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welcome back to today on s TV now you just saw the cast of ten virgins have a very short interview and I'm sure you were enthralled as we were in the studio right now we have two amazing women three actually but one of them is a friend so we have Jessica and Jim Duma jessica is an amazing author she just dropped this book wings of the night sky she's having a launch event on Sunday at terror culture thank you guys for coming in thank you guys so much so let's hop right in let's talk about this novel now wings of the night sky let me know do the introduction I know it's a fantasy novel what is the story about that excited journey so the magical kingdom of on do know when she arrives this kingdom she realizes that she has a higher purpose which is to you know help rescue the guardian of the kingdom and defeat the Dark Lord and his shaytani and in the process she you know she finds friendship she discovers her own personal fears she encounters blood-curdling you know creatures and you know she's able to move past all of that and conquer it tell me what do you think about that actually quite sadly truly relief fantasies now what inspired this because this is almost like medieval fantasy novel yeah let me say fiction what inspired this okay so as writing about superstitions so you know that one that I tell us when you hear your name in the dark you're not supposed to so yeah that was how it started like your writing but I had a write writing from moment and I just scream looking down and someone's like and down the line I was like oh I can make something out of this and then immortan – you know me talking about friendships are important you know having the right people around you is and then how you know African mythology is interesting it also became about you know talking addressing personal fears because those personal fears yes self-esteem you know always doubting yourself always second-guessing yourself before you you can do something you know ut twice about it can I my able to so I wanted to you know tell people that no matter what the no matter what life throws at you no matter what you go through you you have the ability and the power within yourself to overcome them to achieve those wears fantasy right okay so now we've got Jim do my here as well she's your publisher and this is from how we how is your before and you guys have been publishing for how long roughly two years why did you pick this project why did you be no no it is not our first project this is probably the fifth so we publish lots of books at different journeys self-help books and help also self publish so yeah what inspired us you know a lot of people think that when a thanks arrives an African story it has to be a serious thing about poverty about dictatorship about the government but it book doesn't have to be about country just like pick up a book and have fun while reading you have to like pink about your society's issues you know so yeah so those and that was the fundamental team and we had career trying to help people who ordinarily would not have access to publishing companies so we help young authors publish videos so it was yeah it was quite like a challenge it was a challenge for me and I put a mark like this child finishes cooking six one time the first comparison I could make which I wouldn't advise anyone to but the storyline kind of reminds Lord of the Rings where there's like this grand adventure to defeat the evil overlord are you thinking about movies if it does really emitted I will be excited about that I wouldn't mind I mean oh you're a celebrity maybe you can have some conversations before you leave for this can go oh well yeah it's for young adults and adults anybody that has gone through personal struggles this book is for you it's just you know fantasy imagination just think outside the box exactly do you do other genres about from fiction what is your first fiction this is my first fiction book I actually think you know just me majoring in fiction and fantasy fiction or sci-fi really good yeah that is a different genre that isn't any Explorer now I'll say one of the first people to really kill it was Ben Oak Creek to me so we don't need and just so much we just need to give them access to writing and selling gesture okay so people can get a chance to win this amazing book how do they do that they have to go on your Instagram and for books to give away so if you're tuning in right now you could have one of these in your lap open reading somewhere comfortably somewhere cozy and I really love this cover art – who designed this that's okay we okay yeah all right guys thank you guys so much for coming in has been an amazing interview I'm looking forward to getting my copy though there we go wings of the night sighs so this signing launch event is happening at our culture on Sunday and that is when winners get a chance – all right all right guys make sure you hit us up on our social media handles that is a silver bird TV with the hashtag to do an SCV we've got some more interesting juice for you don't go anywhere we'll be right back see that was so smooth

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