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so why am I making this YouTube channel that's a good question hey guys what's up this is Brandon if you guys don't know who I am I'm inspired author I'm Instagram if you don't know who that is then I didn't find me no but if you don't know who I am then basically I'm a fantasy writer author person I write for novels mostly sometimes comics sometimes bomb and I'm also a NYU grad as a last which is pretty pretty crazy to think about so why am I making this YouTube channel well first it's a good way for me to definitely connect with my following it's a great way for me to kind of answer your questions the ones that I guess like a lot you know I can just redirect to you guys to the video instead of you know maybe not getting to the question or not having the time to answer it out know you guys will be able to find this as a resource hopefully it's also a great way for you guys to get to know me a little bit about me and hopefully you know we can we can connect more right just a lot of people really do ask me for writing tips and unfortunately I can't get to everyone so hopefully this is like a good resource for for everyone kind of you know like wondering you know what kind of you know stuff of all you know what my process is about characters you know how I how I start writing a story you know what my inspirations are stuff like that right I think this is it would be a great kind of hub for all that stuff that that going on here and I'd like to you know give to you guys and I think before I make my first video besides this one that I think it's really important to kind of give you my philosophy on writing you know I think that it's impossible to really teach someone how to write past a certain point right you learn how to write you know all the way up to middle school high school whatever after that I think that you've already developed like the very basic skills of writing and then no one can tell you kind of how you should forge a story how you should you know make your characters stuff like that I think that what you can learn is how is what you like right what readers are what writers you like to you know read and what they do that makes you feel you know like they're doing something right or that really vibes with you and your style right and then you can learn from their styles and what they do or in their processes and hopefully you know create a style that's very unique to yourself and so hopefully that's what I'm here to you know help you kind of kind of give you kind of tips on what helps me with my process and what helps me write and you know create these worlds but it might not work for everyone and that is something I just want to relate to everyone going in this is not like a a blueprint for writing a book or a blueprint for you know whatever creating stories writing characters whatever because I don't think it's out there I don't think there is a blueprint for that or maybe there is maybe there is maybe there's a perfect way to do it I haven't found it I think that you know I'm always learning still too and if I have something new to give to you guys like in terms of you know processes or experiences you know I'll definitely throw it out there but just want to be a transparent guys know that this is not supposed to be like a blueprint perfect way to do your writing stuff your writing process so what am I gonna have on this account well writing tips or yeah writing tips and things that you know work for me and you know stuff like that I think I also do my you know post on my inspiration that would be stuff like movies I was gonna say films which are movies movies television shows you know stories books mythology stuff like that anything I really you know Health's kind of creative put a seed in my mind for a new idea I think I'll just kind of throw recommend that you guys check those out maybe on my channel I think I also do maybe some of my favorite books my favorite maybe do some reviews I don't know if you guys have any other ideas for what I should be doing with this channel definitely let me know because I haven't thought that far ahead yeah I'm really excited to make this channel hopefully you guys will you know I guess subscribe and/or follow me to make sure that you guys are updated on whatever new stuff I'm putting out if you're interested in any of the books or projects that I'm working on you can follow me at it inspired author on Instagram or I guess I'll put that put it on the link in the YouTube description right and yeah I mean just you know keep update and I'll be posting stuff I'm not writing all right cool see you guys

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  1. Okay, I have a question. Cause I am currently writing a book and I know what I want to happen and where the story should go but I am having a hard time getting there. Because my characters travel a lot together and I don't know how to exactly "fill" every scene without it getting boring. I don't think anyone wants to read 100 pages of two characters riding their horses next to each other.

  2. So trilled to see you open a youtube channel ! Can't wait for your writing tips ^^ Book reviews sound like a super good idea too ! 😊

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