In the end – Linkin Park (with lyrics)

41 thoughts on “In the end – Linkin Park (with lyrics)

  1. الطريق لبنادم هي طريق لشيطان
    هذا طريق نعمي روحي عليه و نكسر روحي حتى نتعوق باه مانمشيش في سلك النار و العياذ بالله

  2. ما نقبل حتى واحد يدخل روحو في ظروفي و حياتي ماكمش ربي سبحانو
    كل واحد يخمم على روحو
    و رزقي على ربي

  3. ما عنديش و ما خاصنيش
    و حياتي كاملة ما مديت يدي للناس و طلبت عليهم و ربي هو الرزاق
    و كل مومن يخمم على روحو

  4. It's been 2 years as of July 20 we will never forget this legend .RIP Chester may you rock out in heavens choir

  5. Listening in 2019 missed your beautiful voice chester rip wish you was still here to make more music I will always listen to your music I relate to your music I feel your pain 😭😭 I miss you chester

  6. I honestly didn't know Chester died. I feel sad, this group was the best. It still is. Rip Chester, may you live forever in our hearts

  7. My solo version of this great song on grand piano and distortion synth:

  8. This literally descibes my life right now. I'm a loner. I hate crowds and people. I spend more time in my head and in my thoughts. I'd rather be at home, or someplace alone. Than with someone. There was a time where I would try and try. Reach out to someone. But it never worked. So why try? In the end, it really doesn't fucking matter

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