Interactive Tonal Harmony PDF App. The Composer's Guide To Tonality by mDecks Music

now when we listen to this the only option we apparently have is to think that the story is going to be told in the map of F will be traveling along the map listening to a story a weird one it seems I can imagine everyone in the burgh theatre being completely lost because Beethoven had broken with all of the norms he's starting the story on a secondary dominant the five seven of four and resolving it to that four to make us think that the story is going to be told in the map of F this is a bold move and it speaks volumes about both how original and defiant Beethoven was so v 704 – for a five step a seventh chord not a triad a dominant chord not a tonic a dominant chord in the sub-dominant region not in the dominant region what an opening and if you think that's all he does to make such a great opening you're wrong it's incredible it's changed the way I look at harmony completely the composer's guide to tonality created using mapping to an alarming Ebro you

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