INFINITY (Prose) – Ayesha Palwasha

She could find in the night sky, what she couldn’t find in the hearts she’d known. There was something dauntingly familiar about it. It was probably it’s infinity. It was just as infinite as the pain inside her. Sometimes she’d imagine, she herself was the night sky. Quiet but overwhelming. Right there and yet so far. As untouchable, as reachable. Everyone had their own notions,
about the night sky and it’s shooting stars, just like everyone had their own notions about her and her mysteriousness. Just like the darkness of the night sky,
was an echoing cold in the voids of her soul. Just like the sparkling stars,
were breaches in the continuity of her silhouette,
letting her inner light seep through. Just like the grey clouds,
were the masks that she wore,
that had become her identity. That masked her infinity.

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