Is “Legendary” J. Cole’s Last Guest Verse? | Genius News

His last two albums went platinum with no
features and now it looks like J Cole’s also closing up shop
when it comes to being featured on other rapper’s projects as well. So that’s it rappers. No more hitting him the “Can I get a verse,
bro?” J Cole may be out the guest verse game after
Joey Badass’ “Legendary”, but was this move inevitable? Let’s look at his guest feature numbers
through the years. J. Cole put in work in 2011, shelling out more
verses than he ever did before or after. That’s also an important year and may explain
why Jermaine’s been on the road to isolation since. 2011, not just the year J. Cole dropped the
most guest verses, but also the year he dropped his debut album, Cole World: Sideline Story. That project, which was also the last time
he included rap features, was a success numbers wise, debuting at #1 & selling 218k first
week, but according to Cole, it was the worst time he’s had making music. 2013 gave us Born Sinner, where Cole only
used sung features, even Kendrick who was on the album, sang, no raps. And Cole’s verses as a featured artist went
down to seven. Most notably, Drake’s “Jodeci Freestyle.” 2014 Forest Hills Drive did so with no features
at all and just five Cole guest verses out to the world including Maroon 5’s “Animals”
remix. Then there’s 2016 4 Your Eyez Only, another
no features album, and Cole only lent himself to two songs, DJ Khaled’s “Jermaine’s
Interlude” & Bas’ “Night Job.” And here we are, 2017… J. Cole’s alleged last feature given to Joey
Badass’ “Legendary.” I’m Letty for Genius News, bringing you
the meaning and breaking knowledge behind the music. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Is “Legendary” J. Cole’s Last Guest Verse? | Genius News

  1. Cole world was not the last time he included guest features. Born sinner had Kendrick, jhene, and others on it.

  2. all the edgy white kids who impersonate black meme pages are probably rejoicing rn. "mask on, fuck it mask off"

  3. Surprise surprise, miguel dropped a song with J cole on it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    And a new album coming out that might have more of J cole along with it

  4. …you didn't mention jcoles africaryan feature? You know, the one where he talks about happiness not coming from album releases?

  5. J Cole also featured in a new song about a week ago. The song is called "American dream" by jeezy and of course, it features j cole and also Kendrick Lamar. But tbh though, that song is pretty trash except for Kendricks and coles part

  6. Damn seeing this is kinda heartbreaking but you gottarespect the mans decisions because me being a wanna be rapper and seeing your icons will probably never be featured again because I always hoped for me to have a song with my icons like Jermaine or kendrick, but I also respect that because theres more behind the story but Jermaine if you see this, hi.

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