INVITING ANIME CREEPER TO BED!? | "LoveCraft" a Minecraft Visual Novel #1 (Alpha)

follow my lead the bedrooms over here all right resolve the red carpet surfing what's guys where's here welcome to Lovecraft a Minecraft visual novels so played similar things to the paths where we go all and these grand adventures with these anime minecraft fades and you guys seem to really enjoy that and if you guys haven't seen what we've done in the past of these other my craft visual novels check them out links in the description down below but we're going to get into this one and find out more left craft a man cop vigil noble all that on it sure thing finally I got my oculus rift alright wait the oculus came of a CV wasn't there some kind of QR code or something most likely so you get sucked into the Minecraft world or something man mathematically 10-minute legit take some quite some time to set this thing up I Z okay this maps to test the oculus but why is there a map from minecraft ok manual let's take a look sure thing manual where are you here I opened blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah god Agartha ah the best kind of language guy everyone understands it they sure do endless mode well there's a time warning for the oculus saying you can just play for 3 hours maybe with a smooth just extends it well do really care I just use on minecraft and I'll play amnesia alright old-school amnesia bring in black the horrid days alright I started the game using the oculus okay so you gets thrown right to Minecraft probably endless mood activated dang alright transferring data permanently okay let's ever see yeah we gonna be in the Minecraft world Lovecraft a Minecraft visual novel ok stars like a little introduction there where we see him get something I guess by potato dad man I'm loving that name it's a fabulous username and well I think it up for my youtube channel the channel of potato now if I hit the stuff Mary Sue potato and I if I'd call me potato 95 right in the comment section down below how you doing potato now if I be doing RA I'm doing good don't worry minecraft oh yeah fantastic Wow this oculus is so amazing wait a minute I didn't know I was using shaders well apparently your arm ran and it's looking flippin gorgeous look at that look at the lens flare and everything dang I think a place to hide from the rain for now I ran to the cave I see are we gonna bump into anyone here as little could take some time while looking for me this cave was here alright are we gonna see anyone like I said scared I turned myself to the right oh hi we instantly see someone hardly into the Minecraft world and were met with coupler unless she's cool totally different here I'm not sure Dead did does it did yeah hey I saw you in the woods right before the rain started Dodger absolutely my vocal reply like Dodger Dodger tackle your town she came closer duh don't blow me up hey calm down fella I won't but your creeper well of course I am but also I'm not terrorist or anything so door the Duggar the very vocal of their daddy dogs gasp need to quiet down a little bit sorry there was an awkward silence when she broke up the silence blob there was an awkward silence when she broke up the silence I see hey what's your name my name and yeah you could just call me Steve only if we could call ourselves the legendary ball back guards the legendary ball back and Easter turned Daggett it sure does I wish you could change her name here well nice to meet you I'm cuppa cuppa huh so you're a creeper you could say that I still can't believe it well you better believe it boy 50 minutes of boring talking I'm gonna pass it for some reason but I left good old boring small talk you know you get to converse of this very sad cute man crap a that were most likely blows up if we are you know Guerra angry or touch a sensitive spot something gauge and though we see something that she doesn't like yeah we need to be careful with that Hey look out the ring start hmm all right look I got clearer skies and sunny sunshine fantastic that's what I like to see yeah we went out of the cave ah this looks wonderful all right well I think I think to meet my house now always you lost a minute so I need to go get to work I'll just go then okay but first I want you to meet a friend well who is it your see and we could you come over here ah she's crazy oh hello it's the Ender Bay how you doing there my Enderby long time no see hi hey this is Steve uh she noticed me of course you noticed me because I'm the most wonderful senpai that was ever to be notice right here do it do ya I already know your questions yes you can teleport and yes she's shy well thanks don't worry should do bear next time we see each other don't get the wrong impression I got any impression right now girl you know you're only known you for about I don't know in this game probably about half an hour's something it did do like a 15-minute skip so probably about twenty to thirty minutes or something by a sillier sir ah she doesn't give me a chance to say goodbye or something oh well it's working time at NUI you're saying it's a beautiful night evil this house oh so slightly already in just one day Justin they take a little longer than that especially to get glass and stuff I don't know guys probably add all the materials right next to him it's a beautiful night fantastic and now it's raining even a train just earlier – this guy hasn't really had the greatest the Weber right now I just want to sleep and that's what I'm going to do all right sure little time once more pain right there that's fantastic someone off from the door what should I do go to sleep or answer the door well that would be rather rude so I'll just answer the door all right here's our come from a B hi oh it's of course guys than ever that our cute anime max has been tougher sure thing hey Steve cuppa what are you doing here no way explain to me layer skin so first okay all right what's gonna happen here guys you get her a towel okay I suppose couple got wet from the rain there thanks no problem now please explain everything explain wha why are you here silly and naive oh I didn't tell you Ray whoa well basically I don't have a family or a place to call home I kind of sleeve Andre but she wasn't there all are so sad guys are now our creeper anime babes all alone you have to take her in guys we're gonna have to take her in we're gonna be the good guy here and give her a home and we just built in one day we could probably easily build an over home so it can't be a problem it really can so you came you came here yeah my second friend on my second friend on my life I'm so glad I'm your second friend on your life that's fabulous wait you only know Andre and I you see this world doesn't like my kind Oh I'm sorry to hear about that don't fail you're my friend what means you accepted me you got a funny way of talking there girl I suppose is kind of cute in a weird way that's uh quite right isn't it it sure is don't worry by hey are you hungry yeah kind of all right well we're gonna whip up do we have any local sheep to flippin murder around here bring her some lamb as a table boy you want to sleep already yeah follow my lead the bedrooms over here all right without the red carpet sure thing okay lovely me casa is su casa okay thanks Oh what's gonna happen here good night Steve good night couple it's time to get back to the real world goodbye minecraft world this isn't the end is it no way no way Oh day two I see hey sleepyhead na ma just five more minutes hey don't call me Mom huh oh hey there how are you doing around Lee really small for some reason why did you shrink so small what happened I made breakfast okay I'm coming it'll be cold if you wait too much yeah all right just slid away right there oh so fast why I'm still here why I'm still here why I'm still here hi there my name is potato net two five the legendary bachajón a fave I'm so jealous of you Suleiman I wish I had it the channel potato knife had Northup a mouse or anything and I'm the developer open lovecraft thank you for playing my demo why is everything a channel Darda guides well this is relatively new hopefully skits updates sooner rather than later I really hope so have you found any bugs I switched over to send me an email no I didn't see anything wrong so some of the grammar is a little bit off I guess but that's still completely fine I think we write out all right then we guys so we're all good here for example blah blah blah oh I see just different routes alright so I wonder what would happen if we just went to sleep let's check now quickly sure so when we answered the door we advised those to say enemy creeper to our home guys and hey what happened I'll just ignore it it's fair for my help I even connect anything I suppose I'd some sort of invisible time earlier but yeah we invited Unruh Cooper to her house and we had a good old time we had dinner and we slept together in bed while probably in several beds I think I'm not actually completely surviving guys but still she slept over my home and it was fantastic I'll just ignore it it's better for my health I see what's gonna happen now will we even see anyone she's probably just outside waiting for hours I feel so bad she did say she had no family or anything as well enough for terrible route to go well now I just need to sleep a get back to the real world okay good bye Minecraft world see you later with good knowing you serious okay so it just ends there we have ourselves a little Kip and then Bella being end of the demo totally not as interesting as landing the enemy creeper can't alene are as interesting anyway guys as I said hopefully skin gets updated as it is relatively new I think this is only uploaded last month for something a couple of weeks ago so I do hope to see some career updates as I'm quite interested to see the story unfold here if you guys want to see more of this ads it does get out there definitely let me know the comment section down below and definitely smack that like button it's you'd appreciate and if you're not part of that early illusive fantastic notification squad they're definitely ringing that bell that's also amazingly appreciated as well but we're supporting the guys looking for water today and I'll see you in the next one

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  2. Genie : you have three wishes

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