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Oh Oh all right so it's one it okay all right guys uh there was there was no title screen this is this is how it starts it starts with this chick with pink hair I'm sure she's gonna introduce herself I saw this game on gamejolt I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out what it's going to be it was tagged into the horror section I'm guessing this is gonna be like doki-doki literature club which also means I'm gonna really enjoyed this game you guys are not gonna enjoy watching it we'll see how this works out hello there I don't know if I should give her a voice I'm just give her normal hello there before playing this game please read these messages carefully oh no version of the game is a demo some content will completely change the final version of the game all credit goes to the original creators both backgrounds and music got it warning this game contains disturbing content violent content sudden loud noises life triggers and jump scares jump scares jump scares alright viewer discretion is advised I don't know why I'm excited but also completely utterly terrified this is I'm gonna die thank you for your time don't forget to have fun I get from Monica's voice she seems like a Monica oh this is loud as absolute balls hold the phone I guess this is the unpinning thing what's up dogs Mike here and welcome to anime novel dot exe like I said I found this game on gamejolt it was under the horror thing so I don't know any game before we started please tell us your name ooh see this is the fun part I get to name myself I would call myself just Mike but that's boring I'm gonna well since there's a I'm guessing there's gonna be a lot of girls in this Emma in the school so I mean me as well he say is this correct sure is buddy well you say let me tell you a story of four students it all started a month ago Monica Yuri say Orion not be brother good morning already that's naughty says– alarm that is whoa I didn't sleep well today who is this ukyo Okimoto the student of East View Academy ukyo is smart and educated but somehow lazy he really likes playing video games I don't feel very comfortable in this situation what time is it I took a look on the clock on my cell phone it showed it was 6:20 a.m. yesterday I better get going I don't want to be late for my first day my man's got like forgive my gab it's got no nuts bro I wonder what kind of surprises we'll meet on my first day mmm class 1 3 where the hell is this class wait I see a student coming into my direction maybe I should ask for information if it's a female it's fucking female hey excuse me huh can I help you sorry but I'm kind of lost here do you know where class 1 3 is class 1 3 yeah that's where I was going – really oh well that was easier than bro I don't know why I'm laughing girl I'm like scared if I know this is gonna be like doki-doki but I like I'm scared okay yeah the same class I go to oh I see hey you're new here by any chance yeah well in that case welcome to East View Academy oh I forgot to ask what's your name oh I'm Yukio Okamoto I thought always easy yes that's me oh hello Yukio my name is Akio our or Eiko is it Aiko I'm gonna say I go I go I think we'll get along pretty well akiko cheek chigusa freaking I'm not a truly but like I thought I was oh I know the she's one of the popular girls that's all I read okay anyway just follow me I'll lead you to it thank you we then moved to our class I forgot to do her voice all right here we are you can stay here if you want I'll be right back in a second what am i doing man it sure is quiet here maybe people arrived maybe people will arrive eventually I suddenly heard a familiar voice that I hadn't heard in a long time Yukio huh oh gee I can't believe it it's been still the wait I I got it just give him all the females the same voice she's a nerd juice glasses definitely a nerd I'll give her more Kona Coast voice I can't believe it's so long since we met she is she girl like dot now my mom wants me ukyo's best friend they known each other since they were kids so she's like the say aura of the group she is kind and really smart she likes to spend time reading her books and helping her friends when necessary she also likes cute animals yes she's the celery of the group maybe I should give her say auras voice you think that would be excited or his voice would fit her but we're gonna a dog did Cyrus voice outpost hi are you studying here now wow that was hot Wow yeah I didn't know you were studying here as well really I thought I told you that before well maybe I forgot my bad no worries it's okay is she really tell me to change schools been a long time since we talked though it's Monica this is Monica this is celery I already know how this is gonna work broke this boy hey I'm back I forgot her voice for a second no cheat good morning good morning Akio how are you doing good you I'm doing good too anyway it's good to see you again Yuki wait oh hold on oh there's this chick names wait you two know each other yeah we're very old friends oh really well any cheese any friend of cheese is a friend of mine – whatever you need feel free to ask thanks I guess hey you see dye suit dice dice que se dice que coz Sasuke is like a thing no not yet oh well he'll come soon right dice que whoever he is must be their friend or something I'd rather not ask me to see how you doing oh okay before she could finish your question the school bell played Oh Gladys about a start oh but there's so much I like to talk about hey don't worry we could talk about it later yeah you're right let's just get to our seats for now oh we're all in the same class oh wait there's two dudes and two girls is having that like dudes in my hair on first class it's already over oh boy oh man it was fast wasn't it finally freedom I know about time well I need to get going Oh wrong names Jesus well I need to get going see you later you too see ya I'm so bad at these voices please don't make fun of me ochio then left school so do you like the school you keel yeah well it's not that bad feels like the old times doesn't it yeah kinda anyway I need to go you know the drill oh yeah you better get moving before I go her face suddenly went red what is she up to hmm what's wrong nothing it's just we never saw each other for a long time do you mind if I hug you excuse me see girls don't ask to hug me very much they don't even come near me cuz they think they're gonna get like diseases you know what yeah it's a pretty random question to make but I can understand the situation after all she missed me sure come here come here come here kill here come on I hope I hope so too go go she slowly gave me a hug as I slowly hugged her back she hugged me tightly like she never saw me in years even though that is true her face was still red but I think as long as she's enjoying the hug I may as well not mention it it's so good to see you again she said that very quietly like she didn't want anyone nearby to hear she quickly got away from the hug oh no oh my look at the time I need to go I'll see you tomorrow Oh what the heck Oh hold on alright I'm saving I clicked in the mouse button didn't even know I could do that alright so that's how you do that okay she ran away I couldn't even say goodbye properly the heck was that about yeah I said hell in the beginning now I'm saying heck shut up it's good to see she missed me that much bro you love her seeing I was alone I decided to leave school and this time I'm not biased towards Nazi so I can actually like enjoy this this is the world map click on any of the color circles to go to a specific place when I go somewhere without losing anything from the story go to the yellow circles otherwise if you want to continue score go for go for the red circles over where these spots change locations at the end of the day so make sure to check everything before going forward the story okay so I go here to continue the story right yeah let's go there I decided to stay home for the rest of the day what a lazy piece of trash okay so what does Issei gonna come in I named him Issei right man I'm tired I need to go to sleep can I go to Chrome whatever guess I'm turning off the freakin computer it's like oh man I'm tired goes on the computer I turned off my computer and my right side by bed I almost got to tears again what is with my hair bro I actually had anime hair right now oh shut up man what a night I'm so confused good morning mom oh we have our mom in this friggin game she didn't respond mom where's she I saw a letter on the table went to work early things are a mess over there I made you breakfast in the fridge I'll be back late against the don't wait for me to come back love you mom mmm first poem of today work sure is keeping a mother busy I hope everything goes okay me too oh man it's Emily I'm all ready class will start in 10 minutes I should hurry up oh noes her day oh hey you're ukyo right yeah who are you I'm Daisuke cheese friend Daisuke Shimizu very mysterious student from the school Daisuke is mostly quiet too but but confident he's loyal to his friends and he prefers to say a lot sometimes he really likes Chee okay oh nice to meet you where is everyone I mean Akio and she should be here right oh we're at the pool didn't they give you the school schedule I'm gonna give him a deeper voice cuz he seems like a deep boy's kind of dude nah he's a light boy it's gonna be a busy boys did they I don't think so alright well follow me I'll show you where it is these voices for these characters I'm like God we finally reached the pool it was way bigger than what I expected ohh oh boy oh boy here we go I saw cheese from the distance sitting in a bank she kind of looked worried about something hey I'm back oh hey I'm back oh hey about time hey chief hey Yukio she looks nervous here I got your glasses case oh yeah thank you die die got my glasses there we go now I can see well isn't that epic she put the glasses case in the banch in the banj what's a mansion you change uniforms we're about to start okay well what if I don't want to start what if I don't want to get into a swimsuit with Daisuke what if I'm not into that wait I didn't pick up my swimsuit the hell I didn't even know we had to swim today hey we have an extra one you can use just follow me I'm not going to change into a Haji you coming or what yeah I'm coming was that oil that was Aki all right oh shoot Yukio seems to be oh wait shoot okay now we're cheap I hope you become good friends in the future I was about to say something but the teacher walked in oh oh teacher huh the teacher right is it just I can like make out something sort of I don't know if that's like a thank God I'm not monetized I would get D monetized good morning class before before we start I just want to explain today we have a visitor with this name she's only passing by just to see us working who is this who is this that said say hello to miss Chiyoko hello Kyoko Yuki Yuki mid-sole a girl that came from another school Chiaki is kind obedient and smart she tries her best to make everyone happy everyone seems to show her a lot of respect that's good Aichi huh isn't that uniform from the oceanview secondary school they even have the wristband thingy the oceanview secondary school is known for having amazing swimmers they have a blue one piece we have blue one-piece swimsuit with a white line on it followed by a wristband on her hand what daisuki said kind of matches with the school now that you mentioned it now enough talking let's get moving why do I get the teacher freaking masculine I mean hey 20 19 right I should give the teacher like freaking night I think the voice of a knight alright folks don't forget we have homework today I want the questions from page eight to 12 done it shouldn't be so hard you have until next class to bring it to me there's so many questions I'll never finish this until Thursday Thursday that's oddly specific don't be traumatic akhiya which isn't that hard I can help you if you want well since you said it so kindly you're stuck with me again and when aren't I oh boy so I'll see you have my house right sure I'll be there so what happened though what's-his-face the main dude that dude Yukio maybe I can have a youth either come with us he seems like he may need some help too since he's not really good at history I was wrong dude names I was packing my stuff when I was about to leave but as I was getting up for my chair she came to talk to me hey Yukio hmm we're gonna mean a Kiyo's house to make sure to make the homework today or to do the homework today I have to improvise it's okay do you need some help as well what they're thinking about the homework already whatever I should finish it as soon as I can yeah history isn't really my area you know it's fine I'm stopping him sir just meet me here at 14 p.m. – just meet me here at 2:00 p.m. we can go together that works for me so I'll see you later then right yeah sure see ya 2 p.m. I can't forget it I picked up my stuff and left the room maybe I should just say 14 yep because I don't want to calculate all that I barely came outside someone someone started to talk to me oh oh it's her hello you're Yukio right I suddenly realize it was the girl from our swimming class I can't remember her name I was again Co Co Co Co I think it was Chiyoko yeah can I help you I'm just giving my opinions from the swimming class for the day y'all pretty good especially you can I even call that swimming I felt like I'd adorably but I guess she's being nice thank you anyway that's all I wanted to say it was nice talking to you how was your day so how's your day bitch I guess it's going well so far not much is happening it but so far so good like a place so wait did you like the place yeah it's very pleasant and beautiful especially since I'm here I'm not gonna lie if I were to study here I would study here if I had the chance before my school is nice and all but it's really focused on swimming yeah what visitor nothing personal but oh shoot nothing personal but why are you visiting this school you know the swim teacher she was my teacher before we're both friends and I decided to give her a visit she's so nice it's a shame she left our school kind of wonder why she changed schools about the wristband oh you mean missing third man is just something that our school use has in the Swim Club it's kind of swimming level if we can call it that the first ones white and the maximum is red as you can see I have the yellow verse pin this means I'm a good swimmer and very close to the red wristband as well I hope he can get it one day just straight up yeah good bye yeah I need to go now yes sir do I honestly I wasn't expecting this conversation would go on this again okay save maybe we should talk more yeah you look like a nice person she gave me a small piece of paper huh this it's paper with the address to my school if you want to visit me feel free to borrow I thought we were better get her number dude that would a minute Oh all right it's just a map again alright well I think here let's uh let's save it there I think I'm gonna end this episode here if you guys enjoyed this story I definitely am if you guys enjoyed this make sure to leave a like comment down below if you guys want to see more of this I'm probably gonna do more of this because it's interesting me yeah and I'll see you guys in the next video just freakin kill me all right

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