iPhone 11 Pro review: Hands-down the best iPhone ever

the iPhone 11 bro another
thousand-dollar iPhone and the successor to the iPhone 10s it’s the best iPhone
yet of course it would be interesting if it wasn’t but is it good enough does it
deserve that pro name should you upgrade let’s dive it before we get started
note that the iPhone 11 pro comes in two sizes five-point eight inch and 6.5 inch
at 6.5 inch model the iPhone 11 pro max just has a larger screen a little bit
longer battery life and costs $100 more that’s it
that’s everything so when I say the iPhone 11 pro I’m talking about both
sizes now if you were to ask somebody what they want in a new phone they would
probably say they want it to be fast they wanted to have an awesome camera
they want it to be durable and it should have really great battery life just so
happens that’s what you get with the iPhone 11 Pro it’s stupid fast the
camera is fantastic and the battery life is crazy
but it also doesn’t do much else it doesn’t add significant new capabilities
so much as it just does everything the iPhone 10s did better take performance
the a12 Bionic is basically still faster than every other smartphone chip and the
a13 is pretty much the same thing only 20% faster and more power efficient in
fact in some benchmarks the 3d graphics performance is almost 50% faster in most
of our tests across the board we saw about a 15 to 20 percent speed
improvement so once again Apple has the smartphone chip to beat the iPhone 11
prose design and craftsmanship it’s a little bit better than the iPhone 10s –
it’s more durable and harder to crack with a nice frosted matte finish and
there’s a new midnight green color that’s just gorgeous
but outside of the big awkward square camera bump on the back would you get
used to pretty quickly it’s basically the same design as the iPhone 10s it’s a
touch thicker and heavier but you won’t really notice what you will notice is
that that thicker design makes room for a big
the battery life on this phone is just awesome Apple says you’ll get four to
five hours more life than the iPhone 10s but I can’t really verify that I don’t
know how they come up with that figure but I do know that I get way longer
battery life with the iPhone 11 pro than the 10s which was already pretty good I
can easily get over eight hours of screen on time without doing anything
special to save battery and a lot of that is playing games which are
notoriously bad or quickly oh and uh speaking of battery Apple finally
includes an 18 watt USB C power adapter in the Box Apple should have done this
years ago but the standard iPhone 11 you still get that pitiful 5 watt USB a
power adapter and there’s really no excuse me the other really big obvious
change from the iPhone 10 s is the camera it still has the wide-angle and
telephoto cameras on the back and the telephoto has a wider aperture that lets
it more light this year Apple has added a third camera an ultra wide camera with
a 120 degree field of view and an F 2.4 aperture it’s not as good in low-light
as the other two cameras and the quality isn’t quite as good but it’s incredibly
useful to be able to zoom out and get more in the frame thanks to the more
powerful processor the quality of all your photos and videos aren’t even
better than ever Apple is doing fancier image processing
to get the most out of this camera hardware and it shows dynamic range
sharpness noise and color accuracy are all better than ever the front camera is
really improved now too it’s now 12 megapixels instead of 7 it has an 85
degree field of view instead of 70 degrees that means clearer and sharper
selfies where it’s easier to get more in the frame without a feeling unnatural oh
and you can shoot 4k 60 frames per second video in the front camera and
even slow-motion selfie videos now then there’s night mode it first appeared on
Google pixel and then a bunch of other Android phones but Apple’s
implementation may be the best of them all it just turns on automatically when
it’s dark enough and produces some of the clearest and most accurate super
low-light shots of any smartphone we’ll have another video that dives deeper
into the camera but suffice it to say with the camera on the iPhone 11
is top-notch and a significant improvement over the iPhone 10s and
later this fall Apple is going to release a software update that adds this
new machine learning camera technology called deep fusion which should make
photos even better so that’s something else to look forward to the OLED display
on the iPhone 11 pro is almost identical to the one on the iPhone 10s only a much
brighter it’s an awesome display but not different enough to go on about this
phone also has a new radio technology called ultra wideband which can be used
to locate other ultra wideband devices to within a few inches it’s sort of like
a more precise secure interference proof Bluetooth right now all it’s used for is
to make air drop a tiny bit simpler but Apple didn’t put ultra wideband in the
iPhone ulema just for that we are definitely going to see more somewhere
down the line so that’s the iPhone 11 pro basically the iPhone 10s only faster
much longer battery life that our cameras on the front and back and a more
durable construction with a nice matte finish it’s easily the best iPhone ever
made but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good buy the regular iPhone 11 has
nearly all the same features speed and quality doesn’t have an OLED display and
it doesn’t have the telephoto camera but it does have the a13 chip ultra wideband
the better front camera night mode the ultra wide camera and a really good
battery life the gap in features between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro is so
small that it’s hard to justify the three to $400 price difference and it’s
really hard to justify calling this phone pro I think it’s great that Apple
is unifying around some common brandy MacBook and MacBook Pro iPad and iPad
pro I Mac and I Mac Pro and now iPhone and
iPhone Pro it makes sense but in each of those the pro model isn’t just the best
one the processor is always much faster in the pro model and there are other
important features to separate them from the non pro models if Apple wants to
call this a pro phone maybe it should have things that I’ve had Pro has like a
USB C port or 120 Hertz promotion display maybe it should have 5g which
isn’t very important right now but we’ll definitely be important sometime in the
summer year lifespan of this phone if you have an iPhone 10 R or 10 s
you should probably wait for next year’s iPhone to upgrade and if you have an
iPhone 8 or 10 well maybe if you have an iPhone 7 or earlier you’ll see a huge
leap when you upgrade the iPhone 11 Pro is a great phone one of the best phones
money can buy and hands down the best iPhone ever but it doesn’t really
justify its 50% price hike over the iPhone 11 and it doesn’t quite deserve
to be called a pro iPhone

13 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro review: Hands-down the best iPhone ever

  1. I used to have the iPhone 7 Plus and I updated to the iPhone 11 and I am very happy with it. It is fast and responsive on the screen apps come up faster taking photos is phenomenal too with the ultra wide camera

  2. LMAO. please stop pretending how nice this is best iPhone. We all know it a totally ugly iPhone. Also nothing really new except camera which nothing exciting about. Yes I hate see all these fake reviews saying how nice and beautiful iPhone is.

    We all know iPhone been failing in sales for past 4yrs now.

    Yes Samsung Note 10+ is still best and more better and sales.

  3. I wish i could experience this beautiful iPhone but I can’t afford it…all i can do is watch other people’s videos with they new iPhone 😭.

  4. 4-5 more hours of battery if you literally don’t use it.
    1-1.5 hrs of use.
    Coming from an X to an 11 Pro.
    Doesn’t feel faster.
    I blame shitty ios 13.1.
    Ultra wides quality is terrible.
    But added lenses & options are nice.
    They buried it in the new option bar.
    So dumb.
    Face ID is NOT 30% better. Apple’s blatantly lying about that, unless a future software update will fix it.
    Wifi seems better.
    Silver is beautiful. Best looking high quality iphone ever.
    Swapped a space grey for it.
    Space grey was boring & the “painted” stainless steel sides are ugly as shit.
    Extra battery is nice but they have to get the weight back down. Its heavy & feels unbalanced.

    Iphone 5S is still hands down best phone ever.


    Siri is still THE WORST.

    And night mode is cool i guess but how practical is it? The quality is bad. Why not just use a flash?

    Feel very scammed by the overhype of the camera.

    High key mono is a joke.
    All of portrait mode on humans is so bad.

    I would sacrifice all those gimmicks for more megapixels.

  5. Got my Pro Max in the mail today. After two hours I hated it and returned it. My 7 plus is better. Wasn’t any faster than my 7 plus, my camera on the 7 plus takes better pics and so instead of owing another thousand bucks I’ll just finish paying off the 7 plus . . . . Don’t swallow the crap that these YouTube creators are trying to throw at you

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