Is He a Poet or a Magician? (Stories of the Prophets)

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah Qur’an Weekly
this is Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda coming back to you with another installment of Stories
of the Prophets. Today we have a very special treat – we’re going to be talking about the
Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalaam. [Stories of Prophets Intro video] Umar ibn Al-Khatab RA, the great companion
of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalaam, Umar may Allah SWT be pleased with him tells
us about a remarkable experience that he had with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam
in the Qur’an before he became Muslim, before he accepted Islam. See, Umar RA, before he
became Muslim, before he accepted Islam, he was actually quite staunchly opposed to the
Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam and to Islam, and he was quite notorious for persecuting
and torturing Muslims and for trying to attack the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam. So
he tells a story himself, he mentions that one day he went out looking for the Prophet
salallahu alayhi wasalaam – probably to argue with him or fight with him, attack him, something
of that nature, and he says that “I found the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam had
already gotten to the Kabaah, to the Haram, to the masjid before me. And when I walked
in I saw the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam standing there and praying. So I walked up
behind him.” – probably with a bad intention. He figured, “I can take an easy shot, or a
cheap shot at him, he’s praying, he’s preoccupied, he’s looking in the other direction. As soon
as I got close enough to him where I could hear what he was reading and reciting and
the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam was standing in his prayer at the Kabaah and he
was reciting the Qur’an.” So now the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam goes there and standing
in front of the Kabaah, he’s praying, reciting the Qur’an within his prayer. Umar RA was
creeping up on him, maybe with some ill intentions and when he gets close enough to where he
can hear the voice of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam reciting the Qur’an in his
prayer he hears him reciting surah 69, surah Al-Haqqah. الْحَاقَّةُ (69:1)
(Alhaqqa) مَا الْحَاقَّةُ (69:2)
(Ma alhaqqa) وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا الْحَاقَّةُ
(69:3) (Wama adraka ma alhaqqa) And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam
goes on reading and reciting this surah and Umar RA says “I just froze right there in
my tracks. I couldn’t go forward. I couldn’t move forward. I was so captivated and mesmerized
by what he was reading and reciting and it was so powerful that it just gripped me and
froze me and I was just frozen there listening to him. Until then what I started to think
to myself, ‘How is this having so much of an effect on me? I don’t like this man. I
disagree with him and everything that he preaches. How can this be having this effect on me?
Wait a second, wait a second. This is probably just some really fancy poetry I haven’t come
across before.” And he says that, “The second that that thought started to cross my mind
the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam recites the ayah,” إِنَّهُ لَقَوْلُ رَسُولٍ
كَرِيمٍ (69:40) (Innahu laqawlu rasoolin kareem)
Most definitely it is the words of a very noble messenger. وَمَا هُوَ بِقَوْلِ شَاعِرٍ
(69:41) (Wama huwa biqawli shaAAirin) It is not the word of a poet. This is not
poetry. These are not the words of a poet. قَلِيلًا مَّا تُؤْمِنُونَ
(69:41) (Qaleelan ma tu/minoon)
Very little do you believe. And he says, “The second I heard that…”
You can imagine him standing there thinking, “This sounds like poetry.” And right there,
on cue, the second you think that, you don’t even verbalize it, you just think that inside
of your head and inside of your heart, and the second the thought crosses your mind he
reads the verse where Allah says, “These are not the words of a poet. Why don’t you believe?
Very little are you willing to believe.” He says, “It felt like somebody just punched
me. Like I got hit with a ton of bricks. Knocked me off my balance. Wait a second, wait a second.
How did he know what I was thinking? How is that even possible?” And he said, “The thought
started to cross my mind. In that moment the only explanation I could come up with – he’s
got to be a sorcerer or a soothsayer, a magician – he’s got to be doing some spooky stuff here.
How else would he know what I’m thinking?” And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam
recited the next ayah, وَلَا بِقَوْلِ كَاهِنٍ
(69:42) (Wala biqawli kahinin)
These are not the words of a magician. These are not the words of a sorcerer. These are
not the words of a soothsayer. قَلِيلًا مَّا تَذَكَّرُونَ
(69:42) (Qaleelanma tathakkaroon)
You’re not paying attention. Very little do you actually pay attention. Do you heed the
reminder? Do you reflect on what is being said? And he says, “It knocked me off my feet.”
And then so what is this? If this is not poetry and this is not sorcery, what is it? How can
it be having such a profound affect on me? How can it be impacting me?” And the Prophet
salallahu alayhi wasalaam said, or he recited the next ayah, تَنزِيلٌ مِّن رَّبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
(69:43) (Tanzeelun min rabbi alAAalameen)
This is being revealed, being sent down from the Lord of the Worlds. From the Master of
all people everywhere and anywhere. This is the Message that is being slowly, periodically,
little by little, ayah by ayah, surah by surah, being sent down from the Lord and the Master
and the Creator, the Sustainer the Provider, the Protector of all the World, every single
person. And he says, “The Prophet salallahu alayhi
wasalaam recited until the end of the surah and I was just frozen there, listening to
this – blown away.” And until he finally finished reciting this surah, he went into his rukoo
and he says, “I just walked away from there. Deeply affected.” And he says, “That is the
first time Islam became embedded within my mind and my heart.” And it wasn’t until later
when Umar ibn Al-Khattab had another life changing, right, life-altering, perspective
changing experience where he would actually go to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam
and accept Islam and become Muslim and then he would tell the story years later. This is a beautiful example of the Prophet
salallahu alayhi wasalaam and his connection with the Quran. It was his primary tool for
preaching and teaching the message of Islam. And when he went through the difficulties
that he went through in Mecca, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam sought solace and
comfort and tranquility and peace and the calm amidst the storm by standing in prayer
and reciting the Quran. I have an action item for y’all Qur’an Weekly.
What I want everyone to do is to learn some Quran. Memorize a couple lines today. And
then read the translation of those couple of lines and then stand in your prayer and
read those couple of lines that you’ve memorized and read the translation of, read them in
your prayer and see the impact that it has on your heart. InshAllah I want everyone to
try to do that and then come back and in the comments of the video, I want you to leave
a comment saying what verses you memorized and you read the translation of them and then
you read it in your prayer and what kind of an impact it had on you. May Allah SWT give
us all a meaningful relationship with the Qur’an, with the Book of Allah (SWT). Remember if you haven’t subscribed to Qur’an
Weekly yet make sure you hit the subscribe video, make sure you hit the subscribe button
and pass this video on to others and share the khayr with others as well inshAllah, spread
the love. May Allah SWT give us the ability to practice everything we’ve said and heard.
Until next time Quran Weekly, Jazaakullahi khairun. I don’t know if you heard that little bit
of noise but the cameraman is making a lot of noise here in the back. Until next time
Quran Weekly, Jazaakullahi khairun. Wasalamu alaikum warahmatu Allahi wabarakatohu.

32 thoughts on “Is He a Poet or a Magician? (Stories of the Prophets)

  1. Masha Allah. May Allah reward you and chose us also to be of those who are given the gift of knowledge. Allah has made it so easy nowadays.

  2. Jazakum Allahu khairan a'anna Jami'an on all these informative yet very to the point videos that u provide us Quran Weekly. May Allah reward you all for that and guide us and our childern and loved ones all to become better Muslims in sha Allah. 

  3. I memorized surah Ad-Duha yesterday, and read the translation aswell. It's amazing how a six year old orphan grew to be the most beloved and influential person in the history of mankind, SAW. How Allah saved him and gave him the Shari'ah. A grace from Allah we should truly talk about.

  4. Alhamdulillah, I think the latest ayats that I've memorized were Ali Imran 190-194. It's powerful. Especially if you had someone explaining them to you what they're all about beforehand. Thanks to Ust. Nouman, at Hamburg in one of his Lectures.

    I haven't read it in Salat yet, which insha Allah I would do soon. But Alhamdulillah I have tried to practice it. The day after the Seminar, I was on a train back from Hamburg.

    Usually on a train, I would play games to pass time or somethin'. But that time somehow I decided not to. And I decided to look outside the train from the window where I could see the skies and the earth. Then contemplate, and at the same time tried to remember Allah.

    It was surprisingly a powerful experience of intellectual and spiritual at the same time. After that, after a while, you kind of become hooked on it. Whenever you see something, it would remind you of Allah, or an ayat in the Qur'an.

    For example when I saw a child being taken care of by her mother on the train; I suddenly remembered 'Rabbighfirli wa li walidayya warham huma kama rabbayani saghira'. When I saw that I begin to appreciate what my parents did to me when I was a child tho I couldn't remember clearly anymore. And I could not help but to utter that.

    There were many more instances like that too Alhamdulillah. Ust. Nouman said, "All human experience can turn into an ayat". In my view he's right. Alhamdulillah. Not because I experienced it myself too, but because… Nah, I don't know. It's powerful stuff, man. Alhamdulillah.

    Thank you Ust. Nouman for the seminar and Khutba in Hamburg, and Sh. ANJ for this video and the whole Qur'an Weekly team for the good work that you always do. May Allah reward you all immensely.

  5. Awesome! I am on spring break and I told myself to revise some Surah over this break and so far I was lazy — this video gave me the motivation to do so! Jazakallah Khair!

  6. Surat zumar verses 68-75, are like the strongest verses in the Quran in my opinion, reading this in your prayer and understanding its meaning will make you tear.

  7. Surah baqara ayah 186, the most beautiful ayah. "When my servants ask about me, indeed I am near….. Beautiful just heart touching reminder

  8. Memorised surah at takathur it was a big reminder to me that the luxuries of this world are secondary to Allah… Great video too

  9. Surah Room Verses 17-19. Alhamdulillaah after I memorised the ayaat and translation and recited it, the feeling was of another level! The connection and humility one attains by just knowing what the verses mean is priceless. Jazak Allaahu Khair shaykh for your useful contributions to quran weekly. 

  10. Salaam. I've never heard this story before. I told someone about it and they said they never heard it either. Is there a citation? Jazakallah khair

  11. imagine this very same human being(Omar r.a.) is buried next to our beloved prophet. SubhanAllah. Quran can have profound impact on ppl. but only we let so 🙁
    Jazak Allah khair for this vid.. will in'shaAllah make an effort to learn those ayat 

  12. I memorized surah ya-seen ayat 1-11 and I ask all of you to make dua for me so I can memorize the whole surah! JazakALLAH khair

  13. One ayat tht really impact me untill now is ayat 186, surah Al-Baqarah.
    That ayat made me come back to Allah from ignorant.
    It really made me to think/tadabbur about ayat of Allah.

  14. thank you and جزاكم الله خيرا
    I remember the first time I memorised these verses and then researched the tafseer to really understand sometimes I read a verse and I have a good idea of what it is saying unless I come across old arabic words I do not know but knowing the reason purpose behind every verse not only gives us knowledge but connects us more in our prayer when reciting something we truly understand

    قال تعالى
    ايطمع كل امرئ منهم ان يدخل جنة نعيم * كلا انا خلقانهم مما يعلمون *
    صددق الله العظيم
    to the end of the soura

  15. When Allah states 'So as for he who is given his record in his right hand, he will say, "Here, read my record!"', it's forever inspirational. An action definitely in need of working towards.

    I pray Allah guides us all on the straight path, forgives our sins and grants us goodness – and Inshallah, we are among those who firmly grasp our kitaab with our right hands.


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