In the Library of Graphic Literature #87 featuring MOEBIUS

okay live on tape from a secret undisclosed location hidden somewhere deep in the bowels of downtown st. John's new flame comes in the library of graphic literature with your scary Yost Wallace rhyme but bad what do suck your blood okay let's give the old spinarak to a tunnel back and forth there and let's let's get to work on her oh my god where's my razor blade hang on a second hang up something whew anyway um of course the comments were one day late there this week but I was very busy yesterday right up until about didn't get home to around 7:30 or 8 o'clock and so uh I decided let's wait until the Sun was out once again the birds were singing tweet tweet tweet tweet and everything was looking groovy and and it is so what books do we have this week what what indeed oh you like my ice caps this was actually one of our former hockey teams here as a matter of fact our hockey team the new fill in growlers are in there playoffs they're starting this weekend so good luck out there growlers anyway let's say let's get right to it then but that does their let's start off with Oh actually it's start off with black match this is part of the ignores of these by the way from met Kent and Tyler Jenkins the Eisner Award nominated team behind grass Kings is black bag scary I bet actually and as you can cuz I can prove by my little bookmark there I've actually because I did do this last night I took time to actually read one that looks that I was going to talk about that I've never read before and Jesus I really put a half hit to here so far and I loved it actually I mean now I'm a huge fan of that Kent especially everything from his mind management right on through and this one it's no different it's it's about these Boy Scouts or like a spy team so it's pretty cool actually one moment for a second mmm-hmm they talk about the black badge and stuff like that that they have to get anyway they're they're said to do things that I guess the older spies can't do or or take it away with once again the art is really cool storytelling top-notch love some of the layouts in this too oh yeah and I love this the chapter 2 is the redacted it should be very familiar to you American folks out there but uh yeah I really really liked it came across very very good I can't wait to to actually finish this off it looks very good so yeah definitely a oh God at least a four out of five stars for this or four and a half let's say because it is really good and it deserves to be kids beautiful beautiful beautiful now from black badge we go to black magic know what is this much well it's by great rooker okay sorry who Nicholas Scott Rucker stuff actually so when we've seen his name attached to this project I figured you know I'm gonna give this a try damn it so here we have black magic and I actually don't know what this one is about but yep the first book of shadows that's my sister even actually but Greg Rucka Nicola Scott but yeah it looks it's pretty interesting anyway Lisa so policeman one of course and has a little bit of seems to have a little bit of black magic look mixed in with it from what I can see here so yeah enjoy this like I say I've loved everything that I'm read by it great Greg Rucka comics are kind of like movies in that way I mean if you see myself when I see a film directed by one of my favorite directors or written by one of my favorite director is all usually how do you should check it out because it's you know they've done one thing good chances are they might have done good again and same way the same with comics too if I mean many with the writer the artist somewhere yeah that's that's that's that's a bonus to me if I like the arrow is fine but the writer too to me it's the most important thing if the rudder is good just about any artist should be able to pull off the story and this looks like it's no different so black magic the first book of shadows ray Greco alright so I'll just give you I'd seen this toned look here which is kind of cool so uh yeah ported it to this if it's this as good as anything else I've read by good old Greg I'm sure it's going to be fabulous fabulous but uh see pretty cool great covers – hey beauty you to be really beauty beauty okay no last but not least from this week anyway anyway this is of course as you can all see this is the amazing spider-man vol 4 omnibus and this has basically people from let's see here now who Gil Kane John Romita and Russ Andrews Jim sterling and Paul Ryman of course Jim Stefan of course we all love we all love him and and who doesn't love Gil Kane or genre media senior and Ross Andrew Ross Andrew I actually quite like Ross Andrew I know there are some some people don't seem to be giving him enough love as as a as a spider-man artist but I do something very very nice bodies art I just always like to do he does his great storyteller the panel designs and all that her very efficient in terms of storytelling Oh mister are looking strong right I think it's pretty good come here to to some people so uh this has amazing spider-man 105 to 142 and yeah to work that definitely worth checking out especially if you're any kind of spider-man fan beat-up corner so let's have it let's go quick look here see what you think and of course there's bit of Romita and here we get into the this is the sterling mmm I didn't script by okay art assists okay so I'm assuming it somewhere possibly later on in this you'll start to see a little bit of starvin s K type of stuff like that anyway here we have John Romita Jerry Conway and Lucas hello micrometers stuff and all a lot pretty good love kill canes of course and of course let's zip ahead a bit care past all this to the go just to the Ross Andru since of course first appearance of the Punisher I was talking with today I probably Jason Connelly earlier this week we were talking about this book and talking about that and and I had to agree with him the The Punisher was kind of a a social character until he got until is a his famous limited series there with the artwork online like sick very cool so anyway yeah Brett for you spider-man fans good book this has some of the classic stuff in a tool like the the death of Gwen Stacy death of her dad to death of great Green Goblin and stuff like that so yeah look cool cool stuff anyway that's everything for this week never much day but there's one now this is this is a fairly recent one line to that pick it up cuz they said they'd like this and I'd like that I like the Stravinsky's are on now nine x-men and that's our fear I wanna it must be pretty good spiced resident Straczynski romita jr. and do data both of whom would actually hurt us that I uh that I kind of like so I'm looking forward to this and like I say Susan scales always do they I was good right a great great comment right so let's have a look at that's a court John Romita their jr. continuing on with the great work of his father I was luck to I like to listen big fan of Romita Jr is earlier work but everything from is actually really from from a dear type of man without fear that he did was sack Frank Miller from then on you know when he adapted his new and current starlight began to really love an action whose just something about it I loved his work on eternals I got far far better than his early work was just too plain no style to it it was just I don't was just bland but soon as he changed to its current style it just began to crackle with energy and action and it was like night and day it was it's amazing how someone can go from you know sort of so-so to great like that like that and it's all has to do with practice another good example that for instance was like Barry windsor-smith he's art when he first started conan at the burger no boy did it ever get better so so that's the good listen to you artists out there or heard heard heard in the victory your your comics will start coming out the way you look it I see a lot of times you know the people saying you know what's the quickest way to learn how to draw comics and stuff like that and I was the quickest way to do this quickest way to do that there there is no quick way even myself I mean I went to art school which was a lot harder than university to be quite honest and you know and have worked for them in the intervening years you know quite arid I'm not you know developing my own style and all that and I bet she say to every what it does it does come out it's just it's just the way you draw eventually it will surface but you got put in a lot of hard work okay now I decided to do with a little bit of a reorder section here these are somewhat some books that I got from actually these are all forms ordered these all from stewarding these are a couple of things that you can't find you can't get through Diamond obviously or whatever and some of these books I'm gonna show you are out of print look I figured okay I gotta show you folks some of my some my reorder treasurer's here first of all is Conan the Cimmerian John David Moore van and peer a Larry this is of course the Conan from the French Conan the Cimmerian this is in Holly in French too by the way what you know I'm not afraid if I'm gonna read it and see how much of it I can't understand and I've read the story anyway before so if it is in fact the Conan the Cimmerian but the act the reason I got this was the air looks really cool and unfortunately these sorry these haven't been reprinted in English and I'd love to see something like that I'd love to see actually Disney get in contact with these people and and bring some of these treasures to a North American audience so I'll show you these and then you can go and start to write right Marilyn start demanding a I've seen this really cool comic on disguise a show in the library of graphic literature I mean the guy who runs the show is a bit of a freakazoid but you know he seems to know what he's talking about oh look at that so yeah some really cool art in this uh Navi I actually just looked through basically just read it through reading the to read in the the art itself I went through it and you know I could see and that's the other thing even though this is the Wow even though this is a foreign language and all that you can more or less tell the story you can tell us the story story without needing to read the dialogue so this is this is obviously some good story Joan well yeah check it out worth getting and last but not least and to cool up today's show is I got a series of little sketch books here from the master himself Shawn zero also known as Mobius and these are all books from Mobius productions let me have a sit here I haven't had breakfast yet so I'm kinda thirsty and hungry the same time but all three of these little books contain just really cool like really cool drawing stuff like that absolutely love them these I haven't seen these in English yet but uh hopefully someday they will be available in English there's a little bit of writing on one page and then beautiful drawing on the other page look at that Mobius stuff look at that will you drink it in drink it see Darrin Dakota Dara good stuff oh look at that this is why I love Mobius I mean the the line work is just exquisite not a line out of place every line a useful line and even the simpler stuff here like that so I like about Mobius he can do very complicated but he can turn around and deliver a very simple drawing and as they saying in art simplification is sophistication which of course Mobius can do in spades he can do with 20 lines what it takes some artists 200 lines to do and that my friends is sophistication check these ever beautiful beautiful I give these 5 out of 5 Z even though they're not comics per se and this is lafon admirers share the– these are all really cool very very nice drawings and then some way tell a story themselves even though they are drawings so yeah yeah some of them have a very sexual look tool which is pretty cool yeah look at that I mean this guy had imagination to spare I think the only one who in my mind who in terms of imagination sheer vision all that has to be check her himself and last but not least the major this is of course a little bit about nature group err this actually does read like atomic I had to look throat and there's actually story : throat so it's a it's definitely worth picking up especially for anyone who's a fan of the air tight garage this in a lot of ways completes to my mind I know it completes the journey look at that look at that la la that there oh my god this guy truly was a master so yeah pick that up with major love to cover on that one oh so I guess that's it for for today some great great great little great new books and some great great free waters there and a great cup of tea mm-hmm now next week I do believe it's gonna be a big week so stay tuned stay stay pissed pay attention and enjoy what I'm gonna lay down on you um or a comic by the way nobody's and control is sold out and was kind of great too cuz we do get a few extras that at the shop and I it's kind of cool actually being able to autograph a comic as people are buying it and we've even done little sketches for them and all that and without chirchi so that's pretty good anyway um I guess that's it for this week no no really big news be thinking about moving the show permanently to Friday afternoons because I don't like the lighting here and it's a little bit easier in terms of we do it doing it it also gives me a little bit more time to look over the books stuff like that let's officially like for instance with the black badge I got to read about half that and now I can really say to you go out and buy it okay mother boxes told me it's time to move on okay oh my God look at the side slit boo-boos anyway it's huge I love y'all I'll see you same time same bat Channel next week keep on reading

10 thoughts on “In the Library of Graphic Literature #87 featuring MOEBIUS

  1. I have always liked the work of John and Sal Buscema, and i just saw on Amazon that
    Tarzan: The Buscema Years Omnibus is coming early next year. So many quality books has been released lately, it shows that there must be great demand for them.

  2. Great video Wallace. These Moebius books are absolutely stunning but the small format is akin to blasphemy. Humanoides associés has a deluxe line of oversized books (in french) that are 30x40cm. A lot of Moebius books have been published in that format and that should be how his art should be appreciated.

  3. Great video, congrats. Have you ever read Blueberry? If not, I highly recommend you. Its a master piece

  4. Finally got a copy of Moebius' 40 Days for way less than those older edition crazy high prices, so I'm happy. Might have to get the other two, as well.

  5. Hi Wallace, another great video, like always. I must say, that i don`t like the art/painting of “J. Michael Straczyski's “the Amazing Spider-Man” Omnibus with Romira Jr. And Deodato“, it looks like plastic, if you know what i mean … maybe i`m too old for that kind of art, because i prefer the old way of painting, but anyway, it`s only my thinking. Go ahead with your videos, it`s always a great fun for me, greets from Italy, Bo

  6. I'm really on the fence about that Black Magick HC. I'm not sure if it'll be my cup of tea but that art alone makes me want to pick it up in that format.

    That JMS Spider-man omni is great, there are some stories in it that are really out there, and I know that turned some people off of the book, but I really enjoyed getting something new. Now if only they'd collect the entire Ultimate Spider-Man series in Omnibi (maybe next year for the 20th anniversary).

    And you gotta love that Moebius art, there's really nothing like it. BTW – The Airtight Garage would be a great band name.

    Congrats on the comic selling out! If I'm ever in the area I'll definitely swing on by the shop and get my copy signed 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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