Introduction, why I write about literature and books

hi my name is Josh black and today I wanted to share a little bit about why I write about literature and books I say number one is I'm a lifelong reader and just a curious person so reading fiction classics even graphic novels business books historical fiction nonfiction are all topics that I really enjoy reading social media like is one of my favorite newer finds it's a literary website and I post essentially all of my writing whether it's about business you know or any of the other topics I write about which are music travel well-being and then just random things that interest me and I decide to write about so medium calm I'll make a link down below for anybody who's interested in reading some of my writing other than business if you're interested in reading about my business consulting whether it's about safety in the workplace it's about practical applications for efficiency in your business if it's about you know why you might want to consider having your business in one location versus another say for example you may not want to have your business next to a vacant building and there's reasons for that which I go into in my business writing but getting back to literature in general I find that it's a great way to satisfy curiosities in life such as you know why the sky is blue or you know why the stars twinkle or you know what's the latest in environmental design for transportation there's just so many topics out there that just having the the ability to pick up a book or go to the library is just such a wonderful thing to have I'm fortunate to have a library two blocks from my apartment so that's a real nice thing to have so there's no shortage of books to read lately I've been reading classics like right now I'm reading a symposium by Plato I recently read meditations by Marcus Aurelius who was a Roman general and I believe he was also an emperor so I'm interested to hear from other readers writers bloggers eventually you know look at having dialogues on-camera interviews with other writers and to be able to share what sparks us and you know why it is that we picked up the pen or dabble on the keyboard so that's about it for today have a great day

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