INTERVIEW With Musical Composer GRANT KIRKHOPE (YookaLaylee Pre-Release Interview)

38 thoughts on “INTERVIEW With Musical Composer GRANT KIRKHOPE (YookaLaylee Pre-Release Interview)

  1. Grant Kirkhope did not compose music for Starfox Adventures. David Wise did. How difficult is it to get such a simple fact right before you put it in your ignorant video?

  2. came here for grant but holy shit this guy is an absolute idiot. should never interview anyone let alone a legendary composer like grant. do your fucking research and actually learn something about music if youre going to interview someone like grant

  3. i gave playtonic $265 in backing money WORTH IT, plus i plan to give away quite a few copies when it drops on my twitch

  4. i'm a HUGE banjo fan and i think nuts & bolts is a great game. really, it's fantastic. but it's NOT a "real" banjo game, and it took me awhile to get over that. it doesn't bother me at all now—you truly do need to appreciate it for what it is. i don't even think of it when i think of the banjo series. i just think of how great it is at what it's trying to do—be a fun, vehicle-based platformer that gives you a bunch of tough problems to solve and lets you be super creative in solving them.
    a great, great game. sure, it was a terrible marketing decision on microsoft's part to make it part of the banjo franchise, and yeah microsoft blows for what they did to rare. that still doesn't change how good nuts & bolts is on its own, when you don't think of it as part of the banjo series.

  5. Dude, David Wise wrote all of the music for Starfox Adventures. Grant played guitar on one of the tracks but that's about it.

  6. DK, Donkey kong. DK, Donkey Kong is here. He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail. His coconut gun can fire spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt. He's bigger, faster and stronger too. He's the first member of the DK crew.

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