Insane Poetry – savages

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I don't give a fuck a bunch of gothic a new one person logic I'm deadly serious like diseases that are new the logic is it can sadistic like my better son is ptk gonna stench of death is on my friend Roberta Tastykake my walk is talking bottles like a paparazzi they eat the meat oh I hate myself with that let us now see her sandwich won't gonna be established to remain atop gonna walk enforces Reverend Elvis be in a never stops so the day I'm not gonna pray accomplished a cough incurred is gonna take my bus like take your wife put a coat of paint a bitch gonna take the distant house of pain and leave it at garbage bag the fuck is going on don't make me a master manipulator drag you up the elevator does give an incinerator mashiki D what you wanna die now Elena cuz now you want the edge of the lake right in the alligator I gotta finish a move I wouldn't with it a crab yawns and what an appeal kick that yo kick like Jenny now who the fuck open the door let the felon in of killing a woman a man that's worth I'm a melon a put my boy psycho-ass things just might go we to the left some pretty good might go flying your shit don't never try this shit in the presence even if you're alone cut the desert in his or foam a membrane a genomic or your house and I'm gonna kill whoever picked up the phone I'm a vegetable whatever I got this knife and we are savages method savagely 70 go a nod to the Lenin I think it's not hard in the realization that we dip it in the giant grades are somebody different in that Nikolai Ehlers side so come and sit beside step thinking little five six bit sweaty look you like or you ain't no beat us to sound inside broke the dry take your head off like what happened to the fucking line your strategies that's possible

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