Is "House Of Leaves" The Scariest Novel Ever?

20 thoughts on “Is "House Of Leaves" The Scariest Novel Ever?

  1. Dude, I read all the time, house of leaves is great, but I find Stephen King's work more visceral and scary.

  2. I'm fifteen and I'm convinced that I'm not ready to read this book but I'm still going to read it

  3. It seems there may not have been a first edition.

    Also you contrast it’s deep nature with Slenderman when Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID and Tribe Twelve exist and are influenced by House of Leaves, and they even use Slenderman more akin to the Cthulhu video you mentioned.

    This video was a very shallow overview.

  4. Alright, you convinced me to get it.
    I'm reading it straight through like you said (reading appendicies last), holy crap this book is really stressful to read and oh boy I'm really looking forward to chapter 9

  5. Went to search the hookup and published on my birthday in 2000.Thought it was destiny waiting for it now.

  6. I saw it at Barnes and Noble and bought it because it reminded me of Infinite Jest in it's structure but to the extreme. I never finished it.

  7. Look Mark, if you want to call them out on their books, call them at their job. Then they'd rather down grade you and say hey I am too busy right now to talk to you. Then you get a commercial for car insurance that they ARE risk-ay people while they eat. Get it and you don't have to hang tide with the pan hook the-rapist like me.

  8. Sounds like the house of leaves would be a Great SONG! No High Tension the scariest after 9 eleven movie and barely can remember plot.Everything else is paranormal and what color is your parachute classic nothing new.

  9. Have you ever read any B. S. Johnson? It wasnt horror but he was obsessed with the experimental novel before he killed himself. Good luck finding any of his novels at a reasonable price though considering most are out of print. Something tells me the author of this book has read B. S. Johnson. Someyhing twlls me you are up to the task of reading his work.

    Also loved the old school outro. Keep up the good work.

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