Is 2Pac A Lyricist?

remember about two years ago it boil put up de top 10 best rappers ever and they excuse for not putting tupac shakur in there was even two perhaps the most influential rapper ever globally is audibly no more Fabrice alright and in its dominant bars basically they say a fucking lyrical even though I disagree I see why some people will say that Tupac is normal that and basically no wordplay like Hennessy any crazy they a prime example to Pottermore nose off is me against the world one says they should have killed me as a baby now they got me trapped in the storm going crazy crazy baby like I said that ain't a big stretch but the real question is what the fuck is the lyricist I know some of y'all hip-hop elitist overhead niggas gonna say someone who Behrami 89 a word with a 30 letter word but I disagree if you ask me a lyricist is somebody who can somebody who can paint vivid pictures what they work Lee the shittest ogaki and prescriptive is paying pitches in mind is the lyrics and a flow put me in the same movie as the others when he was making the ship in first place say how Punk don't do that listen is Tupac I lost control over my mom see reoccupy with homicide trying to Bob crime break said by the block party goes to look bad gunfire nothing clogged up in smoke stacks and that she just said is very descriptive or what's going on his neighborhood motherfuckers down at bought parties and if you listen to the first 15 seconds of song outlaws posit describing how mom's you know multiple kids become product of their environment shit the whole goddamn song made me feel like I was living in an environment and also listen to Tupac words now we got conscious song like you know hard time mother just don't give a fuck stop thinking just because a nigga wordplay is basic these niggas is not lyrical shit if you ask me at times lil boosie I'll boosie badazz whatever you want to call him mu she can't spread and get lyric on y'all niggas too and yes I say a little boo see but don't think about the light me down little Bootsy okay listen to chill out betrayed Devils going through some things then you understand what I'm talking about I'll set it off mercy on my soul ha she got her name is window of my eyes you know like you know that then you give it on front say you gotta have a big vocabulary to be lyrical and paint pitches for a motherfucker like truck and Ice Cube is first well I see they never really had a big vocabulary like you know his birch is word is very predictable place he painted pitches where is no simple earthly simple workplace so that's all I think Oh run a Banksy like oh oh shut up oh you're on the banks like oh boy put up maybe are all wait it be

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  1. Nowadays people think that just having a bunch of goofy punchlines makes a rapper lyrical (lil wayne)

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