Is Education of Muslim Women Limited by Religion?

yes so there are two main reasons I left Islam women's rights and I'm a fixer rights sometimes I think although I'm an LGBT activist I think deep in my soul I'm a women's light activist even more than that and-and-and you if you read any of my writing it's really quite paramount in there you would have seen some of the stuff I've written about I feel like this I feel like if a quarter of the world's population is Muslim their answer to the LGBT issue in our community is the same as the answer to overpopulation there's the same law answer to economy is the same as the answer to every single aspect of our social world is just the secular education of women of Muslim heritage that will solve all of our problems if we are saying that's one-eighth of the population of the globe not only will it move our societies for it when we bring this bottom line up to through education and through social mobility and through three professions through work through all of that development that will have a ricochet across the rest of the globe and I think the answer to so many of our problems is about educating women of Muslim heritage actually that's gonna have broader ramifications for the globe that the 21st century is really about the women's movement in Muslim countries secular jihadis is an increasingly influential podcast with much of its growing audience in Muslim majority countries advocating for atheists secularists and Enlightenment thinkers we want to reach out to more people if we reach 500 patrons we'll be able to translate our shows into Arabic or do Persian Bengali Malaya and other languages in these countries help us get there at slash sj-m II

3 thoughts on “Is Education of Muslim Women Limited by Religion?

  1. Getting an education for a muslim women is only half the battle. She is allowed to use her education only in very "controlled environments". Many companies turn down bright muslim women for jobs because they feel that their insistence on the purdah and reluctance to mix with male colleagues ( all dictated by their male relatives) goes against the companies policies regarding work culture and personnel management.

  2. Looks over to the west, laughs in misandrist. You would think someone with this person’s perspective would understand that benefiting one group over another one is what causes the problems. Simply embrace the sovereignty of the individual property rights and small government to emulate the massive success of the late 17th and 18th centuries in the west.

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