Introducing the Adobe Digital Publishing Magazine Workflow

15 thoughts on “Introducing the Adobe Digital Publishing Magazine Workflow

  1. @jcnba28 With InDesign CS5(.5) you can create articles and with Adobe Digital Content Viewer for FREE (iPad) you can view your magazine.

  2. So if I were to make an interactive InDesign document with buttons etc for Ipad publication. I would also need to buy the DPP programme, or is it a free download?

  3. Also one quick question I try and keep my newsbyte under 6 MB. Will it be more with these new media apps built in from Digital Publisher? Thanks again!

  4. I can't afford it now, but I can't wait until I can…this is awesome Adobe! I am an INDESIGN layout artist and I use CS. This would be an awesome addition for my int'l newsbyte.

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