J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD (Official Audio)

25 thoughts on “J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD (Official Audio)

  1. I like this song but I have a few issues with it. He has a good, serious message that just has a bunch of degrading lines in it. He talks about studying the greats and that hes the greatest right now. Some rapper in his mid 30s just hitting charts making one good single isn't the greatest. Talks about how he wont beef with some rapper for clout, for fame, because his shit ain't selling the same, to sell his new sneakers, or how someone slid in his lane. Then he'll go on to say because your all on my dick, or he just poured something in his cup or how if you dont feel him he'll slap the hate out your voice? Like wtf? It makes no sense to have these 3 lines when they are said in the song. It would sound nice to hear him say he would slap the hate out of people's voices if it wasn't just from people disagreeing with him. Saying something so dumb like he just poured something in his cup makes his message lose weight. Saying shit like that hes making this song fake and its lit.

  2. Ok sorry to say but the first few seconds sounds like a kid shooting a school just thinking about it

  3. This is a good song my gf got me in to it but this song reminds me what I did when I was depressed I loaded the clip so yeah this song is my reminder or my bad time when I was bullied and when I was left out when I was pushed down but I always got back up and never gave up.

  4. This song makes me pumped up and so does his hair😂💪🏽

    Like if you play a sport

    Who is better like for j cole comment for lil uzi

    I am not funny 😭

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