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  1. بھائی جان انٹرویور، مانا کہ آپ ادبی فہم و فراست کا ایک دریا ہیں… مگر آپ عصمت آپا کو بھی کچھ بولنے دیں… کیونکہ انٹرویو ان کا ہے!

  2. Being a woman and about a century ago, Ismat Chughtai is amazing and a great writer. A bold and realistic presentation of daily life and many family environment of that period is revolutionary and slap on todays society. The way and the speed world is moving, we have gone back at least a millennium year . What a hypocrisy and sad state of our society. Shame on us!

  3. This is an example of typical  feudal male mentality where even the so called educated men cannot come over there ego and insecurities. They cannot allow others esp women, to have an opinion and express it too. If the interviewer does this here with Ismat aapa who had a clear vision and could express herself well, imagine the plight of the general people. Such people should find a platform where they can show off instead of spoiling our pleasure of listening to a wonderful author who does not need such interviews to find a place in the minds and hearts of rationally thinking people.

  4. The interviewer is showing off his vocabulary of Arabic and Persian, while Ismat Chughtai expresses herself in more vibrant down-to-earth Hindustani language. It is best just to ignore what interviewer says and just listen to her.

  5. Itna had tak pareshaan kar raha hai ye interviewer ki mann kar raha youtube ke andar ghuskar use chup kara dun,..

  6. Hello!
    I am reading Sacred Duty of Ismat Chughtai in order to do some work for my college and I would like to know what is the interview about…so can you put subtitles in the video, please….
    Thank you so much.

  7. Ismat aapa was great, expresive, outspoken … but the interviewer was bit cross eyed, forcing his opinion on her, and at times sounding stupid outrightly…but nonetheless she managed him very well..

  8. इसका एक छोटा <५ मिनट का भी यू ट्यूब पर होना चाहिए .

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