Instant WordPress Publishing from InDesign and in5

hi this is Justin from ajar productions and today I want to show you a new WordPress plugin so in five makes it really easy to publish content from InDesign to HTML from that point you can take the HTML and use it as a website or turn it into a mobile app now as easy as that process is it can be a little more complicated to upload it to a website so today I'm introducing a new WordPress plug-in and it makes it as easy as clicking to publish and show you right now so here I am in a post editor for WordPress you can also do this with pages in WordPress and the plug-in just adds an add in five embed button to this editor so I'm going to click that button and you can see there's a library here so anything you upload will go into this library and you can easily add it to another post once it's in here but I'm going to click the tab to add new and select an archive I've got one ready here so I'm just going to upload that and then once I've got this there's a few settings I can change I can change this name if I want to if I want to make it something that's easier for me to remember I can change the width and the height now it's automatically pulled the width and the height from the document itself so saves you a step they're having to figure that out and it's also pulled the title from the document as well now if you display options I'm just going to check all these so you can see what they do you can open in a new window you can allow full screen there's also the ability to disable scrolling and hide the border so I'm going to go ahead and just click all those and say insert into post and there it's been embedded in the post you're going to already see the animation that I've created in design I'm going to go ahead and preview it and you can see how the post looks on the page there's all the animation for InDesign and of course have a open and new window button and a full-screen button and that's as easy as it gets I just click and upload a zip package of in five content all you have to do is select the files and zip them together or if you've already got an H pub that in five has produced it will also accept that to the upload so super easily publishing hope you liked the video hope you like the new wordpress plugin thanks for watching

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