Interlibrary Loan for Books

The library search interface makes it
easy to request items not available in our library. This tutorial will show you
how to use interlibrary loan to get books from other libraries. Before
conducting any search, we recommend signing in with your college ID and
password to make sure you’re able to see everything we have access to. To find a
print book in our library start by choosing “physical materials” from the
drop-down menu beside the search box; then enter the title in quotation marks.
If the book you need is one our library owns, the record will show you its call
number so you know where to find it on the shelves. But sometimes you’ll see a
book in our collection listed as “not currently available” usually because it’s
checked out to someone else. If so clicking on the title of the book will
open up a few different options. Option 1: you can submit a hold request which
means when the book is returned, we’ll save it for you and send an email
letting you know it’s ready to be picked up. Option 2: if you can’t wait until the
book is returned, you can click interlibrary loan to request a copy from
another library. This will pop up a filled in form on the same page. All you
need to do is click “send request.” We’ll get you the book for free and e-mail you
when arrives. Option 3: if you’re really in a hurry you can click the “Show Other
SUNY Libraries” button to see if there’s a nearby library with a copy that you
can go and get for yourself. Any SUNY library will let you check out books
with your SUNY ID, but you’ll have to visit the library in person to check it
out and return it there when it’s due. Now, what if you search for a title our
library doesn’t own? In other words, what if the book doesn’t show up on your
results list at all? Don’t give up. Just go back to the search box, change the
drop-down menu to “other libraries,” and try the search again. This will allow you
to search all SUNY libraries plus thousands of other libraries around the
world through a combined library catalog, “Worldcat.” If you find the book there, all
you need to do is click the “Interlibrary Loan” link to request it and we’ll do the
rest. Finally, as a last resort in the very unlikely event that none of these
options work, follow the “Interlibrary Loan” link on the library’s home page. You
can establish an account there and choose “book” under new requests, then fill in all the information you have about the book. We’ll do our best to help you
find what you need. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask a
librarian for assistance

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