Introduction to American Literature

Hello, there! My name is Dean Simpson and I am going to
be your instructor in this CLEP course on American Literature. I teach language and literature courses at
Tufts University, Jinan University in China and Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand. In this course we will progressively go through
the different stages of writing, from the Colonial times to the Modern Era. Specifically,
we will look at The Colonial era, the Early National Period, the Romantic Period, the
Period of Realism and Naturalism, the Modernist Period and the Contemporary Period Terms. Then we will look at Verse Forms and Literary
Devices and a section on Writing the Essays. We will go though the major movements and
look at the major writers of them, discuss their lives a bit, and take a look at some
of their important work. Some summaries, details and examples will
be given to help you understand the important features of important works in drama, poetry
and prose. By watching the videos a number of times,
reviewing the modules, reading the supplementary texts and doing the practice questions, you
should be well prepared for the CLEP exam. So without further ado, let’s get started
on American Literature!

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