked like almost any of 3k's verses from this album & I'd be on board. Great choice! And dope up & coming artist. Respect to J.I.D.

  12. Finally…someone talks about this song. Chonkyfire is exactly what its title sounds like. The mighty Aquemeni album couldn't have ended on a better note than Chonkyfire.

  13. The first time I heard Chonkyfire I was confused, and couldn't get a grasp on the flow, but my brain adapted and by the third listen I was deeply involved and hooked!

  14. Before niggas was saying J.Cole body people on features, artist use to know what's coming when they had 3 Stacks on a feature lol total body bag

  15. Nathaniel slang (nothing)
    Chonkye Fire slang (fine as female, tight ride, anything that's hot) lol my favorite Outkast joint along with ET

  16. He was talking about the alcohol Jack Daniels I don’t think that was the right interpretation but that’s the good thing about music however you interpret it that’s what it means to you

  17. Oh.my.lord. I’m a huge fan of Outkast and kid cudi how did I not know cudi sampled this? And I thought I was woke smh

  18. I always liked Outkast because of the difference between Andre and Big Boi's style. Andre is a creative artistic style, while Big Boi always had that Southern Georgia street poetry style. Together, it was a work of art to listen to these two on a record. I never looked at one being better than the other because I felt like Each one was better than the other at their own style of verse. Andre's verses are more articulate as Big Boi's verses are deep in message and style. Outkast was unique and when they came together they where like a hip hop transformer combining to become even more powerful and talented together. It is rare to find two that complement each other as well they did.

  19. Its crazy that this is his favourite verse and the line still went over his head the “Jacked like Daniel’s” line refers to the whisky brand Jack Daniel, which is also a play on the “-ski” or “sky” rhyme pattern since this is whi-SKY…

  20. Has anyone stopped to consider that the Jack Daniels reference is so obvious that he was looking for the secondary wordplay? This is JID.

  21. Bro are you for real?? Jacked like Daniel = Jack Daniels whiskey 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 I mean DUH! It’s literally the simplest bar he’s ever spit😂

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