Inspiring a New Generation of Writers

you today I first I first figure out what's going to happen here that we're gonna make books we voted for a a previous fire to take over the world when you open that door I didn't know who the door and I got pretty surprised I like a secret passage or two I think creativity is incredibly important for the development of young minds creativity is what Spurs new connections in your brain it's what makes you think different it's what fuels invention it's what keeps society ticking along without it I hesitate to say we wouldn't be who we are we give students the opportunity to be able to put ideas to paper to be able to talk about themselves to be able to talk about their experiences to be able to get those thoughts out you know whether it be something that's as serious as some family drama or as funny as you know a garbage can that taught us it's important for children to learn how to use their voice so that they can express themselves because often time you are taught you know to speak when spoken to using writing can definitely be a form to express themselves when they feel like someone isn't listening we have a culture here of giving the students autonomy and recognizing their voices of guiding them to write well while never dismissing their ideas I also have I get wild imagination like any writer does and when I grow up I really want to be a writer because I think it's wonderful to spectrum is that fast your feelings like in a book we always like to talk about the transformative power of a student seeing their work in print and I can tell you firsthand that students really do think of themselves differently when they know that an adult has taken them seriously they feel like authors and they feel like there is somebody out there who actually wants to hear what they had to say they have great stories deep inside of them so after attending a few of our workshops you can see that they're starting to put those ideas onto paper and they're starting to articulate them I'm so happy when they they're crazy thoughts in the world and let us take part in building that world with them I believe that we have so many young people who have so many important things to say I think we tend to think of the what is it children should be seen and not heard which i think is completely wrong they should be heard and they should be read and we should listen to what they're saying some of the experiences that our students have gone through they're really intense and we need to be able to offer to them an avenue to express themselves especially once they go to some some of the schools they go to just don't can't provide those resources for them and it's extremely important that it's not just guided expression it's open to whatever they want to talk about it just took one person to sort of talk to me and to give me a sense that I could do something and so I've always found that to be something I wanted to give back and as a teacher I I tried my best to help students in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well and so with a26 i see all those worlds coming together I see the opportunity to help even more kids and to inspire other adults to be the kind of inspiration that that teacher was for me to have adults that are positive and helpful and accepting and creatively pushing these kids to create regardless of what that creating is something so important so you've got this room of unbridled creativity that then leads into this other place where there's unbridled creativity if you're eight to six kid or if you're nature's exponent here after staff member eight to six anybody supports eight to six you understand the beauty of the magic that happens here that you do get this sort of flow of magic and writing and confidence and kids walk in with one one way they walk out you know either as great writers or either excited to write to plan so all of this sort of flows together to create that engagement and that excitement for nothing when I tell my friends this is so awesome

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