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welcome to the author show where we feature new authors and books from fiction to self-help and everything in between you'll find it all at the author show calm that's the author show calm and now that the show begin hello and welcome back to the show this is your host Don McCauley today we're welcoming a program author Cheryl Williams and she is the author of a collection of poems a journey through life Cheryl how are you I'm good Don how are you doing good we'll tell us a little bit about yourself please I'm a registered nurse at this point in time I'm school nurse and I've always loved writing I like music and poetry my whole life and so it I'd say the write a book and so I'm excited that the public is not reading my book so tell us about your book my book collection of poems addressing ups and downs hardships and struggles and triumphs that we face a lot journey in life helping us find ways to cope embracing the beauty within and around us the book is a paperback book containing 60 poems and it's 66 pages in length who did you write your book for specifically my target audience for this book is ages 13 plus even though I have read some of these plans for kids as young as eight years old and they were very mesmerized by them so I would say that this book was written for male female from all walks of life experiencing empty-nest loss betrayal anyone was being mistreated or neglected students face the bullying anyone who appreciates beauty and magnificence and blessings of life has to offer so would you say there's any type of central message of wraps underlying theme that you would say runs throughout your book yes the message throughout my book is to encourage my readers to never let go of hope when faced with adversity we must hold on to at least one positive in life one positive a life has to offer us because negativity will continue to breed negativity I want my readers to remember that storms can't last forever and that seasons change so that this should look for the positive in every situation if you have to choose what would you say is the thing most important idea you're sharing in your book that's really going to add value to the readers life it has to be surround yourself with positive energy as one of my poems read naked and negativity perceives you surround yourself with life's blanket of positive energy stress kills and finding a glimmer of hope during the darkest time decreases physical and mental health problems I always say stressing about a situation never changes the outcome of the situation so stress creates more issues in a domino effect so my main goal with this book is encourage my readers to surround themselves with positive energy finding one positive when they face a negative situation now if you compare your book with any book out there we might already be familiar with which one could it be and why well I have to say energy bust by Jon Gordon even though this book is not a book of poems the message of hope positivity and progress relates closely to that of my book having the same central theme of hope and positivity a few of my readers have also compared some of my poems to the work of Maya Angelou and I also feel that this particular book petals of the moon a collection of poetry by C Churchill also show us a similar style of poetry as portrayed in my book what motivated you to write this book I felt motivated to share some of my personal struggles and there are so many others that I have encountered along my journey and how I found positive ways to help me cope I wanted to help empower my readers to find inner strength when faced with hardships disappointments emptiness as human we all go through similar struggles and that they are not alone on life's journey why did you decide to write a book of poems instead of something else well I felt that time stole a story in a short concise way when someone is stressed frustrated and feeling hopeless a short time because help bring them some sort of relief in a shorter period of time and could be empowering too many that might not be in a mindset to read a whole chapter from a book writing times also give me the ability to express various aspect of human struggle empowerment and appreciation of self and nature all in one book what kind of subjects are you covering specifically in the book there is different types of subjects I cover from frustration aggression from betrayal hope looking forward to accomplishing ones dreams and hardships and struggles we face in so doing I also covered points on the appreciation of nature and life of the whole what's one of your favorite poems from the book one of my all-time favorite poems from the book is called phenomenal and if I may read some of it you may see me struggle as I lay awake you may see my anger but you will never see me break the rivers I cross our many banks gaping Ward at all the rocks are hard and slippery if I will never fall my life squirt bitter lemons to sour my sweet day regardless of how bitter I want succumb to pain with perseverance I work on resilience my backbone with faith I'll make it through the storm I am phenomenal what kind of responses have you gotten from your readers I've gotten some very positive responses my readers so far some appreciate the realness inspiration and uplifting nature of the book some relate to the struggles and hardship and felt renewed strength to stand up for themselves while others saw themselves in the poems in my book so so far a lot of positive energy I've received from my book describe the cover and tell us what feeling you wanted to evoke with that cover well the cover was designed by general L author and I one of my readers to connect the cover of this book to the title of the book a journey to life I wanted them to be inspired to look inside turn the pages and experience ups and downs the good and bad and unknown as the tracks disappeared under cover of the book is nothingness the same way at times we are unable to see where life is taking us but we must never let go to open possibilities so that's what I wanted to evoke when readers pick up my book and look at the cover of the book did your environment or upbringing planning major role in your writing yes definitely my parents always instilled positivity enough having us to always remember that visual is what my face taking the next step even if we can't see the way at the age of 11 my mother suffered a massive stroke and my world was overcome by darkness I felt hopeless and empty but because of my feet with his faith my love of singing writing and decided poems I saw my way through the darkness I made it to the dawn so I felt that my struggles and triumphs could help others to keep pressing forward even when faced with these sort of hopeless situations I felt that it can give them hope to move on what can you tell us about this genre and why you prefer to write in this genre well the genre of poetry to me is healing it's an amazing way to express your feelings and ideas the rhyme and rhythm of the poems pull you in and command your attention I also choose to write a book of poems because reading and reciting poems was a vehicle that helped me get through some of the darkest times in my life I felt it could also do the same for others what's been your most rewarding experience since publishing your book well I'll have to say the positive feedback that I've been getting from my readers and knowing that they can be laid to what's in my book on how to see themselves in my poems I've seen readers shed tears and some of my readings and I've seen children that I read so listen attentively as I read poems at the poem so my most rewarding experience is seeing the way my book empowers the thinking of others as so many readers so that has to be my most rewarding experience yes look at the readers and see how they relate to my book how would you describe your writing style my writing style of poetry is called freestyle riding with a freestyle there are no rules you just say what's on your mind you just speak from the heart I chose a star because I didn't want to have to be held back by restrictions or overthinking I just want to delve aim free my soul and just reach out in an honest way so that's why I chose this style of writing so I had a lot of leeway to write who or what would you say influenced your writing the most what my biggest influence is maya angelou honesty the depth and positive outlook on life that she portrayed in her writing in a poem helps empower me her cordsen poem you know I read a lot daily I post them in social media so if they came from a genuine place of inspiration and hope one of my favorite poems by her is phenomenal woman so based on your experience as a writer what's the one recommendation you would make the authors just starting out I would encourage new orders and writers to embrace their own unique style of writing and never be afraid to put something out there because you just never know how someone's going to react or respond to it you should write them a place of sincerity and honesty and just never be afraid to be vulnerable just put it out there because you never know what responses you're going to get other than selling your book of course is there anything else you hope to accomplish with it well I've donated a lot several copies of my book to libraries and various other organizations within my community I have sent my book as far away as the Caribbean and Europe just as a donation my goal is to empower the readers worldwide I currently run we can give aways for my book on Amazon and my hope is to one day work with nonprofit organizations helping those discouraged with life to feel inspired and it come in to live life again in your opinion who should buy your book well anyone who has experienced loss betrayal sadness pain emptiness anyone who is tired of being mistreated and looked on individuals who appreciate cold hard truth and are open minded people looking for inspiration and motivation readers need an empowerment on their journey to life I would say those individuals should purchase my book could you spell your name for us please ch ery L WI ll I AMS will spend just great our guest today has been Cheryl Williams and she is the author of a collection of poems a journey through life Cheryl thanks very much for being with us today you welcome Don this is Don McCauley wrapping up another edition the author show the Auto Show podcast can be accessed at any time by visiting the author show comm selected interviews can also be found on major podcasting platforms like Apple podcast IRA and Spotify Google Play and many more if you're an author who would like to be featured just visit the author show com complete the interview request form and we may contact you marketing is seldom easy for authors and the author show is a great way to promote your work worldwide using a high-quality interview that can make a real impact check us daily as we continue to introduce wonderful authors of very interesting books on the authors show thanks for listening to the author show find out more about authors and their work at the authors show com the authors show calm tune in next time to another great author on the author show

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