Is Michael Thompson moving back to defensive tackle?

can Michael Thompson be moving back to the defensive line let's talk about it what's up kid book it's or jae-yong I am NOT on a step mill consider hitting the like and subscribe button because I upload a video every single day it's always oh you related college football related sports related we have a good time today wanna talk about Michael Thompson perhaps moving back to the defensive line now we had this scuttle because it is summer and it's really difficult to get intel so you're talking to wherever you can talk to you and you're also just trying to stay on the social medias to figure out what's being posted by whom and doing what so one of the things that got posted was a photo of the defensive line unit featuring Calvin Thibodeau Ronnie Perkins and then in the corner one Michael Thompson now this is not a whole lot to go on and it's June but bear with me it is really really exciting to think about Michael Thompson moving back to the defensive line because well you're actually deeper at safety now than you are at defensive tackle and seeing as this scheme that grinch is running calls for two defensive tackles and one defensive in and one out of side linebacker you like to get some more depth over there and if it's fly now I also understand that there's lots of folks that are excited about Michael Thompson playing off in some line and going back to the beginning of the spring Lincoln Riley was very clear about look when we first recruited the dude when we first wanted to offer him we wanted to offer him an offensive line and we're gonna alright that's all well and good but the dude was a u.s. army all-american as a defense tech for started fits tackle and I get the bill beaten Bo has a lot of rope here to play with but you really would like to see that guy move back on the other side because you feel like you have enough parts over there with the offensive line to be good you have Creed Humphrey you got Darryl Simpson you got Bray Walker you got Adrian Ely you got Eric's one saying you got RG Proctor coming in you have help right and maybe it was such a thing that you move Michael Thompson on the offensive line till you rj proctor on campus and reports our RJ Proctor's becoming a vocal leader probably is going to compete for a job and win a job coming into preseason camp but this whole bit about Michael Thompson moving over and then working on slimming down I think all of that is of the piece because the dude was big to begin with right we're talking about 3:30 but if Neville gallon boy can do it Michael Thompson can do it and as much as y'all really really are into the defensive line recruiting even more so than the quarterback recruiting I got to believe that this is going to fit well with what oh you fans want to happen on Oklahoma's defense because it would be like getting another defensive tackle either through the portal or one that you lost into the portal or maybe you're thinking of replacing him like you did Derek green because I think when they made this move Derek Greene was still fresh right you didn't know what your dad or didn't have Ron Tatum was still on the fence he'd be gone right you have to do this if you're going to do it and you have to do it now right I mean I always thought that you can never have enough defensive tackles particularly when you're so good at often flying and if you have Michael Thompson who is not necessarily fit in an offensive line or you just aren't gonna find a place for him to play next year and you know that do can get on the field as a defense tackle moving back over and if he provides you some versatility so be it I mean Lane Johnson started out as a quarterback went to defensive end went too tight in ends up playing left tackle all-pro left tackle and has won a Super Bowl ring so it's not as if these guys are pinned down to one position or even one side of the ball but at Oklahoma where defense is such a thing you really really really really got to think about moving a guy like Michael Thompson back over especially as you're trying to figure out what you're gonna do with guys like Mark is Hix guys like Corey Roberson we're gonna get the four game red shirt rule and all of that and you have some flexibility but you need to figure out what your rotations gonna look like going into preseason camp and try to test that out because come September 1 you better know what you're putting out there and you better know what's getting right because you got about three four weeks to figure this out and then you got Texas who I believe is the toughest game on the schedule for Oklahoma this year till they get the Iowa State on November 9 alright that is it from me doses

23 thoughts on “Is Michael Thompson moving back to defensive tackle?

  1. Just one old, grumpy white guy’s opinion but definitely move him back to his natural position at defensive line. Biggest need. Better for recruiting. Hopefully better for the team. My bet is it will be. BTW…move Bookie back to his 5* natural position at cornerback. I don’t give a damn that he’s not “long” like Coach Grinch prefers. He didn’t earn a 5* rating in HS by not being able to cover WRs. I think OU needs to play the best athletes we have now at their best positions, especially on defense, this season rather than experiment with them playing new positions. If we do that and if Coach Grinch’s scheme is better than Mike’s, we have to be better on defense this season, right?

  2. Hey man! I'm am finally able to listen to your radio show on an app I got! I'm currently on a deployment and being able to listen to your show live makes it feel like I'm not a million miles away. Thanks for everything brother!

  3. Ou can recruit ol bc they put guys in the pros, over and over. Plus it's fun to watch your offense score a lot but dt is way different you not gonna sign all Americans top dl guys every year so I hope he is back at def line.

  4. They should have lef that man on the defensive line in the first place. It's no secret we need defensive lineman. OU needs to stop the nonsense

  5. I thought the decision to move Michael Thompson to O-Line was related to his ACL injury. If he's able to go back to the D-Line and play without any issues, I would be ALL FOR THAT. Nice Jon Gruden doll!

  6. I was so disappointed when they said he was moving to OL. I mean I'm happy for the kid to do what he wants but we need help on that D line something fierce. Hope they really are moving him back

  7. Leave MT large and in charge. We need the depth on the defensive line plus you need a big man to be disruptive at the zero position taking on two or three blockers at one time. NG can be the other tackles (or anyone who can pressure the quarterbacks).

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