Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2015 – Emi Mahmoud Final Round

so I'm walking down the street when a man stops me and says and your sister you from the motherland because my skin is a shade too dark not to have come from foreign soil because this garment on my head screams Africa because my body is a beacon calling everyone to come flock to the motherland I said yeah I'm Sudanese why cuz you got a little bit of flavor in you I'm just admiring what your mama gave you let me tell you something about mama my mama she can reduce a man to tattered flesh without so much as blinking her words fester beneath the skin of men like you until you can't help but cold the screams in and the whole time you won't be able to stop cradling her eyes cuz my mama is a woman flawless and formidable in the same step woman walks into a war zone and has warriors cowering at her feet my mama my mama carries all of us in her face in her body in her blood and blood is no good once you let it loose so she hold us close when I was seven my mama cradled bullets in the billows of her robes that night she came home and taught me how to get gunpowder out of cotton with a bar of soap years later when the sons of soldiers held her at gunpoint and asked her who she was she said I am a woman I am a daughter of Adam who the hell are you and the last time we went home the last time we went home we watched our village burn soldiers pouring blood from civilian skulls as if they too could turn water into wine the woman who raised me turned and said the woman who raised me turned and said don't be scared I'm your mother I'm here I won't let them through my mama gave me conviction woman like her cradle countries between their shoulder blades inherit tired eyes bruised wrists and a titanium plated spine the daughters of widows wearing the wings of amputees now now I'm not saying that dating is a first world problem but these trifling seem to be the kind the kind who'll quote the kind whole quote Rumi the kind who quote Rumi but not know what he sacrificed for war the kind of whole fawn over Lupita but turned their racial filters on the kind who take their politics with a latte when I take mine with tear gas every guy I meet every guy I meet wants to be my introduction to the dark side wants me to open up this up see and skin and let them read every tearful page because what survivor haven't had her struggle made spectacle don't talk about the motherland unless you know being African makes waking up and afterthought in this country don't talk about my flavor unless you know the my flavors insurrection it is rebellion it is mutiny and as bride Anita's grit it is compromising you don't know compromise until you rebuilt your home for the third time without bricks without motor without any other option I turn to that man and said my mother and I don't walk the streets alone at home anymore because at home there are no streets to walk anymore

32 thoughts on “Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2015 – Emi Mahmoud Final Round

  1. you are amazing & I really felt every word Emi 😢… Sudan is finally uprising & hopefully we will take that war criminal & his regiem to ICC & build our beautiful country ❤

  2. If Arabic was her first language and she lived in Sudan for a while then it’s truly amazing her gift with words

  3. عظيم هذا… لوسمحتي اكتبي عندك البنات والنساء البسافروا أوربا ف كلام خطير من شخص قاله هل هذا صحيح وقولي لينا بالعربي علشان كلها تعرف الصاح ا و لوغلط

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