InDesign training: Table Of Contents. Adobe InDesign CC. Putting A Book Together PART 5

hi this is Stanley and welcome back to the final part of this tutorial oh the first thing I am going to do here is I'm grow up we're going to be putting together a table of contents but the first thing I need to do is actually find a place to put it now I want to put it before page one but I don't have any pages before page one so I'm going to create them now if I just click at the bottom of my pages panel down here is a little button here that says create a new page one click you can see what's going to happen it's going to put a page in my document let's put it after page one which is not what I want so I'm going to just do a quick command Z ctrl Z on the PC to undo instead what I'm going to do is click on the pages panel menu and select insert pages now in here you can see I've got some different options I can now generate many pages as I want in fact I don't want one page I actually want to because if I only have one going to put the tip of contents just here next page one is going to look a bit odd so I'm going to put two pages in inserting after page one which is for the default setting here is I'm going to say before page one and then click on OK now by default you'll notice it actually puts the a master on these new pages I don't have to you could leave it off but for now I'm going to leave it as it is and then click OK now I can see I've generated two pages fantastic now I want to be on page one I can see I am on page one that's good now page 1 is where I'm going to put my table of contents now I said I don't have a typical content so what I'm going to create it I click on the layout going down to the table of contents tiles create a new style but call this one miles my tifo C so I know what it is okay so I'm just going to change the title from content to a war of the world contents now I'm just going to do that in capitals because I know that all my chapter titles I mean caps and it'd look weird if it didn't follow the same style so war off of the walls gone 10 okay cool now I don't have a style so no paragraphs down here so I'm going to create a new one there's new one and quite like to base it on the body just so it's pulled in all the attributes from the body style now I'm going to just change this title to contents and I'm going to go basically two formats just just see yes it's carried those how to reach through okay indents and spacing fine I think I'd like to change the alignment to sent it and I'm good just space after I'm going to get up to ten mil and I think that is all I'm going to do for now and then I'm going to click OK okay so that now has a style this panel here this is where we're going to add the Styles to create the list of content so it's going to look for a paragraph style from this list there's all the styles that I've created in my paragraph styles panel um and this is the options here to include anything from this list I only want to look for the chapters so when I click on the chapters I know every chapter has they still applied to apply to it so adapt to the list is removed over here look brilliant now style chapters it's got the the same start up the chat to the same style applied to this list as it has all the chapters I don't want that because the table of contents is going to have all that space after every entry which is not going to work for me so I'm going to change this and create a new paragraph style and tell it to base this also on the body to call this one and click check tours TOC so I know what it is to check that it's carried the right attributes 14 indents and spacing left justify that's good space a formula that looks good to me yeah perfect quite a P with that now what I do wanna do with this list is I want to create my mitre tour look at my tabs because on my on my list I want the chapter name number then we'll all the dots and then I want the page number at the end on the other side we do that until the tabs now the first thing I do here is I want to create a right justified tab so I'm going to click on my ruler at the top there and insert a right justified tab now I'm going to get this icon of my pages a five-hour I don't think I've got these margins set and I can't quite remember so I still want to do I'm just going to set it to 100 mil just for now ah the leader is going to be where we set all the dots between the title from the numbers so I'm just gonna put a dot in there and then a single space does to be repeated to fill the gap I think ah that's it for me just check my basic character formats 14 I do know this story one of the chapters is incredibly – the titles incredibly long and I found in the past that 14 is just a little bit too big so get that down to 12 let's get that down to four like 16 they're lighting again because it's a style progress now we can come back and edit this later on I think for now I'm happy with that like okay yeah that's good and I think now I'm all set to go so let's click on OK then we'll click on OK here and that close next step back to layout this time I'm going to click on table of contents then I'm going to click on OK and then hopefully general eight and there it is my template contents or on my loaded cursor there so I'm going to click in the top left hand corner of my agenda margin it's going to drop all of that that contents list in that frame I can see actually it looks to me like it might even have gone over to page two to be honest with you it has it spilled over it so it's obviously too big so let's fix that now I can see that also these tabs aren't quite set right so let me just do a quick bit of tweaking make sure nothing selected paragraph styles let me look at this one here this one's the chapter TOC so double-click that one I can see that the basic kind of forms I think I can get that down a little bit more in add 10 a little thats the length that this is so long it's on two lines let's get the letting down a bit more ah there's my last title last chapters just appeared on the page there so I think I'm quite happy with it let me to get them a little bit more yeah quite happy with that and also the tabs needs adjusting so let's just get that out but I can see there's numbers moving across good I'm going to have to live with that chapter 12 being on two lines I think um okay looks pretty good and then click OK I think I get a little bit more space now after the the title layer contents so that one's contents then I'm going to say you know I think it's also that font now get that down a bit looks good and then a bit more space after so indents and spacing and we'll just push that down a bit more great so far so good do you think I don't like about this just hit W of a preview I don't I don't like this header on this page at all so I'm going to do is another calm pages and aggro remove it this is part of my a master well by default every page has the a master applied to it but it doesn't need to we can remove it all we need to do is click on the blank page next to where it says norm click drag a page and drop it on to page one and you can see it has just removed those the the header and the page numbering so it's just removed those elements from my page and you can see I no longer have the a on page one excellent so quick W that looks fine apart from this down here just not happy with that I could probably just fix that by getting that font size down a bit more otherwise I'm quite happy excellent so the more thing we need to do now is we're just going to export this as our PDF very quickly file and export the cool water world's click save we go on their core – replace it now I'm just going to include the hyperlinks and bookmarks and view PDF make sure that switched on just check the marks and bleeds aren't on otherwise I'm going to leave this on this high quality print that looks good to me great basic I'm not really what fussed about too much of this then export so I need to test it very quick fixes of the lines going on up and down on the application bar it just shows it's exporting in the background now just go zoom out a bit now because I ticked the option for the hyperlinks all of these chapter titles should now be hyper links to the relevant chapter let's try chapter 5 and test it chapter 5 it works brilliant now I know this is a PDF to print but as you can see it still includes some basic interactivity like your hyperlinks and also don't forget your PDF bookmarks as well okay well I hope you enjoyed that it's been quite a long tutorial but we've covered quite a few things thank you very much

30 thoughts on “InDesign training: Table Of Contents. Adobe InDesign CC. Putting A Book Together PART 5

  1. Stanley. When I add pages, IDD sticks 2 pages attached to existing spread making a 4 page spread. How can I fix that?

  2. Stanley. Could you recommend a book (or downloadable pdf) that contains all the IDD windows and an explanation of each variable/setting in each window?

  3. Amazing tutorials! Third time watching. There are so many details to remember. Thank you Stanley! You are BRILLIANT!

  4. This was so helpful!! Thank you so much for putting in the time to explain everything so clearly 🙂

  5. Hi,  Can you please help me how to set up all my chapters titles (which are on 2 lines.  The top line says " Part One".  Then the second line says "Landscapes") to show on just 1 line on the table of contents.   It should just read "Part one:  Landscapes)  on one line instead of 2 line in the table of contents.  Thank you very much for your help!  I really appreciate it. Jen

  6. Hello Stanley, you are a fabulous tutor! Thank you so much for these 5 lessons. I'm new to InDesign and your trainings have been of great help to me to get started.

  7. Hi, I created a TOC and I do not know why there is a big space in between chapter headings of my catalog. I included chapter titles and contents under each chapter in the TOC I made. This is for product catalog TOC.

  8. @Stanley g, thank you a thousand times, this was really great 5 part tutorial!
    I love the way you explain, everything is so clear! Also you managed to keep it interesting and it is evident you really know InDesign very well! a pleasure to have listened to you.

  9. Hi, can you say how tl make the numbers sorted in a right order? When i try to do it, it makes them sorted just by the first digit of a number (when it's a three digit number like 154). So it makes a big mess in my TOC. Thanks for help.

  10. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorials.
    One question (so far!). Is there any way of setting the pagination for the page numbers in my layout so that when I print the pages front and back on my home printer they can be folded and gathered in the correct order?

  11. Thanks for this help. The CC Forum is impossible to approach, with no avenue for asking a question-it just takes you around and around in circles. So can you possibly answer why it is that the TOC once added, and particularly if it didn't come out right, cannot possibly be deleted from the document and how one can correct this short of completely starting over?

  12. Stanley, thank you A LOT for this tutorial, it's the best introduction one can get to formatting books on InDesign. I'm a total newbie on InDesign and now I feel quite confident to start with it and get some real work done with it.
    This could be two years old but it's an amazing work and touches almost every basic aspect that I would like to know to start working, even the GREP searches, which is not so basic tool to work with.

    Good work and again, thank you.

  13. I dont have BODY option in new styles 🙁 . Just have basic paragraph . What to do ? please help

  14. Thank you so much. Your teaching style is very good indeed. I learnt alot about indesign in such a short space of time! DF

  15. Hi, I cannot find this answer anywhere so please help. I can create a table of contents. But how do I create the headings? How do I tell my table of contents what the headings are??

  16. I learned more with these tutorials than I did in Adobe class at art school. The sad part is I spent a lot of money and didn't get what seems like basic In Design functions. Thank you. As a self publishing author this will help me a lot.

  17. You have covered the most essential areas of using InDesign in simple 5 parts tutorials. Thank you for breaking this tutorial in parts. Made it easy for me to go back and review the parts I'm unsure of. Very clear, and precise.

  18. excellent and clearly stated – i love how you trouble shoot your contents as you went along – so that i may be able to find where to adjust my styles

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