Introduction to Thai Writing

hi welcome to introduction to tie my
name is Alisha and I'm joined by hi everyone and today in this lesson you'll
learn the basics of tie writing the thai language has 44 continents 32
vowels for tone marks and various other symbols for pronunciation also in the
thai writing system there are no spaces between words instead spaces in a tight
X indicate the end of a clause or sentence take the sentences and a
student I have to go to school every day in Thai you will write these two
sentences as sanben Macri and chan-sung pyrometry into one so you can see we use
a space to indicate the end of a sentence now you may feel it's difficult
but let me assure you that Thai and English are more similar than you think
first Thai language is read and written horizontally from left to right and just
like the ABCs in English you mix consonants with vowels to make syllables
and words in Thai language there are 44 consonant
letters but since many of the consonants produce the same sound the 44 consonants
produce only 21 distinct initial consonant sounds when used at the
beginning of a syllable and six final consonant sounds when used at the end of
a syllable Thai consonants are divided into three classes middle high and low
these three classifications are very important when you mix consonants with
accent marks in order to produce correct intonation bowels retire called surah in Thai there
are 32 vowels in total with 16 different vowel symbols that combine into
different patterns and out of this 32 bubbles 18 are basic levels which each
assist in long and short pairs the length of the vowel sound is much more
important in Thai than it is in English let's say you're saying the word love in
short and long duration the meaning of the word does not change however this
does not apply to Thai language a word can have different meanings depending on
if the vowel sound is pronounced long or short for example state and the the
first word be this the shutter found means to criticize if you say it a bit
longer see it means to hit another example is both our offsprings and mu
are to be rotten now you understand short and long vowels
and tie another thing you need to know is that unlike English not all vowel
forms follow consonants some appear above consonants and some below and
complex form vowels can be placed around the confidence Tai is a tonal language with five tones
that are indicated by four tone marks for example my a my tol my three nice at
the wha v is just normal and has no mark these tone marks are important as they
help you apply the correct tone in writing these tone marks are always
placed above an initial consonant okay let's wrap up this lesson by recapping
what we've learned in this lesson you learned that the Thai alphabet is
comprised of consonants vowels and tone marks also there are 32 vowels that
produce either short or long sounds lastly tone marks are important in Thai
writing as they help indicate the correct tone for the word we've covered
only the very basics of Thai writing if you want to learn more check out our
learn Thai writing video series in the next lesson you'll be entering Thai
bootcamp where you'll learn useful beginner phrases to get you speaking
Thai right away see you in the next lesson bye bye you you

14 thoughts on “Introduction to Thai Writing

  1. I was always confused with the "Kai", Khai, Klai, Klao" and it was really funny when I realized that i was mispronouncing

  2. I just watched the last video in this playlist and it said that Thai only has 21 consonants and 18 vowels. This video says 44 consonants and 32 vowels.

  3. Salam alikum. I want a book to learn this beautiful language. I have long been fascinated but I have not found anyone yet. Help me send me a book with a gift. I will not forget it. Longevity I know for certain that the book is not useful anywhere. MY ADDRESS YOUSSEF NIACH: HAY EL JORF LAKHDAR RUE 26 N 12 OUJDA 60032 MOROCCO

  4. not quite correct: the consonant classes are not only important when you mix consonants with "accentmarks" (which are not accentsmarks but tonemarks). thats actually totally wrong. the consonant classes indicate the tone in every case. a short dead syliable in low class without a tonemarker will be high tone, will a short dead syliable in middle class without a tonemarker will be a lowtone for example.

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