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More important than the books is that how you cover a book. If you ever get a book, whatever it may be, the most important thing is that you cover it 100%. Take a part number of things and then do them exhaustively. That’s most important. As far as the names are concerned, in Physics, the most important book for theoretical point of view is H.C Verma. After that, for solving, there are lot of commercial sets of problems available in the market. Maybe Arihant’s, maybe Cengage and all in all, there are millions of them. Take any one, don’t take too many of them. Take any one but the main thing should be to solve it 100%. For Maths, I used a book written by Sameer Bansal. Amarnath Anand’s book for Algebra. For Physics, I used Irodov and Krotov. For Physical Chemistry, I used Peter Atkins. Some of you would have known. For Organic, I used Clayden and Jerry March. For Inorganic, I used JD Lee.
Chemistry was difficult for me, as I used to get average marks in it. I liked it, understood it but good marks weren’t coming and it was surprising. Inorganic Chemistry was the most difficult for me.
How did you overcome that? I overcame it by understanding the syllabus. Then I saw previous years’ questions and figured out that most of them were from NCERT books. I decided to learn NCERT thoroughly. It would help me in my boards as well as JEE.
So, Chemistry was something you didn’t like, but which was your favourite subject?
I liked Physics. Can you tell these guys how to prepare for Physics?
Irodov. So, Irodov is the book that I know. that you used for Physics.
What about the other subjects? For Maths, Cengage and Arihant books are good. Take FIITJEE packages or take myPAT’s questions. That’s more than enough. For Physics, I used HC Verma mainly and then there was University Physics for the theory mainly. Irodov for some questions of Mechanics. And then there was DC Pandey for Optics, and Cengage for Electromagnetism. For Maths, there was Cengage for all the different portions of Maths: Algebra, Coordinate Geometry & Vectors. There was R.D Sharma for the boards’ stuff. Then there was S.L Loney for Trigonometry. For Chemistry, there was M.S Chauhan and Himanshu Pandey for Organic Chemistry. For Inorganic Chemistry, mainly the NCERT is suffice. For Physical Chemistry, there was Narendra Awasthi and GRB Publications. Well, coming to books, for Maths, I followed the five-book series by S.K Goel Sir. For Physics, for theory, I referred to Resnick Halliday. For problems, I solved Irodov and D.C Pandey, and also Cengage. For Physical Chemistry, I referred to Narendra Awasthi. For Organic Chemistry, Balaji Publications, M.S Chauhan and GRB Publications. For Inorganic Chemistry, the NCERT textbook and J.D Lee. First of all, it’s not important to get a lot of books. You pick a few books and start solving them. There are a few cliché books, that are must for JEE preparation, like H.C Verma for Physics is a very good book. You can get thorough with your concept but I would like to suggest it is important to solve each and every problem of that book which you do. It is not like that if you found the first ten questions difficult, so you skipped them or you left the book. Or the first ten questions were easy and you thought that you’ve done enough, you know everything, and you won’t do anything else. That’s not good. If you do it, do it properly. As I mentioned, H.C Verma for Physics. For Organic Chemistry, I used Himanshu Pandey. In Maths, I did not use any specific book. For Calculus, I used Sameer Bansal. So, books are not that important. More important is choosing a particular book. My guidance is : take any book from the market and do it fully. You don’t have to take thousands of books and search the best book out of them. Every book is designed for cracking the exam and most of them are good enough to help you do that. The only thing is that you need to be focused on how you have to complete the whole book rather than just doing a part of it.

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