ITH Tutorial – How to Extract Text from Visual Novels

24 thoughts on “ITH Tutorial – How to Extract Text from Visual Novels

  1. If you have trouble attaching a process, it may be because of Win10.

    There's a download link to a fixed version in this thread:

    I heard it doesn't work for everyone still. Make sure to start it with admin rights and hope it works…

  2. I'm guessing these only work for Visual Novels that use a certain engine right? I can't seem to get Katawa Shoujo or at least Carpe Diem to work. I get the successful initiation but then when I try to use the drop down the only option there is the console.

  3. Why so difficult and complicated way? I just use Tango Master and save all words that I didnt know and then I can study them later. Tango Master is the best dictionary that exist!

  4. For White Album 2 (Coda at least).Hook Codes /[email protected] and /[email protected] opening the "Process" click the radio button "Resume" under "Operation" on the "Process Explorer" pageYou will find several choices in the drop down list just above the text window. One will contain all the conversations etc. and another one the names of the characters.That's as far as I gotten, took some time.  :)White Album 2, ITH, Text Extraction, Hook

  5. I'm able to attach the program but when I play through the game, nothing is hooking or showing up. Any idea why? Thank you! 🙂

  6. Would this work for japanese games played on emulators like PPSSPP? It doesn't appear in the process explorer…..

  7. Tried to do as the vids says yet again after attaching the process to the ITH and skipping several lines of text no new big line in the drop down window appear * to select the right text *. Hows that solvable?

  8. this helped allot thanks 
    i have an auto translator for the text as i still only know a handful of Japanese  words 

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